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Discuss about the Team Project Management Plan.



PMP or project management plan is the toll in form of document that will support in outlining the project. Since each of the projects is different in the nature thus PMP will differ from one of the project to other. For illustrating the project content, PMP will serve as the guide. It will outline each member roles and responsibilities that is participating in project. Project plan will get crated with aim of creating two of the applications that are intended for supporting the children with the skills of learning on languages and mathematics. One application will intended to support children with the languages and math, the other application intended to support children with the abilities that are learning. The project manager details will embrace the PMP and members of the team, deliverables lists, reference materials list, acronym and definitions list, organizational chart description, roles and responsibilities of project and some used data along with technical and management procedures, work done with the help of budget and schedule. All these details are using PMP that is there in book by Schwalbe 2010, (pp. 151-154) as the guide for building and preparing.

Name of the project

Development project for Music application

Description of Project

The projects include the two applications development ti support and improve the mathematical abilities of the children. Every application will intend for using the music as the way to support children to be good at languages and math. This music application development is further divided into the two phases. One phase is only for helping the children for enhancing the abilities related to mathematics. The second phase is dedicated with the specific app to the children which are having some disabilities. As there is involvement of application it will do enhancements and face testing. The budget for this project is set to be $700,000 and this becomes the high priority project. The expectation for delivery and completion of this project is in time of 6 months.

Details of Sponsor

John Jones, the CIO and the education research VP, Richard Wilson, both have made this new Development Project of Music Application the priority project.

The sponsor of the project assumes the critical part in the development of the project. With sponsor’s close communication is very important for the project success..

Details of Contact


Contact Details


Email ID

John Jones



Richard Wilson

VP of Educations Research


Organization Chart

Responsibilities of the project


Responsible Member

Head of Company


Sponsors of Project

Education research VP and Educational project apps CIO

Manager of Project

Team members of the Project

IT Liaison

Main Internal Team Member

Education Liaison

Team Member that are External


Team Member of Project

  • Head of Company
    • Related to company all deals are with high level parties
    • Ultimate decision maker
    • For organization create policies and plan
    • Organization leader
  • Sponsors of Project
    • Accountable for each planned delivery benefits that are associated with project
    • Make sure all essential project resources are available
    • For project make the commercial decisions
    • Lead committee and Project Steering Board
    • Sponsor’s full project requirements
  • Manager of Project
    • Setting priorities and aims
    • Leading and managing the team of project
    • Directing the budgeting procedures and annual planning
    • Against each aim monitor the performance of project
    • For design specification give final approval
  • IT Liaison
    • Contact maintaining with specialist on one hand and diversity of suppliers
    • Change request prioritization
    • Functional requirement preparation
    • Prepare the acceptance test plan
  • Programmers
    • Examining and researching the consulting users and present system
    • Training the users
    • Liaising with the colleagues
    • Writing operating manuals and software
    • Fault fixing and finding

Management and Technical Process

Objectives of Management

In market, currently for children there are no educational applications related to music available. Thus, organization Edapp.Inc planned for developing for the children two of the musical apps, one that will boost the children mathematical abilities and another is mainly for the children with the disabilities to support their physical and mental development. Both applications are related to each other thus added in the same project which is completed within four months time period with the provided budget of $700,000. The organizations new management are trying to make profit from these apps, thus they are planning to enter into other markets also as the business training apps and 3D android application used for music.

Controls of project

The most stressful job is to run and manage the project smoothly. Informed the changes immediately and there should be clear communication within the staff. Project aim changes done at project core period are the major risk because mixed reviews are provided by manager and sponsor of the project. Monthly meeting that was conducted provides a positive response from manager and sponsor of the project. A clear and good requirement lists for the project should be available which states the application important features. Within the project for different groups a single representatives from the team is responsible for each of the group or team handling.

For better project operations below are the steps that need to be taken:

  • On the timely basis, analysis of report from representative of team done by peers.
  • Weekly written and verbal report should be provided whenever required between the progress of the project
  • Weekly team meeting will keep track on the progress of the project and will justify the project headings.


Schwalbe, K. (2010). Information technology Project Management. Boston: Course Technology CENGAGE Learning.

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