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Very special masterpiece from Steven Spielberg, who should see any person who intends to go abroad. Any thing from the maestro Steven Spielberg is worthy of attention. Almost all Spielberg films people are cutting the crowds, but the "Terminal" has not caused a hundredth part of the noise and excitement, as, for example, where the weaker "War of the Worlds." In America, he received a strange reception -. The modest fees, but have seen the warm response from his audiences and critics
However, the Americans always respond to strange movies about aliens. There is no longer any save sverhzvezdnye names or huge budgets. Suffice it to recall a classic example of the "King of New York" or a new "Moscow on the Hudson", "K-19", etc.
Oh, it would seem, one of the actors Americans do not like the way Tom Hanks - Mr. "proper American" in every respect. And from what they Spielberg, in general, since "Jaws" in a solid does not stop enthusiastic. And Catherine Zeta-Jones have a good reputation. Individually - the guarantor of success, and all together were far from past triumphs, even though the world's thin film Spielberg took almost enthusiastically. Not to the court came to the homeland film - or the wrong time DrimVorks choose? Or theme. At Christmas this film would have been more timely.
A topic such that it can happen in absolutely every absolutely any time. Yes, that's in the news recently about saw another such incident - well, just one to one - in Denmark there is a camp of emigrants who do not wish to return home, where there is a war and the revolution. But Denmark does not wish to accept them - and they live in bestial conditions - without a normal meal, with no amenities, no education, and medicine, as if they do not the people - months already live. Waiting.
The hero of this film is waiting. Waiting time. And everyone is waiting around. Someone delayed flights, something divorce who loved men, some chance meeting with my girlfriend, someone just mercy, compassion and a little respect. Spielberg's film is not ostrosatiricheskoy not sarcastic and not gall, like Foreman, Stone and Levinson, but incredibly human. It is meant to revive in the person that is gradually disappearing in the commotion of large cities, and that's just such airports giants. And out humanity. Snuly official seal with the lifeless, not to raise your eyes. Cynical head of security, who do not care where you got there his father died - have a paper that says that such a medication out of the country can not, then they should be deleted. Stupefied by constant and monotonous work of employees who come rather than look at you.
people forget what real communication, what a man. Spielberg's film, above all, of man and of human nature, which is once again asserts the maestro, is not so bad, just hidden behind a scab life dull and fat daily.
We feel the complete impotence of the accident, was in the wrong place at the wrong time - impotence in the face of bureaucratic officials to personal hostility higher, but we feel its power, its strength as a person, for that pull the same as it - goals, zaturkanny accustomed to be in a faceless crowd and artificial smile not Deputy aspirants to their customers the little people, among them a bunch of these same immigrants. The Terminal was built a little authoritarian state, which seems to have nothing to do with the freedoms that promises to its citizens and guests of the American democracy. And in the Terminal without wars and terrorist attacks, without apparent violence and abuse, it can be easily and safely to violate human rights and to turn it into a guinea toy. In this world so easy to be a puppet, and so hard to regain human status.
To a certain extent the director risked offering Hanks is reincarnation. After Hanks - one hundred percent American, correct, charming and slightly pathetic. But this does not prevent him from being a great actor. Hanks get down to the basic techniques of the alien image received in Hollywood films. And let not the person he portrayed a particular nationality, but a collective image, he turned very real psychologically accurate portrait of the man with the former Soviet Union, where people have learned to think a few other categories than in the West. Hanks always had very stingy style of play, and here the role of this particularly demanding - it was necessary to penetrate into the depths of human nature, his actions, thoughts - and Hanks on the right! Everywhere he was sincere, simple, natural and really looked really a stranger in all this little world
stirring in Hanks' character is the main -. In spite of it, the viewer can see myself in his place. For example, I saw myself quite. I would have in this situation, Beck, Meca, stuttered, rushed to the airport, trying to remember English words and pronouncing them carefully with a focus bashful people who do not have and do not want to listen to them.
But, however, I digress. If Hanks is quite consistent to the director and the general mood of the film, but Catherine Zeta Jones is not particularly impressed me. She's too smart a woman for 39-year-old flight attendant with a midlife crisis. And not too smart actress to convey all these subtleties. But on the screen, it looks great, it does not appear very often, and, in principle, its function romantic interest of the protagonist performs. Supporting actor Stanley Tucci, Chi McBride, Diego Luna, Michael Nouri make a great background for Hanks. They - the same evidence that people exist among people may well, if only there were more people, while bad people will not be able to function at full capacity
When all at the same time, Spielberg film does not claim to be the documentary.. This film artistic, dreamy and like most, Spielberg, idyllic. Maestro, just like old times, the faith in the triumph of the ultimate justice, mutual understanding, friendship between peoples and world peace truly human means. From all this it gives a fairy tale, but it is so well done, that the world and the outcome of the painting is perceived as their own joy.
way, something about the genre. "Terminal" is certainly not a comedy, and certainly not romantic. It has a funny situation, but the situation itself is a truly tragic hero, and his feelings are not ridiculous. Yes, the ordeal of a foreigner on unfamiliar territory often funny, but it is worth for a laugh sympathy. And with romance Spielberg and all done in a familiar way, he deceived millions who expected a traditional happy ending spectators.
Spielberg took another gorgeous, graceful fairy tale for adults. She was not making fun of and not trying ogloushit true. Its rare simplicity and low-key humor requires the viewer a single quality - empathy. If any movie you'll love.
10 of 10

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