Temperament Types And Relationship Essay


1. Explain what kind of temperament did you have as an infant.?
2. How did it affect your relationship with your parents or caregivers?


1.My temperament type during childhood.

Temperament refers to a person’s nature, that is, the typical manner in which a person thinks behaves or reacts to different situations or events. It is an individual’s level of emotional excitability or intensity and is mostly recognized during the first few days of a child’s birth. Personally, I had a difficult temperament when I was young. I can conclude this after studying the three types of temperaments typical in children. My behaviors during my childhood life depicted a difficult temperament.

First, I was always hard to get to sleep through the night. I can remember my mother singing lullabies so that I can fall asleep. But even after this, I could see her leave my bedroom and call her back loudly.

Crying was my hobby. At night, I could wake up and call my mother loudly, if she didn’t reply, I could give a loud cry. She then could come and support me to sleep again, by slowly rubbing my back and kissing me on the forehead.

Every morning I could call my mother to take me to the toilets. In the toilets. However, she found it very difficult to toilet train me. I used to mess up most of the times. Sometimes my mother could get frustrated and pinch me on the cheeks. However, after studying the types of temperament traits, I have come to realize that this could have been caused by my irregular bowel movements.

To summarise, my feisty temperament during childhood made me always impatient, noisy, unable to adapt quickly. I used to disturb my older brother, who was at that time in his university studies by sometimes tearing his books, distracting him in his study room and calling him up so that we can play together.

2. Temperament affected my relationship with my parents.

I think my mother did not understand my temperament. I can conclude this from the way she used to react to my behaviors. Sometimes she used to feel stressed and even avoid interacting with me. I used to ask her questions only to see her with a frown face. However, as a child, I could not understand why she looked upset.

My mother often became frustrated whenever I called her to my bedroom. She used to shout at me at times and even pinch me on the cheeks. However, this could not make me quiet as I could cry even louder. Seeing that I was not keeping calm, she could relax and sing me lullabies.

From her behaviors, I can conclude that my mum saw me as a difficult child to manage. This caused our relationship to be tasteless. Most of the times she looked unhappy with me. Being a child, I was too naive to understand why my mother seemed upset and unhappy. I have only come to know this after studying the types of temperaments typical in children. I found some time to discuss this with her, and she felt regretful about it. It is therefore essential for parents and guardians to understand the temperaments of their children so that they can treat them appropriately without getting frustrated.

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