Tattoo trends that will never go out of style Essay

Your tattoo speaks for you. What you put the tattoo as, where you put it reflects your personality. Choosing the right design for you is a tough job to do. The color & the design that you choose, represents who you are, what you aspire to be and what means the most in your life. Tattooing means you are an explorer. You love to try something new all the time.

Generally, in India, it is considered as a fad. Some like it or some don’t. But we all will agree that these tattoos are a beautiful form of art. Let’s appreciate this art form by getting to know some trends that will never go out of style.

Love tattoos-

Generally, when it comes to getting inked, tattooing loved one's name is the first priority. It is mostly your partner’s name. Then your mom and dad. Remember the tattoo, the one with the infinity sign and written mom and dad on it. Wow, it depicts our infinite love for our parents.

What happens when we have kids? Suddenly they become our priority. Many parents prefer tattooing their child’s name. It is a sign of their blossomed love with their partner. Your child’s name represents that you are a proud parent of him/her. Your world revolves around them. You love to show the world how much you love your little soul.

If you like small tattoos, you can also prefer putting initials of the loved ones as a tattoo. It’s a code word. And when someone asks you about it, you have all that charm in your eyes and glow on your face while explaining the meaning of that tattoo.

Everblooming flowers- Who doesn’t love flowers. Carve it on your body with this ever blooming idea. What makes it more beautiful, the way you can add colors to it. When it comes to ink down the flowers, the sky's the limit. Search and explore for the flower designs. You never know you may come across the unique one. Or just design it yourself. Just, choose your favorite flower with a favorite color. Roses are the most common ones. It represents love, hope, and a new beginning. Why do you think loving couples feel it special when they are gifted with a rose? The second most commonly tattooed flower is a lotus. We know it is grown in mud, yet it is super-beautiful. Well, how about a purple lotus. Wow! The thought itself is refreshing.

Say a lot with the minimum- minimalist-

A picture is worth a thousand words. Well, that somewhat resembles with this trend. This option is for those who want to get inked and say a lot with the minimum. For example semicolon tattoos! It means you wanted to end something, but you believed in hope and continues it. There actually was a movement named semicolon. It was depicting the hope for all those with depression or one with the suicidal tendency. This type of the tattoo is basically for all those, who want to say a lot but with the minimum symbolism. The second best example of this can be an anchor. An anchor symbolizes adventure and travel. So if you want to get tattooed but doesn’t want ink all over, choosing the smaller design with a lot of meaning is a great option.


We have dreams and we try our best to accomplish them. Another trend that will never run out of time is fantasy. Various fictional characters, places, and designs are out there that will represent you. You can also make your own design and get it inked on yourself. Fantasy tattoos symbolize optimism and hope. It is deeply rooted in a personal connection with the person you are and the character/place/design you get inked on yourself. What makes it look more artistic are the colors on it! Since it is fictitious, you can paint it with the color you want. Make your personality flaunt with creative colors and designs. This is a unique trend and will last forever as there is a lot to explore.


We call it a temporary tattoo. It is for all those who want different designs on the body. These tattoos remain on your body for not more than 15 days. Once the old one is gone you can make the other one. The best part about these tattoos is you can change it and put on some different design on the same body part. Cool isn’t it? Generally, people use color dye for temporary tattoos. Yet again you can explore various designs, such as a flower, minimalist or fantasy. So if you want a tattoo, try for it once and check if it looks great, tries the temporary one first. And then you can try the permanent one.


We see around many people getting inked with the religion that they believe in. Christians they tattoo a cross. It is one of the most trending religious tattoos. There are many followers of Lord Ganesha. People have tattooed lord Ganesha’s image on them. It depicts their devotion towards their religion. They believe to show their love towards their god and religion.

Animals- No matter how many trendy designs come. Love for animals will never die. There are people around the world who loved their pet. They actually tattoo their names or how they looked. It is their way to express their love for their favorite animal. Also, tattoos like, lion, tiger or a bird represents the personality of the holder. So if you wish to show off who you are, do not forget to consider animals’ designs.

To conclude, tattoos are the newest and one of the most creative forms of art. It is very common yet very personalized. Tattoos are self-explanatory sometimes and sometimes there is a deep meaning inside every tattoo. Though what are popular matters, but don’t forget to get it customized. So get inked and love it.

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