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I do not get tired to admire the talent of genius Steven Spielberg. I do not get tired amazed at what great stories this wonderful director chooses for his paintings and how exciting it feeds them. His handwriting is always recognizable, but with each new tape maestro in his own original and versatile. I'm not talking about a variety of genres, which is observed in the collection of his works. And in every genre, Spielberg feels great, magically giving even the most hackneyed elements enormous sincerity, sincerity and depth. Steven has a very interesting distinguishing feature that makes it stand out among his many colleagues - is to turn each of his picture in a real fairy tale. Even if we are talking about a shark terrorizing a small resort town, or the soldiers of the last forces are looking for during the war, just an ordinary or about one of the most skilful thieves in the world ... the list can be endless - his films are always fabulously beautiful, fantastically interesting and fabulous kind. These are completely different in nature creations, even the most dramatic and complex, carry a bit of magic and wonder, and served incredibly subtle, natural and atmospheric! 'Terminal' - the story of a promise of a deep hope of eternal waiting, and of course - love. Viktor Navorski stuck at the airport in New York, so as the country from which he came was a real coup, and as long as in all Krakozhii not be adjusted, Victor considered a national of a non-existent state that makes its appearance in the United States, undesirable. Thus, undesired poor guy starts to live in the terminal of the New York airport, waiting for an hour, when the war at home and when he can get out of this trap concrete and fulfill the promise of this native person ...
It would seem, well, what you can come up with interesting space is limited, but still stretch action for two hours timing ?! The answer is obvious - even as much as possible, and at the same time incredibly exciting, meaningful, funny and infinitely touching. Before us the whole world, which is similar to a bustling lounge with a constantly changing displays, periodic announcements from the speaker, various restaurants fast food, fashion boutiques scattered carts and always somewhere hurrying passers-by, and it is only the central attractions of the universe 'Terminal' . And imagine that throughout the paintings we are together with the hero, Viktor Navorski have time to go almost anywhere, admire the stunning work of professionals have built for the film Spielberg's this huge world called 'Terminal'. It's very memorable scene in which to learn about their situation Navorski, panic starts to rush down the hall in search of information and ask for help from passers-by. He does not know the language, he did not fully understand what was happening, he was trying to call out to another passenger, and in response to the indifferent silence. So he stops in the middle of this little world, like a lost wanderer in time, and despair staring into space, and a crowd of passengers continues to rush on their flights, bypassing the lonely frozen in the center of the room, a figure ... Should I write
that Tom Hanscom amazing happened convey all the feelings and emotions of his character? Probably worth it, because he was able to not only naturally portray a simple man with a huge heart, passing difficult trials of life, but also give it specific mannerisms, gestures and speech. Very thin and deep approach to the role, Tom observed in almost every picture, and it's nice that the next dive gives us not only the familiar warmth and charm, but also opens up some new aspects of the talented actor's soul. Sometimes I think that we live in an eternal waiting room - do not know when they announced our flight, and will be invited to land, we do not know when and how much will delay our next trip with the speed of light changing display items, and do not even know if we can even catch to do something important, before the coming of the departure time. Navorski life suddenly acquired a literal basis of these considerations. How easy to say - sit and wait, sooner or later, your flight will be announced and you will also become one of the rushing passengers to land, but in this little world has its own rules and laws, and is very difficult to survive where your expectation is not desirable. Sincerity, kindness, sympathy and sincerity Navorski so touched airport workers that for them it has become a legend, that they will never forget and they will surely tell their friends and relatives. This so does not like them people, I came to New York to fulfill the promise - carefully put in an iron jar melting a someone's dream - someone's last wish ...
Head Airport Frank Dixon, it never do not understand. Navorski for him - it suddenly emerged hemorrhoids, which prevents him from work and simply an eyesore. Being an excellent worker, a true professional in their field - Dixon is absolutely devoid of soul. Written rules prevent the cunning and slick careerist easily get rid of the intruder, and break them he is not going to - what, if you can in other ways to survive the poor guy? And when Frank realized that Victor is not going to give up, he declared war on him - if he does not want to go beyond the territory of the airport, so he did never come will not fulfill his promise! Stanley Tucci has repeatedly portrayed the notorious villains and heartless egotists, and in this context, once again made a very characteristic and eccentric. Like the image of Amelia, which embodied the charming Catherine Zeta-Jones. Its pretty stewardess with troubled personal life certainly attracted attention, and despite the fact that the role of Katherine in terrible unpretentious, it should be noted that her presence in the film, gave a fraction thereof, of romance and charm. And what great characters shine on the sidelines! Funny Henrique (Diego Luna), who dreams of marrying a strict, but very good employee visa control, which is perfectly played by the then only future star 'Avatar', Zoe Saldana, as well as grouchy but terribly sweet old janitor Gupta, who loves watching as passengers will not notice the inscription 'caution wet' and falling out of the blue - they all turned out very interesting and distinctive personalities
PS. Much more I would like to tell you about this great picture, but still you'd better see it with my own eyes, and experience for yourself this wonderful feeling of infinite expectation of something beautiful that does not leave throughout the show. I am sure that by the 'Terminal' I have definitely come back, well, now, perhaps go surf cinema expanses in search of new stories. Good luck!
10 of 10

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