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Once, again glancing reference this crime comedy, I wondered - why spectators applaud wirings on the screen? Why this film is almost forty years old still enjoys the veneration of moviegoers all over the earth and goes almost to the first collections of films with the participation of Newman and Redford
The answer is simple - it is the simplicity and lightness, which are key to the genius
. somehow it seems a sign of bad taste first duty now called the standard, but in another way it is impossible. "Scam" - is a reference movie about how to throw money. Reference screen duet of two charming rogues. Grace and wit at every moment. Soundtrack, accompanied by two hours of screen time and sounding in the ears, even at the end of the picture.
In some ways, the charm and appeal of the film is that, surely, many watching it at a young age. And the picture is for the viewer something of a friend who was the company at the first viewing. An old friend, with whom not necessarily shoot the breeze about anything - and you can be quiet. A friend who is with you for life, and that about anything do not have to ask. The film - an antidepressant, a small holiday, giving lose weight from the heart. This small pleasant nostalgic memories of a time when the problems were much smaller and decide when age was happy and untroubled gaze. And when viewing like going back to where life was easier. And there is no sadness in this - this has only contented smile, endorphins from pleasant thoughts. Because the best times of our past can not eclipse the sorrows of this.
And here I begin to feel remorse because literary and give at the same time unbanal description duo two charming swindlers impossible. They annealed. Over their antics over the picture loud laugh in spite of everything. No matter what happens, how long it was before and what will happen tomorrow, sleep, whether domestic or whether to go on the side of it's time. Two hours of screen time fully absorb the moment, whatever its sorrows and difficulties - it is almost mandatory life extension, applause commits Framed and blissful smile that will not leave. The scene on the train with pokerskim cheating deserves special mention banal remark "sleight of hand and no magic." And then he looks like someone beat - "Yes, what I have to accuse him ??? Not in the same way that he is cheating better than me ?! »
For all its entertaining film is not dull. Let him and can cynically described as romanticization criminal lifestyle, because until the Great Depression people broke for pennies to feed the children, crooks were sweet life, traveling in luxury trains in retaliation for the deaths of other breeders person for a large sum and squander amount in the casino. You can view the life of a connoisseur strain grown wise through his teeth that is overrated "scam" by all, including academics. You can find fault with snoring on the floor of the hero Newman. However, why every time you view this dying ambitions omniscient criticism and inner cynic pauses, giving enjoy watching? Why do we smile and we get a good mood, looking at the antics of Newman and Redford? Why the music on the closing credits involuntarily want to perform a few dance steps? Why, after all, I love this comedy wirings?
The answer is simple. Apparently, this love because he and George Roy Hill shot his picture to be loved. Just loved. And he chose the safe option, pointing to the screen that impresses ordinary viewer - Strong cash fraud. To do this, you need a great talent, a well-functioning brain and dexterity. And artistry. Endow these qualities of the hero, to give a proper picture of atmospheric and lightness - and is ready to work that will love forever. But, if you think about a lot of mind is not necessary to remove the existential drama and tragedy of life during the Great Depression. From the viewer's much easier to knock out a tear, than make him laugh. That's what - for sparking humor and terrific "dancing" ease - this movie and love of the masses
And when I now, after a few years, see "scam" again, I remember that summer evening, when I saw her. first. Summer rainy night, when, thanks to this picture forgotten plans, which prevented bad weather. When we all four friends youth, laughing, commented, peering ... And now it looks like two o'clock in the company of an old friend, which always come help - in the form of loud sincere laughter, splashing his hands and the feeling that everything is on the shoulder, despite the fact that the case is moving to the night, tormented by severe insomnia and problems seized. Just because your charming rogues super-powers are given to understand that nothing is impossible for a person with intelligence! More Charlie Chaplin said that the best way to solve the problem - a good laugh over it. And the best way to take a step to solving the problem - forget for two hours on an unfortunate misunderstanding, and the further they recede into the background yourself. After these two hours will be easier to breathe, the problems seem doable, and even the very audience will not mind to do something good, to share with someone in a good mood and brighten a lonely evening to the one who is bored and sad.
about directing George Roy Hill's work seems to be all said. Easy, elegant and witty. Acting work is done this movie without sin. This is the case when two celebrities are seen exclusively as a duo alone is not what will be. About the work of Paul Newman in the film can talk endlessly - a great actor made his swindler damn charming and attractive. It is possible that without it "scam" would leave a good criminal comedy, but his game has made a picture of the immortal. Robert Redford few pale on his background, but without it, the picture certainly would have lost a certain zest. A soundtrack thoroughly and tastefully conveys the very atmosphere of the picture, from which emerges not want and which I want to get drunk relish.
presence. Laughter through any, even the most bitter tears. That sincere and tender love, that love only what is written in your heart. So how do you like old friends, who were there during the violent youth extremism.
My old friend, to join me at the first viewing "scam", is dedicated with love.

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