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Every scam should be a clear plan tailored and responsive to any changes in foreign and domestic, collective environment, because without the plan, the enterprise in question does not make sense, but at the slightest mistake everything starts to crumble like a house of cards.
scam. (in the domestic The Sting - big sell) - has already become a classic of criminal and fraudulent reel of film, one of the first to slightly open a new genre of variety of ingenious fraud and deprivation of a round the amount, if not the total capital, EACH x villains. Crank out like a chess game such a big game at the present time to shine withstand a barrage of audience applause (see least of all the new Ocean's friends, a remake of "The Italian Job"), which now and then, in spite of the commandment "Thou shalt not steal, Do not be fooled" want to be at the cellular field as one of the positive figures
it should be noted that "The Sting." - is not the first film about such a big fraud, previously the originals "Eleven Ocean's Twelve" and "The Italian Job", but great popularity in his lifetime they are not CNI Rocks.
So, the scam began, and this is our ...
necessary to assemble a team. Not just a team, and these actors, the ability to go to the end. Everyone should have a remarkable mind, and then in the event that he is able to react on their own, without endangering others.
For those who are familiar with the films of the old school Hollywood, from the very beginning of the movie until the end of the twentieth century, in the name of Paul Newman credits absolutely should at least shake with anticipation for the rest except to say that Paul Newman - one of the greatest actors in Hollywood for his time. However, in this film, screen time his character is less than that of the protégé they played a brilliant swindler
protégé by the legendary Robert Redford -. The second ace of the film, but with two great actors who in real life were very close friends, are the most powerful acting combination of the past (together they starred in a gold ribbon as "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid»)
rest of the team, which is presented at the beginning -. only supporting roles. So often happens in this mahinatorskom genre, especially when the blanket over himself should pull recognized maestro.
Draws a picture from the first frame. Such an old-fashioned story, bordering on caricature pictures. Moreover, the film belongs to the great era of the '70s, but he miraculously built in a very befitting the gangster entourage of the 30th years of the last century, and even seasoned just perfectly. Chicago model 1936 - the year a really impressive, even without making a discount of age of the film, and some, but, unfortunately, rare sunrises camera on the city's skyline, are all island competition is
Legend <.. br> the plot is not the same, so shocking, but it is persuasive and has a couple of interesting twists and discoveries. The narrative is not very hurry, it is slowly, but savored without whatsoever wrangling
The wire (telegraph, in another translation, given the pun - a line, a wire).
The infamous integrity can be verified to brand any good movie, but only with the permission of excellent musical accompaniment this fad becomes a beautiful praise of composers and, of course, its creators.
Probably most of us have heard such a wonderful piece of music «the entertainer», and also perfectly it recognizes diversity GOVERNMENTAL places and remixes. Except that the name was hardly known. And yet, it is a work of the famous black artist ragtime (the predecessor of jazz, many may mistake jazz and) Scott Joplin, later recognized as the best of the genre adept sounds right here in the very opening credits. In addition, the arrangement of Marvin Hamlisch compositions of this immortal author busy every single episode in this film.
What is interesting, but the music is excellent, so pleasant in its good sound that should please almost everyone, and aimed primarily at fans and connoisseurs of jazz, during the term of the picture (and the yard from them, we recall, 1936) was no longer so popular
«Revenge -.. the lot of wimps. I am 30 years old crook, but no one ever took revenge »©
Rollback - the shortest and with the satirical point in the operation, a kind of employee checking that everything is correct, and also adds some element of realism. As in the famous proverb: "Measure twice, cut once»
as rollback in this picture it is most likely the result symbol of cinema, which is in essence a very versatile:. It necessarily want to reconsider
The Sting. .
Apogee all. Finish in which all or nothing. The plan, in which so many tricks and verified improvisation was laid, gets its final shape fiasco or great success
The scam -. Is truly a cult film with the iconic actors of his time on the chic oblaposhivaniya unclean businessman (somewhere we all this is seen in his millennium). She and her ease supply and slightly naive plot is simple, but in the 70th, all this was perceived to cheer. Really, I will not even do to you, dear readers, installation overcome a contemporary and write off all to the year of manufacture of the product, because very often all brilliant -. A
«If we are take it, take it on a grand scale »©
PS. What are the names of all the stages, you ask, and where did they come from? It can be found just by looking the whole movie.

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