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The protagonist
Victor (Tom Hanks) - Resident Krakozii mysterious country located in Eastern Europe and indirectly relating to the USSR. He flew to the United States to fulfill his father's promise - to get an autograph jazz saxophonist. This musician last person in the photograph, he loved his father, but did not send a reply letter with my painting. And Victor made a promise to parents that even after death will fly to America and get his autograph and put it in a can of peanuts, which stores all the rest from other jazz - musicians. He is a builder who is not afraid of difficulties and look at life with enthusiasm.
The main villain
I think that the main force opposing it became good American bureaucracy that lacks compassion and understanding to the ordinary people. Politicians and people who have the power to administer the fate of others, looking only at ABC law and do not want to enter into the position of those who lives down on his knees. They just do not give them a chance to get on their feet. And the actor Stanley Tucci, who plays a man with a tremendous power in the territory of the airport, was the most striking example of human-bureaucrat or cyborg machine that does not make a single step away from the fact that it requires official position.
Goodbye House
Victor got on a plane and in a way, his home country Krakoziya shaken by civil war. That is actually the state loses power, sovereignty and the government. It becomes a dark spot on the map and the globe. Passport, visa - are no longer necessary papers. And Victor turns to The Man from Nowhere, in fact - his birthplace Krakoziya, no matter what wars and conflicts
Location Date
Steven Spielberg -. Great man. He is not only a brilliant director and one of its kind seer in the movie, as well as a person who is willing to experiment and invest any amount of money in the project, not for profit, but only to ensure that the end product of his suit, and he was not for him ashamed. Similarly, in the film Terminal, he did not spare the money to rebuild the complete airport building, vbuhali to the main part of the budget. A Spielberg did this for more realism. What to say? It had happened
Airport and Terminal №67 -. And became the home of a prison at the same time for Victor, who took this huge share of stoicism and equanimity. He found all sorts of ways to dodge and escape from hunger and indifference of people who could help him, but they did not. Viktor is forced to live and produce their own food at the airport. One can only marvel at his wit and persistence, good humor and, most importantly in relation to other people. He did not blame his misfortune and tries to solve the problem itself, in this case, demanding their legitimate rights that every human being deserves, regardless of color and creed.
Love between Napoleon and Josephine XXI century!
months pass, and Victor still lives in the Terminal and meets a girl, stewardess played by Catherine the Zeta Jones, who incredibly beautiful and intelligent, but he lives as he did on suitcases in the truest sense of the word. Of course, they see each other, two people from opposite ends of the globe, but the geography and language - it is not a barrier for people who are spiritually mirror image
Victor and stewardess feel a spark between them, but for many years meets. with a man waiting when he finally it will call for ever. She waits and hopes for it as much as Victor is waiting to be able to return Krakoziyu.
usual banal story, if it were not for one thing.
fact what I saw in their relationship the sincerity and seriousness that you will not see among young couples. Victor fell in love with her and is willing to sacrifice the many for the sake of it, and these are not empty words! His feelings are strong and he is waiting for its arrival each month. Of course, we can say that it had nothing to do, but I will say that after all this was love. A heroine Catherine the Zeta Jones arrived, as it should be. She did not rush headlong into the maelstrom of passion, and coldly received. You can blame her for that? No, she is already 39 years old, she wants a quiet family life, and it is only on the horizon, but did not become a reality. She is tired and wants to rest. So when her man ready for a serious relationship, move the main character seemed to me the most logical in the sea cruel and heartless actions of the Airport. Yes, she left him, but I'm sure Victor until the end of life will be the subject of her thoughts, and she will remain forever in his mind, when he will go to sleep.
sad that it happened. Like a good end, but Steven Spielberg has shown us the truth, because otherwise everything will end, simply could not!
no secret that Victor would not survive in this hostile environment without support he found among real friends. They supported him and helped as best they could, and the old cleaner act knocked tear - he was willing to go to jail (even for the offense) just to Victor visited the US
Well.? This goes to show that loneliness kills and breaks any, but real comrades help survive even the coldest winter night! And they do not hide behind the masks of decency and friendliness of those who likes to talk shit behind my back - it's neighbors, work colleagues, family members, and they can be found nearby and in the most unusual places. This is how! Perhaps this film - dithyramb friendship and kindness. I understood exactly
The last word about actors
Tom Hanks -. The only man who is worthy of the highest praise. I never considered it a strong actor, but on the contrary felt his game average at MAT graduates, but here they incredibly well accustomed to the role, as in the outcast. IMHO. Perhaps, sometimes, it can pull a whole film. In the terminal, he realized the image of a small man in a huge unknown world, albeit limited airport building
Catherine Zeta Jones -. A very beautiful woman, a game does not shine with originality and energy, but it is the heroine always have to currently. I do not know why.
I saw an incredibly interesting movie about the common man, the same as we all do. Steven Spielberg directed the film is not like his other projects and did not hit the face in the dirt, but instead showed how to shoot the comedy drama, because the only way I can describe the genre of the Terminal.
Many thanks for a good mood, funny and not vulgar jokes, bitter tears and honest, as well as simply for the fact that I saw it. Words can not convey all the same.
9 out of 10

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