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Discuss about the Sustainable Evolution Supply Chain Management.




Being a logistics manager is not an easy feat and will mainly require adequate research regarding the logistics that are necessary to build a railway station. The process will also involve the study of some of the port channels that will be used for transport. For example, there is the organization that deals with the ground operations. This report will also consist of the group known as Waratah Coal that has ongoing project called the Alpha North Coal Project (Waller and Fawcett, 2013). The Alpha North project is an open cooperation has four primary underground long wall mining operations that may remove the coal mining operations. There is the need to have preparations that include the bewail spur transportation network to the Galilee Coal project. The purpose of the project is making up to about 60 MTPA of mined coal. Mining such a huge amount of fuel is essential since it spreads and may require up to 20 locomotives to transport the product. What this means is that the planning then rails it is imperative to have a look at the amount of engines that may be required to transport the needed coal. Significantly so, it is also imperative to have an eye on the fuel that may be necessary to put the operations in place hence ensuring th?°t the organizations run smoothly without any hindrances (Gilmour, 2013).

Each final decision that is to be done regarding the locomotive is crucial and involves the following;
Costs that may be incurred by the inland travels.
Costs that may be incurred by the sea freight charges.
Costs that may be incurred during the management concepts regarding the locomotive concepts.

Some of the logistics that are involved include the project commencing operations with a 10 Mtpa open cut time that hopes to eventually ramp to the essence of several key concepts that need to be understood. For example, there is the exploration of the permits for coal

  • There is also the essence of having the mineral development License that shows 481 and 485.
  • Another necessary concept is having the mining lease application 70489
  • There is also the need to have the JORC Coal resources of the 3.48 BT
  • Having a superior thermal quality is relevant to the well-ranked energy levels of 5900-kilojoules.
  • There is also the need to have a mild development concept that needs to be vertically integrated infrastructure that pans out to the product per output.
  • It is also vital to have a reinstate that is meant to approve the completed projects.

There is also the essence of having the management of the organization where there is the review of the department of justice relevant to infrastructure as well as planning (Ross, 2013).

Logistics Issues

To have the right drive factors, one of the most proficient way to make sure that disk is created is through an understanding of the operating costs. The operating expenses for any organizations meant to ensure that operations are given their utmost priority regarding price and of the past decade, the service department in many organization have been a task with the massive task. I addition to the understanding of the operating structures, it is paramount to understand that the operating structures are also critical (Cao and Zhang, 2011). Countries that deal with mining have been tasked with the opportunity to make sure that protocols and strategies that govern their ministry are adhered and followed to the latter.

There have been a lot of discussions on the immediate data about the proportion volumes of coal. The purpose of understanding the mining and production volumes are necessary since they understand that commodity prices s tend to shift focus especially considering the amount of profit that has been realized for the past two decades. It is necessary to contemplate that being part of the organization constitutes to having the consumer knowledge required to achieve significant profits. For example, understanding of the biggest company in the mining world is essential a relevant to this essay; it is pertinent to understand how the logistics in PwC operate.

PwC ensures that its operation is handled by the top logistic managers in the world (Christopher, 2016). It is relevant to understand that having one of the most crucial elements of understanding how the operations are handled about the needs of the mining company. As such, as the logistics manager, it is relevant to make sure that to be the best organization in the mining field, there needs to be an undertaking of the best strategies to undertake to ensure that the induced operations are as a result of maintaining the cost reductions in the mining operations. Ina deduction it 9s also Important to understand the major revolutionary changes that are might affect the known parameters that would be likely to affect the operations and not affect the overall profits. On the other hand, it is crucial to have what is known as a primary enforcer should it be filled with hurdles, it is the responsibility of the account manager to make sure that they can have strategies in place to combat any shortcomings that may arise. However, it should be noted that having the conditions is paramount. Having the right conditions is necessary since it allows people to put more emphasis is relevant to ensure growth.

Transport Mode- Sea and Road

Sea and road travels are heavily determined by the Australian Custom authorities since their policies govern the navigation routes.

Australian Custom Issues- AQIS

The popularly known entity known as AQIS is responsible for enforcing the Australian quarantine laws through its Department of Agriculture. The department has long been accepted under the name of DAFF Biosecurity about the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources. The essence of having Quarantine in Australia is about the import and export inspection where there are certification concerns that are meant to maintain the Australian market. The essence of having exotic pests and diseases is crucial since it supports the Australian industry. The organization known as AQIS is the body answerable for human, plant and animal quarantine border controls regarding passengers and cargo. The company is also responsible for making sure that food commercially that is imported into Australia. Within Europe, the organization was responsible for the provision of proper certificates for the agricultural products. Everything that is shipped and transported needs to be complaisant with the overseas countries importation requirements.

Australian Management

The Australian economy is well distributed on what is finally known as the prolonged recession since it is not clear on the each happenings relative shortly (Sarkis, 2012). Apparently, the railway system is one of the most stable economies especially considering the structural reforms that are irrelevant of the changes. Corporate changes are crucial since they represent the structures and mergers that may exist in a country. The logistics that is determining the railway success include those having the need for informational technologies that are equivalent of the distribution efficacy that requires manufacturing industries need to embrace the supply chain management. Also, there is also the concept of the different operations that are necessary to make sure that they are at par with the set codes. Procurement is a fundamental element in making sure the companies have the need to have a set distribution sequence where there is the distribution business that offers a reduction in the inventories since they hardly rationalize their operations through the use of information system (Prajogo and Olhager, 2012).

As a logistics and supply chain specialist, it is imperative that the international company being focused on adheres to the international company mining needs. The transportation of the thermal coal in a soon to be built 500km railway among the major towns is crucial in the incorporation of the said locomotives and other logistics involved. There are known problems that will affect the locomotive industry especially considering the inland and sea freight details. The port activities will also need to be subjected to the Australian Quarantine and Inspection Services (AQIS). As mentioned earlier, the need to have requirements that are controlled by the agency is crucial since some laws and regulations need to be followed. Some of the known concepts and problems that arise from attempting to make sure the locomotives flow smoothly are relevant to an understanding of the ground problems.

Risk Management

Planning and the essence of proficient learning are crucial since the Galilee coal project where the out pit is measured by the progress. According to research done, arriving in Australia requires an individual where there is the need to have a declaration surrounding the necessary documents for customs. Having the need to clear the items is crucial since each traveler needs to have a statement of the required disclosure of the details on arrival about cash and currency (Dekker et al., 2013). The idea behind understanding the needed concept is crucial since there needs to no limitations when it comes to entering Australia. There is the need to have the time of investing especially considering each state about the territory being observed. It is vital to understand that address the sustainability issue is part of leadership. Leadership is part of making sure they integrate with the sustainability relevant to overall strategies meant to maximize that benefits applicable to their operations. Building a lasting relationship with the key stakeholders is relevant. To achieve this, it becomes a crucial element for the management team of an organization to relate to the balancing of their activities (Gilmour, 2013). Also, it is critical to have an active element that helps to relay their personal experiences. Such allows the individual to understand the managing o risk is the biggest motivator about their secret operations. It is vital for an individual also to have a knowledge of the needed services that are meant to be a conservative element in the environmental management strategy. It is also crucial to have the experience to maximize on the environment while at the same time be able to maximize the profits realized.

As a logistic manager, it is relevant to understand how the PwC can help in the devolution process making sure that all the needed materials are relocated to the right place. As such, it is relevant to understand that having a sustainable business solution that helps to describe the best sustainable technologies (Prajogo and Olhager, 2012). Each legacy manager needs to understand that offering the best sustainable solutions is crucial to understanding that mining companies always the corporate governance through the non-financial management hence are relevant to the operating systems and processes. Performance management contracts are also very essential in ensuring that employees understand their roles in understanding their roles.

As a logistics manager, it is relevant to understand that having a business set up is one of the hardest endeavors that an individual can undertake. As such, it is crucial to understand that having the best states se3t up with the right business partner ensure that all the angles that need to be covered are undertaken (Sarkis, 2012). Such concepts are meant to ensure that there are sustainable strategy developments that are meant to make sure that there are no risk assessment rights that are inclusive of the risk assessment risks that are dependent on the performance benchmarking.

Another logistic that is worth considering is ensuring that the cu3vties that have been undertaken are relevant to the environmental needs. The concept surrounding climate change is crucial, and there is the need to have strategies that are meant to control the companies that emit the gasses need to have the financial backing of strong alliances (Shepherd and G?nter, 2010). As a logistic manager, some issues needs to be an undertaking what is known as the annual report. Each of the people who have shares needs to have a risk analysis that helps to highlight some of the major issues that may affect development about diligent engagements.


One of the factors to consider as a logistic manager is the need to have a sustainable cost reduction strategy in the mining sector. Unfortunately, there was the need to have a look at the freight charges and the many hurdles that they may perceive. Apparently, the need to have a consumer-friendly distribution as the system grows. To achieve such a feat, it is crucial to have a driving value that os purely meant for the creation of the shareholders. Each shareholder is a valuable member of the organization or a business venture and the mining company in question needs consider the needs of each member. As such, the logistics manager is required to develop ways of sustaining the best relationships and ensure cooperation as well as an atmosphere that promotes the correct business ethics and create the best mining company. As seen in this essay, there are several hindrances towards mining in Australia and understanding the situation on the ground allows the logistics of the mining business world be understood and all the necessary measures be taken.


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