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Most, if not all, people are afraid of the unknown, and I'm not talking about the mystical and mythical creatures at times, but the phenomena itself is quite real. For example, a man landed a foot in a trap. And it happened not in the forest park, but somewhere in Siberia. Trained person would have done take a breath, to find a suitable branch / stick, which could be used as a lever and release the leg from captivity, well, or does not have fallen into the trap, because this kind of people to danger on you. But the trained person, and behave as a man untrained? Let's say a resident of a large metropolis? We put aside the question of how the inhabitants of the metropolis was in the impenetrable forests of Siberia. So untrained person would call for help, try to remove the trap with his bare hands and do only worse. After a panic attack, a person tries to think logically, of course if you stop staring at his crippled leg of which never stopped oozing blood. Oh yeah, it was probably killed off the artery, if skillfully long? And the unfortunate come to the conclusion that he has two options - to try to dohromat inhabited places in the hope that the bleeding and the wild beasts did not finish off sooner or attempt to saw off his leg. Army knife or a stone without a difference. What I'm all? And the fact that the adult and educated people, being in a critical situation has many solutions to the problem, but at the same time he fears that chooses the wrong option. And our today's hero found himself in a situation to match the one that I described just above. Oh, no, Tom Hanks' character does not hit the trap, or rather was, but not in the literal sense of the word. The hero of Tom Hanks was in a foreign country without documents and opportunities for this very country travel. Yes, that's right, this is - "Terminal»
Viktor Navorski law-abiding citizen, arrived in "the most democratic country in the world" from a far Krakozii.. Um, what? First hear about this country. So here it is! * Starts to look at the world map of the countries listed above, but after half an hour throwing unsuccessful search * Okay, okay. I, too, about the country have never heard of, but let's assume it is. So, Viktor Navorski comes to America in order to fulfill a promise that he gave to a friend, but the trouble is civil war broke out in Krakozii, as well as the official authority in the country of Victor not, therefore, he is not a citizen. Stupid law, but that the Americans, and they are masters at inventing ridiculous laws. And once the hero of Tom Hanks no citizenship, and leave the airport, he can not. And what will make the person who speaks in broken Russian, which is the first day loses his luggage and his money are invalid? Of course, he will try to survive in the airport, as well as to do everything in its power in order to leave this very airport and comply with the request that he give a loved one. Well, let's wish good luck to Victor?
Who would not say that, and Steven Spielberg is an amazing person. Ask me who, because I answer that this venerable director, reminds Wizard of Oz. No, not about the speech is not what charlatanism. Simply Steven Spielberg is one of the few Hollywood directors in films which present the magic, for which I fell in love with cinema. Barely perceptible, but it is there and that is why most of Spielberg's films give a fairy tale. Even the "Jurassic Park", in which even the dinosaurs escaped from the cells, and people continually exposed to danger real hard, but there still is a certain magic, thanks to which you believe bad movie ends simply can not. Imagine my surprise when I was faced with a completely different Steven Spielberg. A man who easily and naturally makes fun of the laws and conventions of the modern world, as if casually says "man to man - the wolf!" But enough idle talk and words of admiration, because we are here not for the sake of this
And we have gathered here for the sake of man. who was in a foreign country and locked in a room in which there are hundreds and hundreds of people have felt utterly alone and abandoned by all. And it was from something. After all, no one cared about the person that came to another country and found himself virtually a prisoner in the airport terminal. No man held out a helping hand to our hero, and for the safety of life service Viktor Navorski was altogether something of a show. The show, in which the ever-memorable guards made bets on how long will last resident Krakozii. No, of course, later, Victor met with three officials airport, with whom he spent time and whom he considered his friends, but they were really his friends? Probably not. And not the last role in this was played by the fact that these people had something necessary to the hero. A person working in the kitchen needed to Tom Hanks' character passed the message the girl that he can not speak. Of course, he fed Victor, but it was a win-win cooperation, and not friendship. The other two also had no one to play poker, but because they were invited to the table of Victor. But it's not friendship. This is so club. Of course, we can say that Victor builders have noticed and decided to hire him, but then again, they say cold calculation - if we are not hiring, then hire others. Of course, many people began to recognize Victor after he helped the man to his "goat", but the fact of the matter is that people only learned at the airport Victor, but it did not help. It could be argued that all this has happened behind the scenes, but dear friends, if Steven Spielberg wanted to show the sincere friendship between the people, then he would have shown it. And this film shows the history of a man who did not give up despite all the hardships of life. The man who fought and went to his goal no matter what. A man who treated people better than they are to him. This is a film that if people would be at least half as good, kind, and honest as Viktor Navorski, then this world would be a wonderful place. This film, which was not by chance that in the top-250 and I sincerely recommend to all present and perhaps after seeing it you will want to change something in your life ... or maybe not. Who knows?
8 out of 10

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