"Terminator 2: Judgment Day" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Back in 1968 in America, agitated and sweating from the "cold war", space arms race, and the landing of man on the moon, on the cinema screens there is a turning point for all directions of the film Stanley Kubrick film "2001: A Space Odyssey '. In one of the thousands of cinemas, this landmark work of art looked a boy of fourteen. At the 146 minutes he has ceased to live and breathe. They drastically affected his whole future. Outside, the boy vowed that will be an astronaut or ... learn as well to make films. As you probably guessed, the name of the boy James Cameron.
past 30 years. He became an astronaut, but was able to achieve a cinematic level of Stanley Kubrick. Moreover, he was able to get into the most avant-garde film. Each of his film, in fact, to define new ways and possibilities for the development of cinema in general. And on the screens of the same theater was one more incredible masterpiece. At this time - already his own productions. The film is no less ingenious and somewhat copying its progenitor, which owes a lot to.
Kubrick and Cameron actually very similar. They are harmoniously combined philosophical worldview, artistic intuition and mind process engineers. As a result, their films appear original synthetic unity of the latest achievements in the field of special effects (incredibly spectacular even today), deep, worked stories with philosophical overtones and immediate extremely important, universal issues (ecology, technogenesis, globalization, etc.)
Some believe that the T2 - some silly, mordoboyny blockbuster without a plot and meaning. This is absolutely not true. On the contrary, in a scenario interwoven many discursive directions (or "T" -Theme), some of which we have to show to dispel all doubts.
T1. The theme of a woman warrior, already seriously developed directed "Aliens" in the film. Sarah Connor - the quintessence of the maternal instinct, the great heroine, able to move mountains, to return from the dead, or to sacrifice himself for the life of her son. As for Ripley in "Aliens", she spit on deadly robots, monsters, police, doctors, guards, and other creatures, if something threatens its offspring. In fact, according to Cameron it is this love, to some extent, and save mankind. In the fight against life-giving femininity and technogenic deadly (as in the first part) wins a woman-mother.
T2. The theme of fate and predestination. In one of the most expensive and complex movie scenes show us the dream of Sarah, in which civilization sweeping wave of a nuclear explosion. Waking up, she suddenly discovers that unconsciously knife scraped the phrase "there is no fate." Brushing off his forehead drops of cold sweat, she decided herself to challenge the evil rock that threatens all living things inevitably approaching Apocalypse. But as we know more of the ancient Greek tragedies, fate always wins. Therefore, an attempt on the founder 'Skynet' ends in failure (the last time Joe Morton hero bends for mechanical toy). And to help avoid the end of the world can only wonder ...
T3. The theme of salvation ... and it happens. To understand it fully, let us turn again to the Stanley Kubrick. Early in his career, Kubrick has endowed robotics consciousness and free will. The only problem is that she only chose evil. By the end of the life of the director radically change their point of view. In it the LP 'Artificial Intelligence' (after finish the Kurbika death his friend Spielberg C.) is the main topic of the humanization technology, humanization, pre-siderations robots. In T2, the miracle is due to the fact that the T800, which has become, in fact, self-conscious, animate the robot makes the most spiritual act, which is only capable of a living creature. Namely - the sacrifice. Disobeyed the order of his immediate commander, he destroys himself in order to save humanity ... but give him a chance at salvation. Do we not cry about it, when a heartbreaking drama motive Brad Fidel, loyalty, honesty, quite childish innocence, that is, all the humanity that has been lost in modern man, but embodied in T-800 voluntarily condemns himself to the slaughter ... Yes, while still putting his thumb up, as if to say, "OK, boss." Even machines have learned to humanity. And people are all the same animals.
T4. The theme of "Freud". Finally, last but not least, an interesting theme 'dualisms duel' between 'tehnofallichnostyu "T-800 (' hard-boiled ') and feminine fluidity T-1000 (' boiled '). Arnie's image is largely conservative. This kind of "Hell's Angel" in a leather jacket (t. E. A 'good' non-conformist), with the concepts of honor, duty and loyalty. Robert Patrick, on the contrary, his character embodies eternal fluidity, changeability, fickleness, opportunism. This character srodu having no gender orientation, but in contrast to iron Arnie rather feminine (in which the third part is really beautiful replaced Kristina Loken). Created from a polymorphic metal, he, like all women, wears a thousand masks, none of which is not genuine, but most of the time T-1000 still wears a costume representative of authority (ie. E. The "bad" system agent). It is easy to notice that the dualism of his relationship with the T-800 is manifested at all levels of the bodily organization up to a choice of vehicles.
Finally, a few words and, no less important, the technical side of the picture. The film is rightly famous not only for its diverse hidden meanings, but also furious visuals. At the time, Kubrick himself invented, designed and implemented in reality a completely revolutionary method of shooting. Incredible spacecraft drifted in front of your nose so reliably, and travel for hundreds of light-years from Earth was so realistic that many people, even today, the lower jaw falls off as if by itself. All this is solely due to the engineering genius of the director. Cameron went the same way, developing his own model, appearance, technical equipment and even gait cyborg from the future. He put all his strength (and, of course, $) and use the latest, at the time of film technology. The result, they say, is obvious. T2 - is one of the latest movies era 'live' effects, ie dolls, mannequins, models, great scenery, unprecedented tools, all that is soon supplanted naked and, at first, rather rough computer animation. For the quality of special effects pictures posted Stan Winston, the former along with R. Bottini and Rick Baker, a true genius of his craft. How much time, effort, work, persistence, imagination and love for their work to be a man to such a detailed precision, care and attention is a truly shocking, absolutely real living world. I thank him for the fact that after the films on which he worked (and it is Jurassic Park, Predator, Aliens, Artificial Intelligence) begin, if not to believe in the supernatural, then at least to penetrate the greatness of human skill.
SO. T2 - a film landmark, landmark for cinema around the world. Cameron - a man, not just telling a story, but the writing it, it is a real pioneer in the cinema. This - the demiurge, challenging fate. The more I have nothing to say ... In addition, I fucking love this movie, and over the years this love only grows stronger!

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