Task 1.1 services task 1.2 making a computer secure Essay

Task 1.1 Services:

Directory Services

Directory services exist as systems that holds data on a company, its employees, its shareholders, electronic mail addresses and also peripheral systems interlinked to a network enabling it to be accessed through users. services and resources remain obtainable at a central point. A example would be DNS. Domain Name Server, internet’s yellow pages. each device which remains linked to the web remains allocated an IP address utilised by additional systems to recognise devices. IP addresses are utilised in communicating with browsers. Domain Name Server eliminates requirement of memorising IP addresses. We visit websites using domain names like google.co.uk. what Domain Name Servers do, it changes domain names to IP addresses, so our browsers can visit our desired site.

Telecommunications services

Telecommunication services are industries which participate in act of transference of data and information electronically among wide-ranging distances through network. Those participating would consist of someone sending and someone receiving. Such needs are obtainable through a provider which delivers tele communication, there core purpose remains aimed at communicating. These telecommunication service distributers deliver numerous needs. Consisting of mobile, web and vast area network needs. Mobile communications Services is a system made up from interlinking computers.

Files Services

File services perform tasks involved with files such as file sharing, editing, removing and viewing. The most common file service is file sharing which deliver a scheme of transmission of numerous documents, giving access to users in a network. This means several people can utilise identical files as long as they remain connected to the network, which is very beneficial as it retains memory space as all files are shared over the web, this means material doesn’t require to be stored on each PC in a network as it would be reachable through all PCs interlinked to the network over the web through shared disk. An example of this is the colleges P drive, this is a disk drive shared between all PCs on the network, that pupils utilise to obtain their unit resources and assignment briefs and other resources.

Application Services

Application services are presented to aid consumers with requirements/resolutions in relation to software, this is done through a network. Application software aids people with carrying numerous jobs, for instance database, which enables you to retain important data together in one place making it easier with finding files when needed. shared resources is a form of application service. This is when devices like printers can be shared amongst all computers on a network. This is useful as PCs on a network do not need multiple printers as 1 is connected to all PCs in a network. Voice Over Internet Protocol which is a form of application service transforms analogue signals and makes digital data. VOIP is used in smartphone apps like WhatsApp for example uses VOIP for voice notes and voice phone calls as well as audio-visual calls over the internet.

Task 1.2 Making a computer secure:


When attempting the act of making a computer secure a person must consider threats such as DDos. A Distributed Denial of Service is an ambush which is spiteful effort of harming normal traffic of a system by overflowing the mark with an overflow in unwelcome web traffic. How this act works is, the perpetrator would hack a network or group of devices and PCs to gain control of them, this Is referred to as a botnet, this is like his army, he would next deliver botnets instructions to target victim’s system, giving botnets the victims IP address to know what computer to attack. When botnets strike the victim, the system overflows with instructions therefore causes a rejection of service.

A way this can be countered is by Black hole routing. This is taking all traffic, rerouting to a black hole then destroyed, by the services provider when a network is undergoing a DDos. This is good for securing a computer due to the fact, it prevents dangerous traffic affecting a computer when such act is taking place.

Password policy

many things keep a networked computer safe most common is password policy. This is an arrangement of rulings made to be followed by users to retain system security and to make users apply solid passwords to guarantee their safety to establish some protection from perpetrators. Password policy is compulsory in businesses to keep logins from getting accessed unauthorised. Password policies may consist a time frame in which a present password must be changed, a least amount of letterings allowed, and amount of special letterings like symbols needed.

Passwords are words or phrases, or sequence of letterings used for user confirmation to validate authority and get consent to get access to a resource. Having a strong passcode is vital in safeguarding a network because it ensures unauthorised entrance is not gained and private information is safe and secure. A password policy example is: password should consist lowest of 12 characters to ensure it is long enough as this would make it harder for a hacker to figure it out. It should also consist of a combination of figures, letters in capital and non-capital and symbols. This arrangement of mixture of characters makes it much difficult for hackers to obtain your passcode, making your computer much more secure. furthermore, the password would have a 2-month time period in which it would have to be changed and previous password could not be allowed to be used again.


Anti-virus is a form of software used in PCs/ smartphones to stop viruses, cyber-attacks, and to detect destructive files on your device and dispose them, they are very useful they are a essential resource used in PCs now on smartphones. Anti-virus removes worms from PCs already effected by them as well as dangerous programs which may be hidden in your PC.

Below are screenshots showing the installing of anti-virus

First I went to the official AVG software and downloaded the latest version of antivirus software.

Next I clicked run when the warning came up.

This is where I let the software download which took some time.

Once the download was competed, I hit the install button.

Then I was presented with a small window showing the AVG antivirus installing.

Finally, this is the installation complete and you can see in my screenshot my computer is protected.

This screenshot shows that my computer, web and email is protected, which is all in the free version of the software. In the full version which you get with a fee gives you protection from hacker attacks, privacy and protection for online payments.


A firewall is a kind of virtual wall made stopping unauthorised users from passing into a private network. They are applicable in hardware and software or a mixture of them. They function by managing contents going in to a network like a gate, they consent the good packets to enter and labels harmful ones, which signals they are not able to get passed the gate. Maintaining your firewall ensuring it’s up to date will allow effective and efficient protection.

Updating Operating System:

Updating your windows is crucial when managing your computer security because updates generally include extra protection and fixes to loop holes therefore staying up to date would ensure your PCs protection from the present system liabilities.

Below are screenshots of my showing how to perform a windows update.

First I went to the start menu and searched windows update on the search bar and clicked it.

Here I was presented with the message to install the updates, so I clicked install updates.

Here I had to read and accept the licence terms and click finish.

Now here you can see the windows began to prepare for the installation.

Finally, here you can see the windows is installing all the updates, and once finished it will ask you to restart your computer for the final stage where windows apply all the updates.

Man-In-The Middle:

Man in the middle attack is a breach of privacy where two individuals are having a chat thinking they are the only the ones viewing one another’s chats when in fact a hacker breaches their privacy and snoops in on their chat, this is when the hacker impersonates the participants and adds messages making them believe they are talking to one another when actually they are being played by the perpetrator. A way you can protect yourself from these breaches is by using a VPN to encrypt and hide your conversations so you can conversate in private without third parties intruding.


Social engineering is the skills utilised by cyber perpetrators to persuade individuals to give their private information by taking advantage of their lack of knowledge and infesting their PCs with harmful software and persuading them to open infested links. A way you can protect your self from these perpetrators is by educating your self about such things and what links not to click on and to not follow instructions from suspicious people claiming they are from your internet company.


Viruses are nasty kinds of damaging malware which reproduces themselves corrupting a PC, stealing and eliminating files on your PC. The PC becomes infested and slows down because of the virus reproducing itself. There are types of viruses such as computer viruses, worms and trojan. A way you can shield yourself from these nasty things is by ensuring you are updated with firewalls, antivirus software and ensuring you have solid passwords.

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