Swot Analysis: Nervousness Essay


Discuss about the Swot Analysis for Nervousness.



SWOT Analysis


?—Џ Having confidence in front of an audience

?—Џ Good at Understand my audience


?—Џ Getting Stage Nervousness

?—Џ Bad at long presentations.


?—Џ Opportunity for practicing on Daily basis.

?—Џ Opportunity for attending trainingwithin and outside the school.


?—Џ Stiff Competition from other students

?—Џ Lack of adequate number of instructors

Strategies for Overcoming Nervousness

Setting a stop time.

This is usually done beforehand and requires a person to allow themselves to be nervous only for a particular time after which they should begin their presentation. A person may say that I want to be nervous up to a given time before the presentation. They are likely to stick to that becauseit’s like a promise that they have already made and which must be fulfilled (Pahl & Richter, 2007)

Having Sometime for Laughter

Laughter is one of the best ways that automatically drives away nervousness (Wied & Ebers, 2007) .So a person can choose to spend a good part of their day before presentation watching some sort of funny clips or comedies or consequently they can choose to spend time with a group of friends who can keep them laughing almost all the time.


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