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Public Relation (PR) is the out of what is done, what is said and what others say about an entity or a person (Edwards 2012, p.9). In simple language, it is concerned with the brand reputation (KOTLER & KELLER 2013, p.502 & 527). In most cases, public relations are usually peppered with a campaign. The key concepts are of tactics, strategy, ammunition, and champions. A campaign is used to define an operation that is designed to accomplish a specific goal. In public relations, the campaign is about working in an effectively prearranged and proactive manner to reach a specific objective (Rinrattanakorn 2012, p.39). In order to plan a PR campaign, several factors need to be looked at including how it is going to be conducted, and the different forces will be positioned. The outcome is that if the campaign is properly planned and implemented, its goals are likely to be met (Bobbit & Sullivan 2014, p.2). Regardless of the type of the PR campaign, it should be well planned to focus efforts, to foster long-term view within a firm, enhance effectiveness, keep the campaign proactive, minimize mishaps, and manage conflicting priorities (Contentextra n.d, p.2 and Palaniappan & Ramachandraiah n.d, p.13). This paper seeks to study Sunshine caf? and its target market as well as the many reasons behind designing a business plan for the restaurant.

Situational Analysis

Sunshine Caf? Background Information

Sunshine caf? is an Australian restaurant that is set to open in George Street, Sydney, Australia within the next few months. The caf? will strictly operate to provide a wide variety of specialty food and beverage products including tea, coffee, hot lunches, and snacks to its customers. Presently, there lacks a suitable restaurant to serve breakfast, treats and hot meals to the target market in George Street. Sunshine caf? will strive to provide its customers with comfort and affordability to maximize their experience and satisfaction as well as build a core clientele. Unlike other restaurants in George St. region, sunshine caf? will be focused to make its customers happy about their indulging without them spending too much.

Brand awareness is effectively being spread across George Street's very own Elite Educational Institute, and numerous studies establish that coffee is the number one choice among the Australians beyond the age of 18 years. For this reason, the Sunshine caf? founder has a strong feeling that the restaurant will suitably find a home in colleges and universities across George Street. It is certain that Sunshine caf? is attractive to this demographic and that the restaurant aims to leverage this image. Similarly, the restaurant is in the hopes of promoting a new initiative of student scholarship fund. To start the expansion process, Sunshine Caf? will open its doors to college and university students in a few months’ time by launching in George Street with the key goal of fulfilling the needs of the students.

SWOT analysis is a very useful tool for evaluating a company's' strengths and weaknesses while recognizing the opportunities and threats that may arise (The State of Queensland 2017, p.1). Sunshine Caf? SWOT analysis will be used to analyze the overall position of the business and the environment in which it operates. The primary idea of carrying out this study is to help design a plan of action that will assist the restaurant to identify its capabilities, resources, and the requirement of the environment the business will operate. Below is the SWOT analysis for Sunshine caf?.


v Fair prices

v Healthy eating options

v Conducive eating environment

v High traffic area


v Competition

v No public image

v Delivery options

v Limited staff


v Good reputation

v The environment

v Foodies

v New customers


v Competition

v Students calendar years

v Success rate


This feature outlines those qualities that help an organization to fulfill its mission of the business Management(Community Tool Box 2016, p.1). Sunshine caf? is focused on offering reasonable prices for its products to satisfy the needs of the college and university students as well as the budget-conscious restaurant goers. The food and beverage offered at the restaurant are meant to provide a healthy eating option and experience. Similarly, Sunshine caf? is a large and properly decorated environment with the setting of the tables and chairs designed and placed to provide comfort and privacy. The caf? is situated in a high traffic area surrounded by colleges and universities as well as a variety of businesses.


This quality hinders a business from realizing its mission and goals (Osita, Idoko and Justina 2014, p. 25). They play a damaging role in the growth and success of business. Sunshine caf? is more likely to face stiff competition from other nearby cafes and restaurants throughout George Street, Sydney. Being a new business in the region, the company may have to no customer loyalty and reputation and also no delivery options. Likewise, the restaurant may acquire few workforces in their initial stages of operation which may still be undertaken through training.


Opportunities exist universally in the business world, but they need to be taken and used to help increase productivity, improve the business and make the business profitable (Shell-Livewire 2015, p.1). Sunshine caf? being a brand new restaurant may develop a positive reputation from its inception because they will be focused on providing a broad range of products with healthy options. The privacy that comes with the restaurant may provide students interested in studying outside of the school environment with a calm and conducive space. George Street is mainly composed of the young population who are more of foodies who are seeking to be offered with fresh, healthy and a natural place to eat. A ‘foodie’ is a person who appreciates the quality of food and often tells his/her colleagues about the experience (Deleuze 2012, p.5). The caf? is located in a high traffic area, and for this reason, it is likely to appeal and reach new customers.


This arises when external factors are detrimental to the overall day to day running of the business (Rustamovna 2016, p. 37). Threats are uncontrollable factors, but companies can devise ways to manage them (JRC European Commission n.d, p.1). Competition in the restaurant industry is very stiff in Australia. Sunshine caf? is entering the restaurant industry when there are several outlets in George Street. As such, the caf? is likely to encounter a low success rate in the market. Similarly, most of the college and university students do not spend their entire years in campus this may translate to decreased sales during such periods i.e. summer.


The objectives help to evaluate the success of the business (Heather 2013, p.1). They should be properly aligned to the operational goals and business priorities.

  1. To align Sunshine Caf? as a healthcere and affordable cafeteria. Sunshine caf? is situated where quite a number of fast food joints operate. The primary focus of the company is to provide their customer with reasonably-priced healthy products from their counterparts in the region.
  2. To increase the awareness of Sunshine caf?. It is vital to increase awareness of the restaurant within the community at George Street region, particularly among Elite College and surrounding colleges and universities.
  3. To unify Sunshine caf? brand image. The key idea is to revitalize the marketing strategy of the outlet so that it utilizes similar color scheme, logo, and prints. Inconsistencies in these aspects may confuse the target market.
  4. To offer discounts and specials on its products. Sunshine caf? may need to provide specials and discounts to its customers in a bid to draw new customers and generate brand loyalty through their existing customers.

The Audience

The audience is the people that the business is communicating to (Ashley n.d, p.1). At the very least, they comprise the people who use a company's products and services and influence them. Sunshine caf? audience will consist of Elite College students of the ages between 18 to 25 years. These students mainly have minimum wages or even less as they rely on part-time employment and parental allowances. The caf? will also target the young population seeking healthy eating options and a fair price. They are also likely to attract the seniors living along George Street with low salaries and enjoy cheaper meal choices. Businesses in George Street looking for more affordable meal options may also be drawn to the caf?.


Strategies set out the long-term objectives of a business and establishing ways of achieving them (Hobbs and Mann n.d, p.9). On the other hand, tactics are more concrete and are directed towards smaller phases and short term duration (Singh and Ravi n.d, p.1). Sunshine strategies and tactics are as discussed below.

Campaigning around its target demographics. Sunshine caf? may start campaigning to introduce the existence of the brand and to get the students interests in learning more about the restaurant. The restaurant should also position itself as the number one option for the 18 to 25 years old college students. As such, it should focus on creating a strong presence in the social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. In this way, they can revamp the online channels to communicate updates with specials and advice on lifestyles. These updates may include information about different kind of meals and reinforce just how Sunshine caf? cares about its customers.


Sunshine caf? may consider designing posters to be placed around colleges and universities and to hand out flyers to students. Also, they should create website and interactive social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram in order to connect with the campus social groups and campaign to students. The caf? may offer discounts of say, 10-20%, to college students to attract this audience. Incentives can also be provided to those customers who chose Sunshine caf? over the rival outlets. The restaurant should also strive to create a college friendly environment.

Create a conducive atmosphere. Sunshine caf? should create a hospitable and favorable atmosphere in its outlet to make its customers feel at home and enjoy staying in the restaurant rather that order their meals and leave.


Sunshine caf? may consider setting up comfortable tables and chairs. Specific places can be designed to allow students to socialize, relax. They may put up signs like ‘socializing' or ‘reading' zone. They may also play soothing or refined music in the room.

Organize contests. Contests tend to engage customers through voting as well as receiving updates on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter handles. Customers will not be allowed to vote until he or she likes or follows one of the social media pages.


Contestants can be encouraged to submit ideas or recipes for their meals on social media channels. New products can be added to the food and beverage menu. Pictures can be posted on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and updates can be made on the same.

Create special occasions. Sunshine caf? may consider preparing meals for special occasions such as birthdays, outstanding academic grades, etc. at the same time, the outlet staff can take pictures of their customers and post them on social media platforms. Those customers whose pictures were taken can also be encouraged to like or even tag themselves in the picture. This allows customers to share the pictures with their colleagues.


The food and drinks products can be tailored for college students. The specials offered could include a variety of platter at an affordable price. These specials are meant to encourage and attract the hungry students to come to the restaurant. On certain times, the caf? may introduce discounts on a pitcher of beer.


It is important to measure the effectiveness of what the business has achieved. It is essential to confirm the outputs and evaluation aspects and review how well the business is doing on a daily basis. Sunshine caf? will measure its success and growth through evaluating the number of ‘Likes’ and followers on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts. They can also assess their weekly sales and volumes as well as the number of contestants entered in competitions.




Online platform

Create Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts

Revamp the social media tools and website

Registration with

Special happenings

Re-grand opening


Design flyers and brochures for promotions



Cost in $

Posters, flyers, and brochures








Drinks and snacks party


Area setting


Miscellaneous costs





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