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Fiction reflects the reality. The life of every human being is possessed with extreme violence, anger and hardships. Women are the brightest example of it. In order to survive in the real world coupled with immense hatred ferociousness, women have to find their own way for surviving their entire life in the realm vulgarity. Sex and the city has always been considered as one of the most recognizable shows that depicts how a women has to face innumerable difficulties in order to make their journey smoother in the society. Feminism is the central perception of this particular show, which is amalgamated with fiction and hypothesis. In order to make a television show attractive and visually effective, fiction is one of the major aspects based on which one particular viewer tends to open up the channel to enjoy the taste of series. Ames and Melissa pointed out that the entire show is endowed with sexual intimation that can truly affect the mind of young generation. On the other hand, Bignell and Jonathan mentioned that depicting sexuality and its essence is not the only purpose of broadcasting this particular show.

Sex and the city is the story surrounded with three women their journeys of life. An individual woman has to face innumerable difficulties in order to survive in the society. In this particular show, feminism despite being the primary concept conveys some of the substitute messages (Buonanno and Milly 175). The entire story is amalgamated with love, hatred, romance, affection so that viewers do not have to feel monotonous while viewing one by one episode. Season 5 has received most of the popularities from the target audience due to some of its mesmerizing episodes. Spectators could not blink for a while at the time of watching episode number 6. As per the point of view of Oria, Sex and the city would provide the flavor of emotion, joy and anger at the same time. People especially women can relate their own life to the practical field while watching this show.

Significance of this series:

The message that Oria wants to convey through this particular story is complexity and barriers of human life especially of women. Throughout the entire journey, women have to face innumerable difficulties in order to survive in the world. The entire journey of Carrie and Charlott are the primary concern of this series (Giroux, Henry and Peter McLaren 34). Charlott after managing the entire household activities is very much flexible to spend her sufficient time with her friends. On one hand, she showed her responsibility towards the family members. At the same time, this woman knows how to bring happiness in life. Carrie has been depicted as out an out a confused woman who never can decide the right person for her life. Through the character of Carrie, the author intended to highlight the psychology of every individual woman belonging to the society (Gray, Jonathan and Amanda 123). Miranda plays the role of a lawyer who has to devote a huge time with her clients in order to solve their issues.

The author by depicting the character of Miranda points out that general problem of the people in the real world. In day-to-day life, people have to face such kinds of barriers. In order to solve the problems of other, this particular individual fails to provide sufficient time to their family. As a result, they have to face numerous questions from their family members. Miranda was so engrossed with her professional life that she failed to devote sufficient time to her family members (Hartley and John 150). As a result, a large distance has already been created between Miranda and her family. Therefore, with the help of an in-depth analysis, the author has depicted the life history of three women from various points of views. Three women have been depicted as the controversial characters that have to struggle immensely in order to survive in the real world. Therefore, Samantha overall plays the role of a woman who always intends to act many controversial activities with the help of which the society people tend to raise question. In the age of mid-forty Samantha keeps the beauty of her face and figure. She has never been presented as a mere woman. Samantha is the woman who is very much recognizable to the society as a successful woman (Lewis and Justin 234). Therefore, the entire story is constituted with the upheaval journey of three women who have become a victim to the society in numerous perspectives.

Brief Overview of "S05E06" episode:

This particular season of Sex and the City depicts the transition from illustrating the life sequences of Parker. These episodes are written after September. However, it is noted that the season has been considered as one of the ridiculous and odd types of confusions that have been surrounding the characters in it. The characters are put into the air of nervousness that is making their regular life more frustrating (Bell 363). Each of the ladies in this episode is shown as the sufferer of several traumas. For example, Carrie has been going through the uncertain mess whereas Charlotte is found to be struggling with divorce. On the other way, Samantha gives a man a second chance, which is apparently misguided. In this season, the viewers have even come across several meaningless situations when Carrie and Samantha catch the train to San Francisco. It was not required to put such sequence in the episode.

They should not have taken the train, but they did for the sake of their stressed lives. However, there is the sequence when the romanticism between Charlotte and Harry takes place. This romantic atmosphere was an eye-opening situation for Charlotte, as she got to find the real earth after a long time. She has been spinning around the scattered lifestyles, which turned out to be some madness. The friskiness of Carrie regarding the new relationship and ridiculous nastiness over the new book publication is clearly portrayed in this season. Such publishing of the book creates an air for meta-criticism to define the inconsequential stuffs that have been happening repeatedly.

However, in reviewing the 6th episode of season 5, it is noticed that Carrie deals with her past with Aidan. Carrie met Nina Katz, who was the ex partner of Aidan after his break up with Carrie. Charlotte is found to get an efficient lawyer who could help her out to fight against Bunny regarding her apartment. On the other hand, Miranda feels alone when she has to fight to take care of Brady all by herself. It is noted that Samantha returns a vibrator and started spending time with Miranda. Therefore, it is seen that the episode is defining the messy condition of each lady who are associated in this season as the major characters. The air of confusions and nervousness that has created around her is compelling them to move forward with several troublesome situations.

It takes greater courage to deal with the past scenario when Carrie decides to confront the current situation. It becomes tough to deal with several messy situations in this particular scenario. However, it is already mentioned that the ridiculed situations and the ineffective sequences have made the episode somewhat weird. The synchronization of the lifestyle of associated women is still remarkable. It clearly portrays the real life situations that are faced by the women in the society (Urios-Aparisi and Manuela 167). Several situations even depict the eye-opening scenario for the women who have been struggling for their irrelevant decisions. However, overall the episode is quite confusing and full of criticisms. It still catches the eyes and hearts of the viewers.

In-depth analysis:

Carrie is the central character throughout the entire story that plays a major role for entertaining the spectators. She in her own way has narrated the entire story. Carrie being one of the renowned columnists presents the entire description in such a way that people in general can relate them with their personal life. The way of expression was out an out related to the entire real world (Philo, Greg and David Miller 43). In the description of Carrie, the life of three other women has also been narrated. Therefore, the author has narrated a fiction in those particular characters in order to make the series more interesting and trustworthy. In episode number 6 of season 5, the turning of life of both Carrie and Charlott has been depicted beautifully. The problems and the psychological attachment that have been presented in the mouth of Carrie are truly commendable. People in general can easily relate themselves with their own life style.

The day-to-day life styles of these three women, their hardships, their ways of facing difficulties are the primary concern of author. The psychological and the sexual attachment that have been presented in this particular series especially in season five is completely praiseworthy. In order to handle the entire critical situation, three women have shown their own skills and competencies (Seiter, Ellen et al. 154). They have never given up in any circumstance. Their presence of mind and their intellectualism helped those women to face the hard situation. Therefore, apart from the female spectators, a large number of male viewers also showed their interest in order to behold this kind of series.

The message that has been conveyed to the viewers:

Behind making this kind of story, the aim and the objective of the author was not only to present a feminism concept to the audience, but also to depict the real portrait of the society at the-then period. At that specific time, women had been intensely humiliated and dominated with the rules and burdens of male dominated society. Most of the young women intended to keep themselves under curtain (Stringer and Julian 65). At that time, Carrie, Charllott and Samantha are the exceptional who are able to create a brightest example in the then society. On one hand, Charlott is seen to find out the source of happiness by spending the life in her own way. At the same time, she has maintained every responsibility towards her family. Through the depiction of character, the author has conveyed the message that women are versatile. They know how to lead their own life keeping everyone happy and satisfied. In this society, where people have to spend their own life being extremely obedient towards their family members, Charlott is successful enough to lead their life in own way.

On the other hand, by depicting the character of Carrie, the author intends to highlight the fact that human being tends to take most of their impulsive decisions at the young age. Carrie is the brightest example of it. She shows her confusing attitudes at the time of selecting right person for her. This particular mental dilemma is very much common for the young generations. They become confused to choose the right person for them. On the other hand, the role of Miranda has been represented in a very realistic manner. At that particular time, women received their freedom to enjoy the taste of World. Miranda has provided her as a successful lawyer. She became engulfed in satisfying the needs and demands of the clients. As a result, her husband became deprived of her love and affection (Vered, Karen Orr 324). After following the dedication of Miranda for being a successful professional, the women generation at that particular period took immense inspiration from this specific character.


This particular study deals with the importance of television series for making an inspirational factor to the society in general. Sex and the city is one of the major instant of it. This particular series has provided innumerable popularity in the realm of television industry. The viewers especially women can relate themselves after observing the characters of this particular story.

Especially, season five is able to raise more attention in the mind of spectators due to the several reasons. The turning points of life and the way of major decision of these three have been beautifully presented in this particular episode. The three central characters that the author has portrayed in this particular story represent the progress of women industry. Feminism is the central theme of Sex and the city Life. At the same time, the story is not devoid of some of its major effects that can encourage the people in general for watching this series. Love, affection, hatred, hardships, sexual attachment and all those aspects are beautifully presented here.

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