Teacher Strikes: Ethical Issues Essay


Discuss the ethical issues that underlie "teacher strikes" and how you believe they should be resolved.



In the year 2009, on May 12, the legal strategy of Los Angeles Unified School District called the teacher’s on a strike, because they claim that the labor practices that are being carried out is unfair. According to the system of the school, the public relation war lead to a looming strike from the part of the teacher. The strike was organized to protect at least 2500 teachers and it was against the disruption of the campus at the same time, the initiative lead to the nom-teaching staffs, seeking for early requirement (Blume 2016). Therefore, the examples of teacher’s strike is there, and if there is a teacher’s strike then that will lead to the disruption of the campus environment therefore, it is important to find a resolution to stop this teacher’s strike.

The History of Teacher’s Strike

Teacher’s strike is nothing new and it had its presence in the history as well. In the year 1970, the teacher’s strike helped the teachers in winning a contract but at the same time, this particular strike also heightened the racial conflict at the same time. Therefore, a city, which is being considered as the black majority city, created a sense of fear among the people and they thought that in a black majority city the perceived power of the whites would be in the hands of the teachers. Therefore, in the 1970 strike their existed a racial polarization, which had a huge influence of the strike as well (Golin, 2002).

The word “strike” was not very familiar to the teachers until nineteenth century; it was a word that was very common and familiar, to the blue-collar workers; who used to work for the capitalist owners. The whole thing changed and after the nineteenth century strike, became a common word for the teacher, which would help them to defend the legal monopoly that they used to exercise (Robert & Tyssens, 2008). At least this how the scholars and the critics describe the strikes, that have been carried out by primary and the secondary school teachers; in order to defend the legal monopoly against the state (Gunster, 2008).

The Effect of Teacher’s Strike

In the year 2013, the National Union for Teacher or the NUT and the NASUWT called for a strike, which not only caused disruption inside the campus but at the same time, it became a cause for the trouble for both the parents and the students. According to the education minister of England the strike that has been called by the teachers had affected the campus, the career of the students and the life of the parents and along with it has affected the reputation that is attached to the teaching profession largely (Association, 2013).

There are many scholars and experts who believe that, most of the time the teacher’s strike does not receive, any support because it is illegal. At the same time it cause inconvenience for the people. Thus, most of the time the strikes that are being organized by the teachers, had gone through a failure (Majhanovich, Pitman, & Ginsburg, 2012).

The Resolution of the Problem

The teacher’s strike is truly a very big problem for the academic arena; therefore, steps should be taken to resolve the issue with utmost priority. The problem could be resolved by understanding the problems through which the teachers are going through and at the same time, it is important for the system of education to motivate the teachers, so that they energized to carry on their work. Apart from that there should be a proper mapping, which will help the people to know about the process that is related to teacher’s strike, which include not only the study of politics, and history, but at the same time it include, the study of sociology at the same time. The research methodology, and that too a detail research methodology, will help, in the mapping process; therefore, these can be the ways to resolve the problem arising due to teacher’s strike (Robert & Tyssens, 2008).


The teacher’s strike has a long history related to it and it has resulted in lots of strike taking place in Britain and in other places of the world. The strike has resulted in lots of historical decision taking place but at the same time, it is the cause of many troubles at the same time. The teacher’s strike, disrupt the campus to a great extend, and at the same time it affect the reputation of this particular profession as well. Therefore, it is important to resolve the problems that are giving rise to teacher’s strike.


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