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Vendor Solution

The healthcare lags behind from other sector in adopting the information technology for maintaining its processes. Most of the healthcare depends on the workflow of maintaining paper records or medical. But, the scenario is changing day by day in the health sectors too. Human live is using the innovation of the information technology to all part of their life (Botta et al., 2016). Now a days, the health care centers are using the innovation of information technology in its sector to make their functions and processes automated, faster as well as efficient. The information technology that can be suggested by “My Health Record” is the cloud infrastructure that makes the system automated and faster. There are various types of services that the service model provides like PaaS, SaaS, and IaaS and all the service model can be deployed as community clouds, public clouds, hybrid clouds as well as private clouds. Most famous cloud provider from which “My Health Record” can take the service of cloud are listed below.


Microsoft is a company that is considered to be and technological center from many years. Microsoft is providing the software of cloud much lately than its establishment. This is considered among the topmost company that provides the service of cloud. Addition to cloud service, Microsoft provides other services as well like Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Machine learning, etc. that has taken the company to its peak.

The service of Microsoft is considered to provide an operational performance that is robust as well as provides a cloud service that is public to all their companies who takes service from Microsoft. Microsoft has a well-organized business dividing the parts of service in three sectors. The three sectors that Microsoft possesses is personal computing, intelligent cloud and business processing including Microsoft Office, and Dynamics. Microsoft got famous in the sector of cloud computing mostly by offering cloud system to all its customers and offering operating system mostly for home as well as work computers (Rittinghouse & Ransome, 2016). As all the applications are moving into a system that is web based, Microsoft will make a window that will be available over the cloud as well. There will be also a set of service for business via web that includes Exchange, Office Communication Server, Live Meeting, CRM, and SharePoint.

There are many features that Microsoft provides. The Microsoft provides a deployment for the application and design the application that are included in the network of Microsoft. It provides the companies with a robust performance of operations. There are different services of cloud computing that Microsoft provides. The services are like operation system, databases, programming languages, tools, and programming frameworks. There is another feature that the customer finds very advantageous to avail the technology of cloud. The Microsoft provides the customer with a service of free 30 days trail period for making a try with their service and then avail the subscription with Microsoft.

The second cloud that “My Health Record” can avail is the service for The Salesforce in an American company, which uses SaaS service model to provides service to all its customers. The company of Salesforce has become famous because of the remarkable mix for the cloud service that the company provides to all its customer so that they can manage their relationship in lifecycle of customer (Ali, Khan & Vasilakos, 2015). Among all the companies, the famous enterprise that is growing is the Salesforce Company that serves the customer with spanning sales, commerce, IoT, Application Development, marketing, analytics, marketing and communities. These services are all provided by the single cloud provider known as Salesforce. In the recent days, Salesforce has tied up its services with the Google that made the services with a great change in the information technology sector.

Salesforce is considered to be one of the most famous company that provides cloud services to all its customers. The salesforce is providing its customer with competitive moves for entertaining and profitable for their customers. Recently, to increase its sale, Salesforce has introduced an offer of providing their customers with fifty percent off subscription who will switch their cloud service to Salesforce and its SAP customers who used to take service from the Salesforce. There are also rival technologies that the company provides that includes connecting with the Enterprise Resource Planning suite to the CRM tools of Salesforce. This helps to company to pose a new service in the business process that the customer wants to avail.

There are many feature that the provides their customer. The features that are included in the service of the Salesforce is that all applications provides the business like services that includes customer service, mobile applications, sales, marketing, CRM and many more (Hashem et al., 2015). The Salesforce provides a service that includes Service Cloud, Sales Cloud, marketing, etc. This helps the company to manage all its contact of customer and helps the processes of business to make automated. These services helps the customer to take the service of cloud at any time and from anywhere the customer wants to avail the service from.

Amazon Web Service

The AWS provides all the data centers to all its customers and provides service to all the companies that are small as well as big. The cloud market was started by the Amazon in very early days that stores the information system of the company. The companies are served with advantage for using the cloud services that provides the customer with competitive brands. One of the main innovation that the web based computing modelling is provided by Amazon and offers the pay access by virtual access and the space for data storage (Rittinghouse & Ransome, 2016). The Amazon also offers simple database for the Web Service and also provides a CloudFront that includes a content delivery for the service. Amazon also provides a hosted service for the purpose of storing the messages for transmitting messages in between two companies that is known as the Simple Queue Service. The Microsoft has launched an Elastic Compute of Cloud in the year 2006, that has taken Amazon to a peak that provides an synonymous service of cloud computing. But Amazon is criticized by most of the companies through the reliability factor of Amazon as well as agreement for service level.

The feature that the AWS serves the companies is that the service that this company provides if the safest service platform that provides protected service of cloud to all the companies. The Amazon service serves the companies with infrastructure service including the computing power, networking and database service (Botta et al., 2016). The Amazon service can provide a static website that can be hosted to all the companies. The applications that are mostly complicated can be also made by the Amazon service that helps to make the service more trustworthy, flexible, as well as scalable service to take their service for free. The Amazon serves their customer with free trail for the some days to judge their service.

Review of Cloud Based

There are many benefits of cloud that the companies take the advantage from. The companies get great advantage from the service of cloud for which most of the companies are switching to cloud service. The benefits are as follows.

  1. There are no costly systems needed for implementing the system of cloud. The cloud computing helps the companies with the minimal expenditure to take their services (Almorsy, Grundy & M?ller, 2016). The cloud system needs less number of system for implementation. The companies do not have to spend lot of money to avail the service.
  2. The service of the cloud can be accessed from any other device rather from only one device or system. The users can use many devices such as mobile phones, tablets, IPad to avail the system of cloud and there are many other options to avail their systems. Using of innumerable devices helps the cloud computing service to increase its efficiency as well as make the system fast. The customer or the user can get the documents or the files with only a single touch from anywhere they like to.
  3. The software expense of the company is very less as compared to other information technology service. The infrastructure of the cloud computing does not need high range of software that is disadvantageous for the businesses (Assun??o et al., 2015). All the software that are needed for cloud are already stored in the server of the cloud from where the user is availing service for. The cloud service also eliminates the cost of paying for license.
  4. With the implementation of the cloud service, the company do not need to employee new employee to maintain the system and installing the server of cloud. The arrangement, installation and maintenance of the cloud server is very easy and can be done by any of the employee with any expertise. It can be said that the cloud service a cooked food for the companies with all the advantages that it provides.
  5. The server cost of the cloud computing is basically deceased with the implementation of the cloud server in the company. The server costs are basically removed from the company by using the service of cloud. To increase the memory, the company does not have to pay extra to any company for accessing extra hard drive, or the processing power are generally abolished by its implementation.

There are many disadvantages as well that the cloud service provide. The disadvantages are stated below.

  1. There is a need for internet connection to avail the service of cloud service. The user needs to have an internet connection for accessing the previous data that are stored in the cloud system (Ali, Khan & Vasilakos, 2015).
  2. The cloud service needs a high bandwidth net that gives the company a disadvantage to avail their service. The companies may not get high speed bandwidth every time and with low bandwidth, the company cannot avail the service for cloud.
  3. The quality of connection is basically affected when the user uses the internet connection for other usage such as listening audios, downloading, uploading, as well as watching video online. When a lot of people use the internet connection, the cloud service is basically affected.
  4. The data that are stored in the cloud are of course secured, but to maintain the security of the cloud is a headache for the companies who basically provides cloud service.
  5. There are contracts for the cloud service that are non-negotiable for companies. This serves as a disadvantage for the company.

SDLC Approach

Predictive System Development Life Cycle advantages and the disadvantages

The projects that follows the predictive method of SDLC model are usually clearly described and is easily understandable. Steady project requirements are needed for this approach of SDLC. The technical risks that are included in the SDLC model is usually lowed using the predictive approach (Bajaj, Patel & Patel, 2015). With all the advantages, the predictive SDLC approach also provides disadvantages. The approach of SDLC method is basically time consuming and plans are to be made before starting the project itself. This approach does not allows backward process. If the work is proceeded, there is no chance to revert back.

Adaptive System Development Life Cycle advantages and the disadvantages

The advantages that the Adaptive SDLC approach gives is that it allows additional functionality even after starting of the project. The requirements can be changed after the project is being started. There sis flexibility of time in this approach of SDLC. Implementation is mainly focused in this method (Matharu et al., 2015). There are disadvantages as well that this approach provides. This includes that this application needs to be applied in different way with all the applications. There are chances of technical risks with this adaptive SDLC approach. And due to requirement change, the budget can exceed at the end of the project completion.

For “My Health Record”, the approach that is recommended is the adaptive SDLC approach as this can provide the health care to add different function according to the need of the user and as this a big organization, increasing the budget will not affect as such to this organization.


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