"Terminator" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

It is high time to write a full review on the T1. After all, my favorite movie, after all, a normal product reviews I have it there.
The Terminator (1984)
Basically, it all began? It all started with the fact that the young painter, art director, props James Cameron after the collapse of his directorial work in the low-budget horror movie 'Piranha 2' has decided to rehabilitate himself in the eyes of the public (and indeed in front of him) and remove the fantastic film that will know all . Therefore, in the course let all his powers, including the fact that in addition to writing the script, he undertook to do storyboards, sketches, threshing means and generally tried to take in hand all that is more or less was associated with the production. And were 100% right, because I think 'Terminator' to this day, is one of the best (if not the best) film in the history of science fiction cinema. And these big words spoken not just to lick T1 and say that he is a genius, because everything there is brilliant. This review aims to ensure that people are reminded of the T1 to remember not only that there is Arnold in a leather jacket, with a gun on the edge. I am writing this review due to the fact that this masterpiece of fiction in recent years greatly underestimated, if not to throw mud, and should remind people that the T1 is much more than prikolnenko boevichok.
James Cameron is one of the first to shoot fiction films, close to reality. He followed the example of Ridley Scott, who has removed fi thriller 'Alien', which was the first realistic fiction movie (as strange as it is not a combination of sound). But, in contrast to the 'Alien', James Cameron T1 supplied not only intimate, but also the semantic core, with philosophical and social overtones.
The T1 was dominated by the idea of ​​destiny. That all of us and everything that happens is a link in the chain. And, as if someone tried, and did not think he still accomplishes itself, it turns out that heard by him. Even time travel, hronoportatsiya, intervention in the past ... all attempts to correct the past is also a link in the chain. Sarah raise a son the military leader, because the father of her child, whom he himself had sent the son to her rescue, saying that her son will be so. Computer defense system run amok, and arrange a nuclear war. But the system itself from the iron hand and a killer chip, which it is sent to your salvation. Continue? ...
philosophically-social feature is not only the idea of ​​the machine uprising against his creator, which is warmed by the fact that we are becoming more and more dependent on technology. overlook other, more interesting for this idea. The idea of ​​the Cold War confrontation between the world powers, which will lead to the creation of Skynet and nuclear war. How do you like it? It would seem that it is not noticeable. But it is at first glance. Even the phrase: 'Approaching Storm' has a double meaning. Or when Reese tells Sarah about the war, he says that Skynet saw all people as a threat, not just those who were on the other side (It is hardly necessary to explain who they mean). Did not notice?
and heroes here are not homogeneous doodles with the biceps, and the people with feelings, and traced the characters. We have a combination of science fiction and human relations. This feature Cameron. He himself said that the relationship in the film is partly drawn from his life. According to rumors the image of Sarah Connor is taken by Cameron and his first wife, the waitress Sharon Williams. The T1 motivation characters are clear and adequate, and there is no one does not want to take over the world or save it.
for example.
The protagonist.
Kyle Reese - a simple man of flesh and blood, with no superpowers and kung fu skills. He has no desire for some new to save the world and protect all offended. He just loves Sarah and wants to save it. That's all.
I've always wanted to know what you're thinking at this very moment .-
He did not know know that in this moment in the photograph she thought about it. He died a Reese-not quite so heroically on, given that he was buried like a tramp
The main villain
Terminator -.. A cyborg. Despite the fact that the humanoid, he was a machine. Killing machine. Devoid of any emotion. Smart machine. Impenetrable and inescapable. Driven not malice, nor the desire of all to kill, but just laid down in his program. Powerful. Intriguing. Crown role of Arnold.
What is interesting is the fact that someone still thinks the protagonist T1 Schwarz, although this is very misleading. Just a spectator to associate themselves with Arnie, not Reese simply because Cyborg, devoid of moral principles, and do all that he wants is a dream of many people. Type: - That's what I want - but if the film is called 'Terminator', it does not mean that there protagonist Terminator!. After all, if a fairy tale called 'Koschey -bessmertny' it does not mean that there Koschey hero, not Ivan (this is the case. Digression)
Another important fact that the T-1 is that, unlike many science fiction films of recent years there is no zabagovannost or logical absurdities. Cameron tries to prove everything to the maximum. Alas, our pisarchyuki, karyabayuschie footages to program or DVD do not know, so their description T1 film turns hateful fantastic nonsense, where evil robots from the future, so nothing to do in a hurry build a time machine and sent chance someone in the past, so God forbid brave rebels they were not defeated.
I liked the fact that the love story was set in the center of the plot. Not because I'm a fan of soap, but simply because the love of Riza and Sarah is shown in T1 is not as delusions sucked from the finger, about the beauty and the prince, and as the relationship of living people. and they showed there are very plausible. If it was any turbidity B categories, the development of these relations, and the emergence of trust Sarah Reese to be limited to dialogue:
-Sara, I'll save you! I'm from the future!
I do not believe it!
-I seriously!
Okay, I love you! Let's go to bed!

But T1 is not a B Movie, it's first-class fantastic product . And here everything goes completely different. Relationship Riza / Sarah gradually move from mutual distrust, to sympathy, and then love and ardent passion. Culminating in death they become Riza, we can say at the hands of Sarah, who made a lasting impression on the girl, and played a major role in the fact that she decided to grow her future son in the same way a soldier was Reese. And her phrase: "In the few hours that we spent together, we spent an entire life ..." I think hits the nerves more than "Titanic", the same James Cameron
In my opinion, everything is clear and plausible. . In modern pseudo-science fiction films (what is now being done in this genre, it looks so primitive and it is a pity that this fiction is difficult to call) to such a psychology and character development, as much as to the moon walk. A focus only on the heaped special effects, with dull scripts and cardboard characters.
T1 is not particularly entertainment, since the small budget of 6 million. Dollars, in 1984 it was difficult to make any superspetseffekty, in the absence of CGI technology. Cameron worked with what they had, and ordered available to the best advantage. But here the weaknesses special effects (I emphasize: in some places, in the scene with creeping endoskeleton me at the first viewing even shuddered), especially the film does not hurt. A sham operation Stan Winston and metal makeup Schwartz, too, is appreciated because they are still quite not bad. A tape superdrayv penetrating and excellent camera work with special effects compensate deficiencies with interest. It is no exaggeration to say that T1 is probably the most dynamic film, from all I have seen. The main thing is that here for the sake of the dynamics are not thrown out the key points, so that the action and does not obtain shredded. All essentially, and no "left" scenes.
Cameron hit the Top Ten. But I would not say that all of the "Terminator" is permeated with an atmosphere of fear and despair. For example, when re-watching T1 in the scene where Sarah is hiding from Riza at the disco bar techno-noir, mesmerizing rock music "Photoplay" or "Burning in the third degree" creates in my opinion, even a certain romantic mood. But in general, T1 keeps us in constant tension. A chase scene in the tunnel, or the pursuit of a truck, will be stronger and worse than many stuffed with special effects scenes faceless fresh and chases, which we now like bombs throws Hollywood
I know that someone claims: -. "Well, ! Ect in the "Terminator" these virtues, but it is still bad, because it is not original! There's a lot of lapped at Asimov, Kaidan and movies of the 50s! "- But pray tell, now you know at least one product (a film, book, music, invention), which would be absolutely original, and where there was absolutely nothing used before? If you make a film, part of the plot, which is the struggle between man and machine, you like it or not, will have to enter into the story rebellious machines and artificial intelligence. It is foolish to deny that in the story there is nothing from somewhere zaimstvovannogo.Nekotorye storylines were borrowed from books by Harlan Ellison and cheap sci-fi tapes 50th, but there are these ideas looked like ravings of a madman (and Kintz 50th and were met totally sucks) And here these ideas fit into the story perfectly. T1 does not possess a strong originality, but make high-quality.
If someone after all these facts can be said that the "Terminator" is a stupid fighter, he is a hardcore aesthetic (ie all available semantic value and merit in the film he is not satisfied ;) or just does not understand anything in the movie. A lot of people did not see, or do not like the T1, not even because of the special effects, but simply due to the fact that it can not be attributed to the film, which looks without thought, a beer and popcorn. I believe T1 is not enough simply to recover some deleted scenes and update its visual effects and everything. For me personally, the "Terminator" - is not only "I`ll be back!", But first and foremost a love story. This enriched philosophy, extremely dynamic, hard, absolutely pathetic, fantastic action-thriller. The film, which shows that even in such a seemingly entertaining genre as a fantastic action movie can be made of art ...
10 of 10 ...

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