Sustainable development Essay

Sustainable development universal goals calling to keep continuing the development of one generation and at the same time not affecting the survival of the next generation. There are 17 brief goals altogether, these goals are based on an area such as climate change, economic and peace. Our group focuses on the 11th goal “sustainable cities and communities”. A sustainable city means a city that minimizes the usage of energy, for example, food, water and etc. At the same time, minimize the emission of CO2 and methane. The sustainable city is first proposed by Paul ·Dalton, there have been several companies working on the development of a sustainable city, But we are destined to overcome those problems that strangle us.

One of the problems is transportation. Cars that emit CO2 is crumbled on streets nowadays. Electric transportation is indeed a solution, but not all people can have the financial ability to afford an electrical van. As time passes people around the world will need an efficient and affordable way of transport. As Megan Smith said, “the transportation grid we build today is our quality of life tomorrow.”(Megan Smith, director of climate and energy initiatives at the office of King County, Washington). The solution for this problem, for now, is a new policy that promotes people to buy electric vans, but in a long term plan transportation in the 22nd century have to be an approach to public transport.

Another problem is urbanization. As more and more people come into the city willing to gain opportunities for high wage jobs, the city will face the problem of absorbing the huge population. For example, if a city has plenty of space to expand and develop it will be easy for people to seek a job, but in reverse city which does not have much space will need to control the number of people coming in or even shut down the city. One solution for this situation is to start developing the city to a higher vertical or underground, For example, Shanghai is in lack of land so they build their buildings very tall so they can keep the life quality the same at the same time-saving space.

Also, Trying to feed 9 billion people at the same time is not easy. Now over 4.5 billion of the population from the world lives in the city around the world, and in 2050 this number might reach 6 billion. Most of the food we eat now come from farmers farming on land, at the same time scientists are trying to achieve urban farming, which means planting on buildings, Urban farming will also relieve some pressure from the rural farmers.

Moreover, water supply is a big problem for sustainable cities. It is indeed right for everyone to have access to clean water no matter how much it cost Royce Francis said: “ while it was right, that doesn’t mean it was free.”. The first solution to this is the increase of the water station density per square kilometer, as soon as this happens the number of people in one station will decrease. The second solution is a private investment on water, but not only you have to worry about the quality of water and the quality and quantity of the water pipes.

The fifth problem is the overall development. If only one city or a few cities achieved sustainable development it will make no use. If scientists and the government wants human to survive and prosper, sustainable development must reach an overall percentage of 90%. This problem comes specifically to China, India, and countries with huge populations but not all people are well educated. This leads to the problem of education and innovation. Innovation is the development of a new method to approach the growth of economic and transnational problems. Because China is a developing country and has just broken through the revolution and war for less than a hundred years. During the war people are not as well educated as they are now, this cause family members to have a low expectation for their child ’s future. Also, some family could not afford their daily defray and have to suspend their children from school and make them help with farming and etc. Further on, the majority of the Chinese population have kept their conservative thoughts and is not ready to move on, pressure from family members, old conservative and demoted actions will strangle the new generation to find whom they want to be and what unique talent they have. Education is a problem because sometimes teachers try to seek for additional money form students. For example, not teaching in class and open extra lessons outside of school so students can pay them.

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