Swot Analysis Of Nike Air Jordan Essay


Discuss about the Swot Analysis Of Nike Air Jordan.


Nike air Jordan is one of the most famous and expensive basketball shoes and active clothing line. The product was first launched for legendary basketball player Michael Jordan in 1984. Further, the product was introduced to common customers in late 1980 (Nike Air Jordan, 2018). This product is one of the most demanded product, however currently facing several issues regarding market related, internal situations and direct competitors. This assignment will point out the SWOT analysis of Nike air Jordan.


  • The biggest strength of this product is the biggest basketball player involved in the promotional campaign. Michael Jordan is basketball icon for each individual and hence, owning pair of air Jordan increases the status of buyers.
  • The customers can recognize the logo of Nike and ‘Jumpman’ easily. Hence, the marketing and publicity using the logo enhances the sales of the product (Sneakers magazine, 2016).
  • The quality of the product is another strength as online ratings and reviews determine that customers like the product due to its legacy and quality.
  • The vintage air Jordan’s resale value indicated to the fact that the product is famous amongst customers (Mourdoukoutas, 2014).


  • High price of the product is the prime weakness of the product, as maximum of the customers did not buy it despite of their interest in the product.
  • Furthermore, there are several quality issues has been received by the company as it is manufactured overseas.
  • There are brands and products in the market that are providing the same quality of shoes at cheap price. Hence, consumers are being attracted to those brands and products more than Nike air Jordan.
  • The younger generation is more concerned about the new NBA stars and following their dress code. Hence, younger customers buy the shoes of Kobe and Lebron more than the air Jordan shoes (HypeBeast, 2017)..


  • As the company has already proved the worth of air Jordan product in the market, it can sign newer basketball stars, who has maximum amount of followers so that a huge base of consumers can be involved.
  • It can enter in new athletic sports other than basketball so that the range of products can be expanded (Sneakers Magazine, 2016).
  • Organization should manufacture these shoes within the country so that the quality issues can be eliminated through scrutiny.
  • The organization can use social media for marketing as well as retailing purpose as these social media platforms are one of the best way for promotional and retail purpose (Mourdoukoutas, 2014).


  • As the business of this product is completely dependent on individuals who are interested in basketball or basketball stars, the company has the treat to miss out a larger section of buyers, who are not interested in basketball.
  • There are several basketball stars, who are launching their own shoes and active wear brands, which is a major threat to this product (HypeBeast, 2017).
  • Other companies, such as Adidas and Reebok Inc. are associated with newer and bigger stars having huge fan base. This factor is a bigger threat as Nike Inc. is still associated with Michael Jordan, who has become outdated.
  • Other companies has started focusing on other products and sports, whereas Nike is still concerned about Nike air Jordan. This makes the company little backward (Mourdoukoutas, 2014).


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