Tell us who you are and what you will contribute Essay

There was a two-year period when things were incredibly hard for my family. In 2000, my father lost his job as store manager, leaving my mother to support our family of six on a paltry civil servant’s salary. Private school was out of the question, so I attended a government secondary school in southern Nigeria with limited resources including only one math teacher for the entire school of over a thousand students. That period of my life shaped me and inspired the core values I live by today: a collaborative spirit, loyalty, and always choosing happiness despite my circumstances. These values are part of who I am today and will be at the core of what I will bring to Tuck.

Right from childhood, I have always preferred collaborating in school, opting to study and prepare for exams with my classmates rather than on my own. As a result, when my friends and I realized that we were not getting enough classroom time due to the lack of teachers at our secondary school, we organized after-school lessons to help our classmates prepare for our junior school certificate exams. This spirit of collaboration became engrained in me and inspired my current work as a children’s teacher in my church and at the leadership training I organize bi-annually for young people in my community. In this same spirit, I hope to contribute to the DPIN (Dartmouth Professional Insights Network) program at Tuck providing mentorship and career guidance to undergrads at Dartmouth college, particularly those looking to pursue a career in operations in the consumer-packaged goods industry.

Having grown up witnessing the strength of the loyal friendships in my father’s life during his time of need, loyalty became very important to me. This has manifested itself in my life in various ways including when I tutored a friend in secondary school who was struggling with preparations for an exam or more recently when I stayed at work later for a three-week period to help a colleague meet a project deadline. I believe that I will fit into the mold of a typical Tuckie who is fiercely loyal, good natured, and values contributing to the successes of other Tuckies as we work to navigate the next phase of our careers.

Ultimately, I live my life focused on being happy in each moment and not dwelling on the past or regrets. This allows me to create an atmosphere of fun and laugher around me so much so that one of my colleagues at Nestlé once told me that she comes to work excited “not so much because of the work but because of the atmosphere that I create in the team; one of laugher and genuine kindness.” I hope to bring this energy and my values to my study team and every organization I am a part of at Tuck, helping to ease the pressure from the rigors of the Tuck MBA and to contribute to the community in any way I can

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