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I have many friends who judge the films in the main by their novelty. If I ask council to which they see the movie, the main selection criterion is not even a genre, namely Year. Well it is very important to many people that the film was very fresh, which just came out in the cinema. And while it should be good. Personally, I think that every year comes out somewhere in 10-15 high-quality films that deserve attention, but to see them all takes time, it is advisable to go through at least a year. In this regard, I would suggest an old movie easier for them can also be attributed, and those who came long before the 90th. Once one friend asked to advise on the similarity of the film "Ocean's 11" and I do not hesitate to call "scam." The truth as soon as he heard the familiar, the film in 1973, he immediately fell into a stupor, and refused to watch it, because you see it's very old, forties went after all. After this incident, it is more, I have not sought advice, though, in my opinion, he lost a lot. Dear Friends, before you reject this great movie, better again beware, because "The Sting" much steeper than even the "Ocean's".
The film is set in the 30s in Chicago. Fun with Johnny Hooker and Luther Coleman rob courier powerful New York mafia. Behind them begins the hunt, after which Luther was killed. Desperate Hooker solves avenge other, and turning to the well-known Goldman Henry speculator. By joining forces, speculators develop a plan of action and "play" mobsters for a large sum.
"The Sting," The film has long been considered a classic of the genre, there are also opinions that the film shows the best scam in the history of cinema. And, in my opinion, these are not empty words. What is this movie released so? First of all - the main characters. Johnny Hooker role played by well-known to this day, Robert Redford, and the role of Henry Gondorf no less famous Paul Newman. This famous acting duo shows incredible game, in my opinion, the viewer will be difficult to choose the best. But what is still attractive characters? Redford hero - a young and ambitious swindler. He is an excellent "actor", it is easy for him to cheat someone and leave out in the cold. In my opinion, do not be a speculator Hooker, it has turned out be a great businessman in the purchase and sale of any items. Language Hooker fine is suspended, it is no problem to dilute any person, and if he so-called "huckster," that would be able to sell any thing in tridorogo and buy it the same for half the price. Throughout the film we see how skillfully Hooker spreads its prey, is a trust, it makes one believe in the fables. I looked at all this action and could not help but smile, so great and beautiful works conman. Gondorf, unlike the Hooker is a great organizer. Under his leadership, a lot of work has been done, ranging from the drafting of the plan, and ending with the creation of a fake bookmaker. Gondorf real tactician and strategist, he is always one step ahead of his victim, knows in advance all his moves and does everything without unnecessary suspicion. In addition Gondorf rogue poker scene to direct. When he starts to play the simpleton, the impression that he is not a good player, and to beat him is worthless. It is also very well traced his features distinct tactics: deceive the enemy, to understand that to beat a fool does not cost anything, and hit at a time when no one expects the impact. The brilliant victory! Of course, this duo will interest anyone. In addition, it is worth noting a stunning plot of the film. If we recall the above-mentioned "Ocean's Twelve", the first in the "scam" was not a robbery. It was a real divorce, which is quite a lot. From the very beginning, we are unlikely to predict development of the plot. Every moment we are increasingly immersed in the center of events, and more want to be cheated. And at one point, and happens. We look at the screen and do not suspect that there was already something that lead us from the truth. In short, the development of the plot, and the ending you are unlikely to be able to predict.
Summing up, I want to tell the audience to exclude the criterion of release in the selection of the film. Believe me, there are a lot of good old movies, and "The Sting" in this respect is not alone. Well, if you want the heart to have fun and enjoy the beauty of the drawing, do not miss this film.

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