"Terminator 2: Judgment Day" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

In 1984 an unknown director James Cameron with a budget of 6.5 million. $ Withdrew the greatest science fiction film in the history of cinema and, in addition, made from Arnold Schwarzenegger, the villain of the first magnitude. After 7 years, this process has gone in the opposite direction.
«Terminator 2" was the most anticipated project of the decade, but Cameron was in no hurry with the extension. After removing the first film and has earned the status of cult director, he confirmed the reputation of high-class professional, putting in '86 "Aliens" and 89 - "Abyss" - the legendary masterpieces of fiction, permanently included in the annals of world cinema. During these 7 years, Cameron's great "podnataskal" in visual concept and the use of special effects in movies, and in the technical component and directing. But no one even imagined that so much.
incredibly wide-ranging and entertaining, fantastically done and amazes with depth of its semantic web, "Terminator 2" in all respects surpassed his predecessor. The second film was no less atmospheric than the first, although the narrative concept has changed. If the first film, everything that happened is inevitably a part of destiny and nothing can change, in the second "no fate, except that we are creating for themselves».
Cameron extended the plot of the film, and significantly deepened and humanised image of the Terminator, which 10 years later, he became an advocate of John Connor. Schwarzenegger is fantastic in this role. This is a poker face, this hairstyle, this leather jacket, goggles, "Harley" and the hard drive, rechargeable on the go - it's a cult on the verge of insanity
second film Terminator affects the integrity and completeness of the image - in fact it is a dramatic character that has passed a long way by soulless cyborg killer to humanized machine, endowed with human feelings and emotions. Cameron brilliantly showed the relationship between the child and a cyborg, because in fact Terminator -. Not only the protector and savior of John, but his true friend
Casting the film beats into the "top ten", and the acting is simply astounding. In addition to Schwarzenegger, the Terminator played fantastically, particularly distinguished by Linda Hamilton. From cute, naive, Below average girl, she was transformed into an incredibly attractive and strong in all respects a woman, actually opposed itself to the image created in the first film.
She became rigid, uncompromising soldier, warrior, protector, knowing that on her shoulders heavy burden knowledge about the coming terrible day of Judgment and responsibility for all humanity. However, it is - a loving and caring mother, though sometimes she behaves badly, even with his own son, realizing the responsibility is too great to show weakness
John Connor -. Still a good image of the future leader of the Resistance. Inconspicuous ten-year boy, obviously prone to rebellion, as evidenced by numerous drives to the police for theft and vandalism. While only a child, more than contemptuously referring to his adoptive parents, hacking ATMs using a laptop computer and drop bombs on the city in video games, but it is already visible future authoritarian and inflexible willed rod inside.
And, of course, major and ominous danger in the face is not in the form of the shadow of an approaching Judgment day and the destruction of mankind, and in the form of cyborg T-1000. The really frightening their modifications, invulnerability, and the ease with which he kills people with cold to the bone, eye and guidance only embedded in it the elimination of the program - one of its existence shows how far things had gone. Of course, the best part of Robert Patrick.
Come on. If the first film was a real benchmark of action, the "Terminator 2" was the film surpassed the standard. Action scenes in the film are made at this level, that each of them individually worth more than many modern blockbusters put together: all kinds of shooting, explosions and destruction, the scene of the war between the machines and the people in the future, the race through the channels, crumpled and blown machine, tow truck and a helicopter flight from the "Pescadero" Terminator shooting of police cars from the "hex" and a grenade explosion "Kiberdayna" and follow the race on the highway, overturned and broken tank with nitrogen, the fight in the factory - the dynamics and drive in the fil me such that after more than 15 years led to the insane enthusiasm and never for a moment let off the screen
Technical design is fascinating and shocking as much semantic load and action-film component, because performed on an inaccessible level.: cinematography, editing, sound editing, makeup, incredible sound and fantastic special effects, amazing imagination so that you sit at the screen with his mouth open and ask a single question: "How this could be done ?!" Add to that brilliant scene ry, and the strongest hurricane Director Brad Fiedel soundtrack with slightly modified and become even better chic title theme of the film.
chilling final film shakes. Crippled lame Terminator without an arm, a broken spine, a crushed chest, ragged face without eyes and pierced through with a crowbar, operating on backup battery. Sarah Connor, tired and exhausted, with a bullet in the leg and a broken arm. John, the same exhausted and tired, hiding in the depths of the steel mill. And the T-1000, as good as new, in no way damaged and looking for a child to perform a task
final scene is immersed in the melt of the Terminator with a raised thumb on a background of the most powerful musical theme of the film -. One of the best in the film. And if in the first film of his sacrifice is simply a consequence of the implementation of the pledged in his program, the second - is a real moral choice
Semantic rod in the second film is even more profound than the first.. Continuing the theme of the uprising of people against the machines, the natural human tendency to self-destruct, according to people from all kinds of machinery, output of the artificial intelligence of control and awareness of the machine itself as a personality, Cameron enters into the picture an even more serious the implied philosophy ochelovechivaya car, raising the question about the possibility of change the fate and the value of human life.
Unlike the first film, the carrier is essentially destructive nature of storytelling and fascinating its dark and terrible antiutopichnoy car a future in the second Cameron got rid of a pessimistic vision of the future and the present. The finale of the film, despite its essentially tragic motivated, optimistic and carries a life-affirming sense (given that the "Terminator" is dilogii watch need an alternate ending)
"Terminator 2" -. a huge milestone in the development of cinema and truly a revolutionary and a huge breakthrough in the field of visual effects. This is not only a film of all time, reference and sample action sci-fi movie, but also the clearest example of a sequel, in all respects surpassed incredibly strong original. This is one of the most famous films, this brand needs no introduction. One of the best movies in film history and a masterpiece in every respect, which, like the first film, you can revise endlessly. Monumental canvas.
This film is above all estimates.

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