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At the beginning of the XXI century in our country has become a significant reality TV show 'Survivor'. A group of enthusiasts set off on a desert island with only one goal: to survive. One of the participants compared it to stay with the new little life that has nothing to do with the rest on the 'mainland'. Picture of Steven Spielberg's 'Terminal' in a sense, too, illustrates the life, the limited area of ​​the international airport transit zone. It's almost fantastic, but if and when a plausible story of a man, suddenly deprived of his nationality and became, in fact, nothing. Viktor Navorski, who arrived from the fictional country of the former USSR to obscure targets in New York turned out to be a kind of savage in a strange land. From now on, a huge terminal to him that the card adventure, where every corner - part of the new life of 'unwanted' passenger
Corner 1 -. A conflict zone
One of the worst disasters of human society anywhere in the world - bureaucracy. No one is interested in other people's problems, if the law is against you. Dixon Managing security takes absurd Victor as a huge mosquito, which is constantly buzzing in his ear and thus unnerving. The conductor of the American value system, Dixon sincerely puzzled: how can you be so honest? Protection of the terminal is not in the bank, and even bad speaking in English to a foreigner would not be difficult to escape. When involuntary duel converge righteous hypocrite - a compromise can hardly expect to have to. Frank Dixon - a convincing example of violent careerist, who do not care about the hardships of individual passengers. Scoundrel? It is not that simple. Anyone knows fly on airplanes: flight delays - a common phenomenon. If because of that the last words of 'cover' management of the airport - no nerves will not suffice. But the truth is everyone has their own - and this completely different kettle of fish
-. Do you understand, Victor
-? I see. Fish do not like!
Just two sentences! But they capture the essence of people living in different dimensions. In its own way, Dixon absolutely right: it is 'delivered' to manage a huge farm and care of a nedobezhentsa him to a side. But something is definitely grasping bureaucrat does not understand. Not all can be influenced by blackmail and threats. Yes, Victor impression of a very naive person. But the authorities - a relative thing. Dixon in his patrimony considers itself absolute master, but forget about the important details - he's just an employee, but a high rank. And command the thoughts of people, even in a difficult situation, he can not. hapless tourist will was to control a real revelation
Corner 2 -. house dating
is not easy to resist the charms of a sultry beauty Catherine the Zeta-Jones. Bright, like silver in the spotlight, her intoxicating smile like an oasis for the traveler. stewardess suit her only to face. It is doubtful that such a woman for 40 years and did not build a fortune. Amelia can be called whatever you like, but not mediocre. She was not ashamed of his lightweight view of life and does not seem able to mourn more than a minute. More ungainly pair than funny Victor with his broken English and Amelia with their dreams of a married man - and it is impossible to imagine
- I warn you. Do not mess with me
so different! people in common honesty. A young woman realizes that not so ordered his life, but there is not enough desire to make a sharp turn. Hardly Viktor madly in love with a stewardess. You've got to pick a different definition. Amelia for him - a real dream, to which not reach, he wants to be her friend, to help her feel happy. 'I'll give you a star' - this phraseology Cavaliers love to flaunt in front of the ladies. Just think: 20 years, she runs around the airport, and did not even know that the efforts of one man is a cold building could become an island paradise. Amelia Victor afraid. But not because they have a questionable future. And because they do not want to end this unexpected holiday
Corner 3 -. Circle of interest
inconceivable how diverse people can become friends in misfortune. Tom Hanks - a very stereotypical looks American, but in the role vzhivshis native of the Iron Curtain, it conquers others totally alien to the West openly. Honest and decent, so simple! Overcome adversity is much easier and surrounded by friends. Victor was not going to enjoy all that the ducat. The people themselves drawn to him
-. Come on, Gupta, but he had his
-. How do you know
Porter, eating glass transport, the old janitor?. Someone contemptuously call them inferior. They have no money, but there is a real zest for life. One of the most moving episodes of 'Terminal' - shy boy escapades Enrique by Victor explains in love pretty passportist. What can be ridiculous displays of affection! Not to mention how ridiculous looks burly man ezheutrenne worn to a foreign lover. They are not afraid of laughter around him. Neither Navorski nor the Tom Hanks. Even two 'Oscars' could not deliver the outstanding actor from a certain indulgence. American bribes purely human simplicity, a quality that was not too popular in today's society
Corner 4 -. Yield 67
Even incorrigible cynic necessarily have dear to the subject. Victor has not parted with tin cans of peanut butter. People may not understand why he so cherishes her. It would seem that something as simple as 3 rubles, Victor could be in the first few gatherings reveal his secret friends. Even open-minded person has its barriers. Just an old bank, but there is some part of the heart miserable foreigner. Each person has to find a place that he rightfully call their own. Victor is found. What, then, round eyes are Amelia, when she sees the immense depth of the soul of his admirer. It seems crazy, but not whether this quality sometimes is so lacking so similar to each other at random acquaintances? Such a man is doomed to Victor universal misunderstanding, but he would find his piece, and the bank - its quintessence. Let friends a little, let the dream will remain a dream, but this person will never hide the eyes of unwanted client
Corner 5 -. Tragicomedy about every
'Terminal' - not the most untwisted film by Steven Spielberg. Why it happened too late to understand. Much more importantly: even after a second viewing, it moistens the eyes indifferent spectator. Over a considerable number of aspects of this amazing picture and you can laugh and cry. Tom Hanks looks ridiculous in every third frame, but the drama is highly convincing. A citizen of a non-existent Krakozhii, unwittingly, has created excellent publicity for all immigrants from Eastern Europe. Over the ocean, we will always be regarded as eccentrics, potentially dangerous and incomprehensible. With this you can live well, if you remain honest in front of strangers, but more importantly, to himself. Spielberg has created an honest masterpiece that will be relevant always, as long as people use air transport.
am pleased to award this creation honest
10 of 10

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