Technical Service Management: Maliciously Attacked Essay


Discuss about the Technical Service Management for Maliciously Attacked.


There are innumerable cases that have been evidenced in different firms where the software of the company has been maliciously attacked. It is for this reason that the firm has to employ some stringent measures to see to it that appropriate action is taken to safeguard the security of the organization and all what it pertains it. The first step to realize this is to assesses the suitability of the security measures that has been adopted. After that has been done., it will be important to evaluate its efficacy and lastly designing software (Gr?nroos, 2007) to ensure that the whole firm including the Internal Network is well protected alongside the clients. Moreover, it will be ideal for the firm to be undertaking periodic evaluation of their system to ascertain that everything is in order as this will aid them to curb serious threat to its venture in advance. The process of evaluation aids one to assess the environment, protect one’s servers and the client who are very instrumental for the success of the firm. The venture ought to adopt Group Policy Architecture which is a sophisticated means that ensures that the safety of the system is heightened for the smooth running of the activities within the specified system without any form of alterations (Laudon & Laudon, 2004).

The notable solution in this case is the end to end encryption which ids sophisticated in nature to curtail scamming threats. To conclude, it is incumbent to note that Windows 10 provides three major dichotomies of securities namely threat resistance, information protection and lastly security identities.


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