SWOT Matrix Analysis: Verizon Essay


Discuss about the SWOT Matrix Analysis for Verizon.



to achieving the objective


to achieving the objective

Internal origin

(attributes of the system)


· The brand name of Verizon is globally identified and has brand attraction for the customers.

· String Reputation across the U.S.

· Verizon has very less competitor and works with a joint venture, Vodafone group thus increasing their strength in the business field.

· Largest cell Carrier

· It has approximately 98 % of its users in US used in the market.

· Strong financial performance

· It provides a wide variety of network service like fixed line, wireless and internet television and consists of more than 190,000 employees (Verizon.com 2015).


· Provide service only in U.S not internationally

· The weakness of Verizon is that it charges more money than its competitors for providing their service

· 3G service sometimes not allowed customers in data usage and voice calling simultaneously

· Online customer account management is not user friendly

· The presence of Verizon is mainly in U.S and for its global business it works with Vodafone and other established telecom partners (Verizonwireless.com, 2016).

External origin
(attributes of the environment)


· The customer looks for new technology and updated product in the minimum price range.

· High Speed internet service

· 100% GPS over U.S

· Company promoted to increase their business worldwide

· Thus Verizon should analyze the customer requirements and apply new technologies and innovations in their products.

· Launch fushion of a cell with ipods 2-way paging

· The business can be diversified in multiple fields such as expanding in audio conferencing, expansion globally and VOIP business growth (Verizonwireless.com, 2016).


· Advancement in new technologies obsoletes the networking process and the products.

· There is a strong competition regarding the pricing of the service between the competitors

· The company might face legal issues and cannibalization due to wireless and VOIP service offered Federal Communications Commission.

· Demand of landline is decreasing incredibly (Verizon.com 2015).


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