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The tape of George Roy Hill 'scam' has long since become a true classic of cinema. It is hard to imagine a more thought-out, and the intricacies of action-packed crime comedy in the movie. Taking the book by David W. Maurer "Great rogue," in which the most famous tricksters of the early 20th century have been described, screenwriter David S. Ward came up with a wonderful story about two swindlers who decided one day to avenge a mafia cone for the death of a very dear friend. Rogues started unthinkable scam that literally affects their resourcefulness and ingenuity. And we, the viewers, remains to be seen how deftly heroes put down traps his enemy no less skillfully lead him by the nose throughout the film. And the sight of it, I tell you - amazing because so many unexpected, stunning and exciting plot twists and original solutions in one picture, one can hardly see anywhere else! Despite the fact that one of the main stars of the tape Robert Redford initially very skeptical about this film project and almost refused to participate in it, 'scam' brilliantly performed at the box office and received as many as six "Oscars" including the award for the best film of the year!
Picture of almost 40 years, and it never ceases to delight the audience with their well thought-out, fun and sophistication. In addition to the grand storytelling, there is a lot of other cinematic aspects that look great. And first of all - a pastiche of the classic gangster film, tape 30s. Well, first of all - action 'Scams' takes place during this period of time, which means that appropriate decorations and interiors, and secondly - the work of decorators, costumers, lighting and prop was done so cleverly and skillfully that it seems as if you're looking now come to us from Hollywood's golden era. Deprived of every computer effects - 'The Sting', is able to literally move his audience at a specified time in the film, and the charm of the criminal atmosphere of Chicago - one of the most gangster cities in the US the first quarter of the 20th century. By the way, the mayor of the city of Richard J.. Daly for a few years, flatly refused to let the filmmakers in Chicago, if they intend to take for him that a damning and negative, but for the creators of 'scams', fortunately, made a pleasant exception. However, most of the filming took place in all the pavilions studio.
To list all the best parts tape, unfortunately, in place of this review is not enough, but do not tell us about the most memorable and beloved, I can not. Besides from the stunning final twist to sell Doyle, which was preceded by no less stunning traps placed for bandyugan vigilant, as there is in the picture and a dizzying scene in the night express, which is perhaps one of the most worthy of a worthy place in the annals of cinema. The main characters in her first overtures object of his sell in the face of bloodthirsty and vengeful Doyle, and with the help of a cunning fraud, first at the card table, and then, in a private compartment gangster, skewer it on a hook from which the aforesaid by their crafty ideas, can hardly be disengaged. And here you can watch not only for the magnificent scenic and an excellent directorial incarnation, as well as stunning for her acting by themselves: Paul Newman, Robert Redford and Robert Shaw. These names are, I think, do not need special presentations, because each of them literally embodies the classic Hollywood and is the idol of many millions of the audience. Newman played professional swindler Henry Gondorffa, agreed to sell a large one of the most powerful gangsters of Chicago only because of the fact that he had killed his best friend. And Robert Redford turned into petty swindler Johnny, who was a partner of the murdered friend Henry, and who needed his help avenge cunning bandit. And finally, the most bandit - Doyle Lonnegana, painted a talented and charismatic Robert Shaw, who, by the way, the scenario was not to be lame - his hobbling gait was invented by the authors after he injured his ankle. I must admit that reality went his way only benefit, because it is very interesting Lonnegana distinguished from many other cinematic villains
Throughout the show I did not leave the idea that a young Robert Redford madly like a modern Hollywood litsedeya -. Brad Pitt. Although true to say that Brad Pitt is crazy like a young Redford. And the resemblance here is not only in appearance, but also with respect to acting. However, the last discernible only sporadically. I would not be surprised if I find out that in preparation for some of her roles, Pitt was inspired by the character Redford, whom he so charmingly and cleverly depicted in the picture. Other actors, too, pleased, and I want especially to note here Eileen Brennan, embodied on-screen image and statuesque ushloy Billy. I will never forget the stunning episode with its participation, in which she covers her boyfriend talking to Johnny to wanted by cunning police, whose role is performed very eccentric Charles Durning. Just want to mention Arliss Dimitrov, which managed to present its sleek-looking waitress Loretta is so mysterious that in the climactic scene with her participation literally amazed by what unexpected trick throws her character!
P.S. We have before us one of the best comedies of the criminal history of cinema, which to this day excites the audience with their eyes thoughtful plot moves, cunningly actions and atmospheric visual delights. Thinner, dizzying and fascinating scam in the movie, one can hardly imagine! The film is definitely a need to look at every self-respecting cinephiles!
9 out of 10

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