Survival of Databases: Challenges And Perspectives Essay

When a person has to create a database there is so much that has to go into creating one, so the end results the user doesn’t have to re-invent the wheel. With databases though is just like building a house. When you plan to get a house, you have to do a lot of researching, planning, looking at blueprints of the landscapes of those model homes. This can be the same case for the survival of databases where if one doesn’t have excellent blueprints, documentation is lacking, normalization is blatantly ignored and of course having naming conventions that are fragile. With these things you’re planning phase can be somewhat difficult and tedious; however, with all these components brought together as one the success of a database is the end result. One problem that I have seen is when data modeling occurs at the same time as software development. This is like building the foundation before completing the blueprints. Whenever an application is formulated from scratch one must fully comprehend how data is run on that particular database you are creating first.

One thing I noticed in my web development course if you don’t plan properly when it comes to coding your site will not render correctly. Most times as develops we try to take short cuts and then think later we can go back to those errors but most of the time that rarely ever happens. If one doesn’t plan carefully you will never end up with a successful database thus hacking can occur. If planning is done with no shortcuts you won’t have to worry about the corrections, replacing or the scrapping altogether. We must keep in mind that the database is the core of most software applications.

In remembering this key concept, you will be fully capable of analyzing the necessary steps it takes to meet your data model. With databases though the user will not always catch every error or see every requirement but if they do preparation steps and not leave the planning process out one your data will be a success. Now let’s look into the blueprint’s steps. We all know that in order for something to be built properly every user, builder, creator must have a blueprint this is detrimental especially when it comes to databases and their survival. It is imperative that one knows the data being inputted as well as what kind of data is being created. In doing so you will gain much credibility with those companies and organizations that come to you when it comes to making those databases because they will know they have no mistakes. Every day we create databases for plethora of things such as customers, employees, stocks, bonds, and profits and alike. With a blueprint comes a certain analogy that comes to mind an architect will draw up a blueprint for your million-dollar house before he ever lays a brick he looks over everything in that paper. we should design our database using a graphical tool to produce the “blueprint” – a data model – before a single line of application code is written. You see just like a blueprint it shows everything in detail so does a database and let’s say one doesn’t fix the issues once you are made aware of them guess what can occur? A data breach! This is detrimental to a person’s information where their social security numbers, birthdays and worse credit cards are fully hack into and stolen in turn that causes your reputation to look terrible because of little to attention to detail you failed to correct prior to this event.

Database normalization is basically the process where database is organized into tables and columns. The idea is that a table should be about a specific topic and that only those columns which support that topic are included (2008). One example comes to mind creating a spreadsheet that has information about the sales of people and the customers it definitely has a few purposes such as: it can identify the sale within your organization, have a list of the customers the company calls when they sell the products and lastly it can list when the sales people call for certain customers. In addition; normalization helps the developer in that each table can be reference certain amount of information. The segments of the information created in these tables are able to formulate one field. When normalization is in place it makes reading and developing the database simple as well as being able to alter and make any necessary improvements. Any future developers get the most of this in that it is way simpler to comprehend and functions without the assistance of the creator of the database. When creating such databases, one must truly consider where to store the documentation for it. A good tip for this is placing it in a known location or in the database itself. The reasoning for this in the event the developer has to make any necessary changes he doesn’t have to re- event the wheel because he can’t find where it’s stored. As we know it is always good to have two eyes to look upon anything when it comes to development of databases it will save you a lot of heartache and pain in the end by doing so.

SQL Views are essential for the database developer. However, it is common to see them misused, or neglected. SQL servers are also necessary because they show the segments of particular identities which in turns creates individual lines to be made. You see one can see substitution taken place within this process by the surrogate keys which is the end results. The only mistake with using this is that there is plethora of designers that want to use the surrogate key for their primary key on such tables. You must create certain set away techniques which make your databases less vulnerable and successful in assisting with programming of engineers.

Evolutionary Database Design (EDD, aka database refactoring) is a controversial topic in the software development world. It’s a sore point among some DBAs because it promotes the making of changes to schemas that contain live customer data, sometimes with more than one application using the same database. With this one will see in a few years how much EED will show improvement in the devices as well as open sources. Once these changes come into effect anyone will be able to fully comprehend such databases and read them as well in doing so the end result will be making editing and fixing problems within them so much simpler. So, you see the survival of databases as mentioned earlier is vital and can be kept as long as proper planning is brought into play, normalization, looking over the blueprints and a few other things as discussed. Databases in my opinion will never become obsolete because we utilize these things daily whether we think about it or not although at times the creation of them can go from simple to complex in a matter of moments it is vital to have them. Just think a world without databases would be completely chaotic and unorganized. You wouldn’t be able to find anything such as important documents such as your bank accounts, credit card information or a simple one we use daily our contacts. Not everyone has a great memory and even if one did what is the point in using that much energy when you can allow a database to store those vital things for you.

I believe databases are going to get to advance in technology that you won’t have to type or store anything eventually everything might just be stored on a simple database like a microchip which is either engraved in you or you store it on some type of device. So going back to the opening of the topic at hand blueprints keep you fully aware of what is in the house and what you can put in. It is the basic foundation one needs to build anything not just a house and although as stated databases can be easy to create one wants to ensure when making them it is easy to read, understand but mostly you can change at a moment’s notice. Without out this the survival of databases will eventually become a thing of the past which will cause nothing but chaos for those who only store vital information in a database that is very well much secured, maintain and accessible when need be. I know one thing the survival of it is evident in today’s society because technology is only advancing such example we see are the Iphone’s each year more software is added or features updated but eventually Apple will create a phone that will have everything you need without the need to upgrade every year.

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