"Terminator 2: Judgment Day" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

There are movies, and there are legends. The latter is not so much, but they sink deeper into the soul of everything. Everyone, without exception, the genre has its gem that shines in spite of the years and remains the unattainable benchmark on which future generations look the filmmakers, hoping to sneak a little closer to her greatness. As for the sci-fi thriller, few can dispute the fact that on the top of fame is imperishable «Terminator 2: Judgment Day» . However, the creation of a masterpiece was nowhere near as easy as it might seem. Few believed that a modest picture of 1984 year, "Terminator» James Cameron will shoot your best and become one of the most popular films of the year, simultaneously giving as a director, and featured actor, Arnold Schwarzenegger , the huge popularity of charge, gives its energy up to now. That is why the emergence of a sequel was inevitable. Producers no longer stint on the cash infusion and provided Cameron giant as 1991, the year the budget - $ 102 million! But thanks to the generosity of such a director was able to realize almost all their imagination, creating a real cult eclipsed as the first tape and the subsequent continuation taken without the participation of the main creator of the franchise.
So, subject on the film this time revolves around a teenage John Connor (Edward Furlong), which is destined to become the future of mankind in the last good fight against the robots, slave computer "Skynet" system. As we know from the events of the first film, at the time the robots with the help of a time machine go back in time a mechanical killer Terminator (Schwarzenegger), so that he killed the mother of John Connor, Sarah (Linda Hamilton). However, timely intervention soldier Kyle Reese (Michael Biehn), a woman saved from death, and the future leader was able to see the light. Only vindictive "Skynet" and does not think to stop, and after a few years into the past once again sends his monster. This time to replace some liquid metal T-1000 (Robert Patrick) obsolete T-800 comes in, capable of taking the form of any creature or object to which it touches, making a special rate on the image of trust police. But where there is a killer, and must be a defender. John Connor sends to help yourself next Terminator, only this time a huge robot will stand until the end of the human race and give him hope for a world in which the Day of Judgment will never come ...
Surprisingly, James Cameron has created such a strong film, it seems quite outdated, even after several decades since its premiere. Moreover, "Terminator 2: Judgment Day" can give odds to most new-fangled blockbuster that brightly lit, but weathered from the memory is literally the day after the show. The director managed to find the most authentic middle ground between the harmonious development of the plot, incredible stunts, strong characters and special effects disturbing the mind. You also can not underestimate the contribution of Arnold Schwarzenegger, who became a real boon for the franchise. Great bodybuilder and actor popular hit with the re-establishment of its mechanical image right on target. His hero, Terminator, get the perfect cyborg killer. Cold-blooded, taciturn and incredibly energetic - that all this is true Schwarzenegger. But the data of its characteristics are mainly related to the first film. In the second, James Cameron gave his colleague additional qualities. Firstly, the Terminator is no longer the villain and the hero is quite full. Second, the robot can learn new things, as it relates to the "Skynet" is no longer valid. Well, and, thirdly, the creation of mechanical are now able to understand the person, and even attached to it. Of course no one cancels military capabilities Terminator, but together with the acquisition of spiritual qualities, he becomes the object of worship and veneration. Bravo, Arnold Schwarzenegger! Bravo, James Cameron!
Any film, especially sci-fi thriller, striking the villain needs to keep the forces of good in tone and narrative give the necessary momentum. And if Arnold Schwarzenegger since the first "Terminator" we know very well and the shock we are no longer able, then Robert Patrick downright amazing! Actor previously removed only in episodes ( "Die Hard 2") proved remarkable character actor. Cold Patrick charm made him the perfect anti-hero, which rightly made the Hall of Fame in Hollywood. T-1000 can take the form of a variety of objects almost impossible to stop. He does not have to bear arms, because his hands on their own and are a weapon. And the way the robot does not create a fork bomb or a gun, but a spear or a knife he gets canceled. Liquid metal assassin may enter into any, even the most guarded prison, and pretend to be anyone. Grenades, bullets and bombs do not take it. It seems that the Terminator obviously lost his duel and T-1000 will eventually stand foot on the cold corpse of John Connor ... James Cameron raised the degree of tension to dizzying heights and break away from his film is simply impossible! And let foresee the ending is not surprising, but with each new viewing still holding my breath, when the horizon appears the incomparable Robert Patrick! Besides talking about his manner is impossible not to note the efforts of computer special effects studio ILM . Its experts have made very real revolution and were the first to show in our court full virtual character, which is not inferior to the living actor, and in some ways even surpasses them
From a technical point of view «Terminator 2: Judgment Day." is ideal. This is no exaggeration. The creators were able to find a perfect balance between graphics and incredible stunts. At one point, the T-1000 is spread on the floor and passes through the bars, and in the other we are presented with an irrepressible chase through the streets of Los Angeles, as a result of which dozens of overturned cars lay on the pavement. Robots do not know what Mercy. And it is well aware of James Cameron, and therefore does not skimp on the destruction and compromise are not looking. His film - the most honest and fair spectacle, describing the confrontation of man and machine. And let the picture there is the necessary moral, but the promise is still one - if you want peace, then prepare for war. The heroes of the second "Terminator" went through a real hell. But the game is still worth it. . As for the story, and for spectator interest
In the end I want to say that "Terminator 2: Judgment Day" - a classic, a masterpiece, it's a cult. James Cameron, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Linda Hamilton, Robert Patrick, Edward Furlong and others involved in making the film people have done the impossible. They gave us the perfect fantasy thriller in which all in their places. Do not even hesitate, view or once again to reconsider this movie. "Terminator 2," it is impossible not to admire. So fewer words and more action. Enjoy your view!
10 of 10

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