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Discuss about the Survey And Customer Relations Prime Designers and Clothe line.


Workplace Health and Safety Report

Prime Designers and Clothe line is an organization based at the heart of Paris. The specifications of the nature of its goods and services is best told by the quality of the luxury goods and outfits that are produced by the business. The business was founded in 2015 from an online platform but grew to establishing its own physical store by the end of the same year. Just like any other business enterprise, Prime Designers is filled with both economies and diseconomies of scale. Below are additional facts.

In this business, health is an important factor to pay close attention to as only employees and clients that are at the best of their health can be able to maximize the productivity of the business. The first observation would therefore, be a situation where an employee is allergic to a certain fabric used in manufacturing special clothes (Kiesbye, 2011 p. 45_. Allergies such as skin rashes and coughing as well as itching as the worst. The second situation is when a client gets into contact with a fading outfit. Lastly, a circumstance of failure to meet the expectations of the client.

Internally, the business is prone to a wide variety of risks such as fire. If by any chance fire manages to break out in this organization, the loss would be unimaginable considering the fact that there is the presence of paint that contains a concentrated amount of oil products that are extremely flammable. Also, the risk of theft of logo and originality of the goods and services of Prime Designers stand so high. Externally, clients are prone to the danger of getting cheaper but less quality outfits from the competitors of Prime Designers.

In a whole new perspective, the differences that could occur to both internal and external clients as a result of lack of understanding, the best move forward would be stabling a common ground for all the parties involved in the argument. As a great leader, one is obliged to take no sides especially when the argument is still in progress. Additionally, all stakeholders like to be associated with the growth and development of the business creating the impression that both internal and external clients can finally come to an agreement so that they effectively participate in the general decision making of the business.

Internal conflicts can be resolved through holding frequent organizational meetings that are aimed at giving voice to each and every member of the organization to raise his plight over a pressing matter (Kirkpatrick, 2015). For example, other than the international objectives that the business has to meet, it also has local prospects that are best handled with rookies. These contracts could include fast deals like designing wedding gowns for traditional marriages. Such a deal could cause a misunderstanding in the organization as two or more rookies struggle to bring to light the capabilities of their respective skills.

Customer Survey feedback

Surveys opt to be open ended in the sense that they give the respondent time and space to go way beyond their comfort zone. For example, what are some of the challenges faced by consumers of Prime Designers? Are there any health complications that can be avoided instead? Based on the current state of affairs, it is true to state that the fashion industry is flooded? If son, what are the potential recommendations?

Methods of getting survey are more like methods of gathering data (Partridge, 2011 p. 45). On that effect, a survey app that is specifically meant for Designer outfits in Paris can be developed by Information Technology gurus and offered in the play store at reasonable prices. The benefit with such an app is that it provides real time customers’ expectations, opinions, tastes and preferences that keep on changing by the passage of time.

In relation to a negative complaint that has been raised by a potential client, the best way to handle such issues is through one on one conversations. On that note, the first strategy will be the complainant can be summoned and the accused employee brought forth as well. The second move is that the manager will raise questions that both the client and the employee are obliged to answer genuinely so that the issue be solved best through amicable decisions. Ideally, the third and fourth strategy can be compensation of the client and the fourth will be a constant lesson to the employee not to afford similar mistakes in the future (Sunderland, 2013). Lastly, peace is established.

The positive feedback of clients has the power of putting the business at an advantage point over others that produce similar or alternative goods and services. Once a client is satisfied, chances are that he or she may end up coming back for more or perhaps referring the business to other clients in the long run. This is how ideal businesses are conducted successfully.


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