"Terminator 2: Judgment Day" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Objectively, any film industry representative not put 10 out of 10, at least because of the differences of genre and individual perception of each viewer. But for me, 'T2' best movie I've ever seen, and most of all, because in 5 years this makes an indelible impression on all his life. Therefore, as an absolute favorite among thousands of scanned pictures of me to give the highest rating, even though it looks like fanaticism. But few would argue that James Cameron, even after the great 'Alien', five years later, once again outdone himself. Each of his new work obtained an order of magnitude more powerful than the previous one, and 'T2' has become the most spectacular, the highest grossing sequel at that point, the entire history of world cinema. No matter how good and original first 'Terminator', even for its time, the second part has surpassed him in times
about the plot of pictures of Cameron for a long time to say there is no point - they are interesting and deep just enough so that the audience enjoyed every minute screen time in the first place, from the pictures. But after an interesting story about the travel from the future to change this, written and directed by 'Terminator' entered trickier. The history of the first film is repeated, but after 13 years, and a very significant amendments. The image that made Arnold's world-famous in 1984th, in the 'Day of Judgment', underwent a total reboot - the most thoughtful cyborg killer, on which thoroughly worked Stan Winston, has not only become a positive character, but also gained the ability to become a humane! And if while viewing the original did not even have a thought about that terribly gloomy terminator can feel something, the 'T2' Arnold Schwarzenegger's character eventually causes sympathy even more than those whom he protects over 155 minutes.
At the same time, there are no extra character that would remain invisible. Sarah Connor again by Linda Hamilton, is not like the waitress from the first part, here it is - a warrior, which constantly have to think about the safety of grown and old enough for the 12-year-old boy, John Connor. Because the super-computer Skynet sent to the 84th killer from the future, too, is not a fool - this time in Los Angeles, 1997, appears the T-1000, which is a terminator cyborg or something difficult to call. James Cameron came up with the most amazing and dangerous robot in the genre of sci-fi thriller, which is almost impossible to destroy, plus everything it can take any shape he wants to. Beast of the liquid metal (and this is so terrible if we ignore a straight face and shape of the police) by Patrick simply unforgettable, this is one of the most charismatic villains in cinema history.
John Connor is once again caught in the crossfire when terminators manage find it in the same moment. From the scene in the mall Action named James Cameron does not stop until the very end, which can also be called the best in the genre: the thumb Terminator, which is immersed in the molten metal, sacrificing himself for the sake of the future of mankind, remember all those who watched this masterpiece. 'T2' just made so that the fault is perfect to what does not work and, most importantly, do not want to. This is a rare case when from the very beginning the director and screenwriter perfectly matched all the components, and then did the crew of a titanic work, removing in the process of possible fines that could affect the integrity of the picture. In addition to an unprecedented action movie, the sequel has a strong dramatic component, then every action characters understandable and justified.
stay and the flight of Sarah Connor, whose visions is Kyle Reese, reminiscent of the danger, and the nuclear apocalypse of August 29, 1997. Its attempt to eliminate Miles Dyson, which he demonstrates the very Terminator metal arm on which people could build 'Skynet'. And this is one of the most profound moments of the script - a circle with infinite variations of the present from the future is closed. In fact, the consequences of John and Sarah's knowledge of the future, about which he tells the Terminator could lead to something like. "There is no fate but one that we choose ourselves', - the words Kyle Reese, from the letter to John. And if in the first film coming cyborg assassin and protector can be taken as a scenario of quality sci-fi thriller, the 'Judgment Day' takes this idea is so cool that even after the alternative endings Cameron to come up with something more large scale as part of the story is no longer possible. This is confirmed by the following parts, which can not simply be similar in the atmosphere of what is happening with the 'Day of Judgment'.
James Cameron is no accident refused to continue to do his own dream, which he embodied on the big screen, has exhausted itself in the best sequel, which you can imagine. About how it looks, talk is meaningless. Arnold Schwarzenegger in the ideal role invincible cyborg protector, even when surpassing his opponent does not leave any chance, relentlessly pursuing John for the sole purpose - to destroy. Linda Hamilton, Edward Furlong, especially Robert Patrick - can they, like Arnold, do not call the outstanding actors, but Cameron is so guessing with a hit in a role that no one else present can not be in their place. On the quality of action and special effects still look incredible - everything is so natural that even computer graphics for various strains of T-1000 is inseparable from the overall picture. Ingenuity action everywhere: super-spectacular pursuit of concrete drains, jump on Terminator 'Harley', T-1000, 'growing up' of linoleum and passing through the lattice, the firing of a police car on the minigun
unprecedented chase involving a helicopter. and a tank of liquid nitrogen, a collision of T-800 and T-1000 in the factory of death and return to life of the Terminator, and ultimately place both the cyborgs in the molten metal. All these scenes are unique, and delivered so that they can revise endlessly, even decades later. How is it managed to achieve such an effect in the genre of sci-fi thriller, but still actually make a breakthrough in the use of special effects, knows only filmmaker. This despite the fact, for example, that listening alone 'T2' from the soundtrack of the film is very problematic - it was written exclusively for the unfolding action on the screen. Personally, I see it as an ideal vision of writer-director he wanted to see a movie of your dreams. Even the appearance of the Terminator, as compared to the first film, here is chosen so that a different Arnold in this movie just did not imagine! That add here - 'Terminator 2: Judgment Day' is so unique that just can not give it a rating of less than 10 out of 10.
Among my opinion - the one and only, is a fantastic action movie ratings, out of time. After viewing imagine something else under the name of "T2: Judgment Day 'is simply impossible!

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