"Terminator 2: Judgment Day" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Terminator 2: Judgment Day . My acquaintance with the franchise began with this film. I saw him back in my childhood, but fell in love immediately. The film cemented my love of classic fighters, instilled even greater interest in science fiction. And at least 15 years old, he is in the top of my favorite movies!
There is no fate other than that we create ourselves.
has been 10 years since Sarah Connor escaped death hands of ruthless Terminator machines. She raised her son, John, has changed my life, made an unsuccessful attempt to blow up a computer company. She was sent to a psychiatric hospital, and his son - with a foster family, assuring the boy that his mother - crazy. John Connor continues to live in this peaceful, convinced that there was no Apocalypse and Judgment Day will not. However, from the future come two Terminator - one of them is an exact replica of the one sent to kill Sarah, and the other has the ability to change shape and to masquerade as any human being. The difference lies in their missions - one seeks to destroy John, and the other is obliged to defend it ...
This sequel is primarily defined as a fantasy thriller. But, many of the scenes, ideas, plot twists make the film much more interesting than the usual action movie with elements of fantasy. James Cameron has turned the second part in an incredible action game in which, among other things ask philosophical questions, the characters are forced to make difficult decisions, are thoughtful conversation about the present and the future. However, without doubt, in the first Terminator 2 - is a thriller. But what a fighter! Many action scenes filmed so strong and qualitatively, so far I can not remember anything like that in today's action movies. For example, the scene of the battle and pursuit of the shopping center - many years later, after a lot of views, I look at her, holding his breath, not looking away. How great it was filmed! I must say on the soundtrack - over him again worked Brad Fiedel, and then he wrote a fantastic song! The chase scene in a terrible vision of the apocalypse, the final ...
- We're doomed, right? I'm talking about people ...
- This is your nature -. Kill yourself
Special effects are at the highest level. Terminator T-1000, the ability to turn any man disguised as a floor, turn your limbs into deadly knives, needles, needle. And the nuclear explosion, which is called the best reproduction of the events on the screen - it is not only impressive for its authenticity, but also makes us think about that for which it was made, in that it makes the people who become its victims, and who created and used as a terrible weapon ... These arguments are the main characters of the role of people in the coming apocalypse become one of the main narrative lines. After all, why should we create weapons, why should we play for fun with friends in the war? Why all that was originally created for the benefit of, used for evil? Perhaps that is why in the opening credits clearly showed flaming playground?
Hasta La Vista, Baby!
As in the previous section, the central figure is the Terminator. He retained the appearance of its predecessor, but their goals are different. The aim of the new Terminator is to protect John Connor. Although Arnold Schwarzenegger continues to constitute the recognizable image (in this film - Terminator in the skin, on a Harley, with a military haircut and a shotgun in his hands becomes a cult), he also is very different from its predecessor. Although his face is the same impenetrable mask, becomes more human Terminator - now he is not just a viewing area for potential threats. It analyzes the behavior of people, trying to understand the emotions, he copied unknown movement, aware of the value of human life. Therefore, such a character as the Terminator, which was originally conceived as a soulless machine, thanks to this new found humanity is many times richer.
Get on your feet, soldier!
That which appears to us Sarah Connor in this film, certainly the fans will remember forever. There is no longer that frightened girl who could not withstand the relentless machine. We see a woman soldier, a stern expression on his face, almost feral grin, with a gun in his hand, which will destroy anyone who even tries to threaten her son. Linda Hamilton, although it was not nominated for an Oscar, but this image, this indomitable woman Sarah Connor, the mother of mankind, will forever be in the first place on my list of the best film heroine!
If me and this is destined to become a great leader, can you ever listen to me
In this part we first see John Connor?! - a man who is destined to save mankind. Here we see a mischievous and reckless boy who grew up in the criminal world, which the world was shattered when his mother was sent to a psychiatric hospital, and it in a normal family. Edward Furlong just perfect disclose the nature of the violent teens who do not care about everyone and everything. Only when the Terminator appears in his life, the boy changed. Probably the first time in his life he takes a serious decision, he understands that it is possible from it and will depend on the future. And it was he who teaches Terminator humanity.
Listen, you have a good bike ...
for Patrick the role of the main antagonist of the T-1000 has become a landmark, as for Schwarzenegger in the first part. And in the future it parodied. But seriously - and then that image, 'fluid' Terminator capable of receiving the image of any person, and to turn limbs into deadly bladed weapons, has also become legendary. T-1000 also laconic, swift, cold-blooded. And it is impossible to stop
-! You broke my hand
-! The human skeleton 215 bones. I broke only one
recurring characters also made a significant contribution to the storyline:! Earl Boen reprized the role of Dr. Silberman, who saw Sarah extremely crazy sick, dangerous to society. Joe Morton - played by Miles Dyson, who will create Skynet and which is responsible for the deaths of billions of ...
I highly recommend watching only a director's version, because there are many interesting scenes that make the characters even more interesting. For example, in the scene where Sarah in a dream sees Kyle Reese ( Michael Bean ), we see that hides a woman who never ceased to love the one who taught her to fight for facade invincible suicide, to be strong, with she felt loved ... Or the time, which demonstrates the cruelty within the walls of a mental hospital. Another interesting alternative ending.
I understand why you are crying. But I have never been able to.
I already do not have enough words to tell you why I love this movie. Yes for all - for the rapid pace, with the colorful and spectacular action scenes, with the philosophical ideas of the fantastic game of actors, for a powerful soundtrack for an incredible finale ... I am convinced that many years later I was with the same pleasure I will reconsider this film.
10 of 10
Happy viewing!

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