"Sunset Boulevard (1950)" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

"Stars do not give up, this is what makes them great"
remember that about this picture, I've heard quite a long time, and very actively and periodically. I've always had a desire to see this classic tape directed by Billy Wilder. In the end, I took the time to carry out his idea. And, of course, I do not regret, not for a moment to think about the time spent. In this case, the time wasted can not. Before us is the picture that will be viewed from a success even after a long time, despite the fact that this tape has this year celebrated as much as 60 years.
know, I regret only one thing. I regret that only now for the first time looked at the tape. Billy Wilder film has opened to me a new view on the classic cinema. Still, there are many different things that necessarily in that whatever the cost, is worth a look.
far as I know (I can not assert that they are right), Wilder took the most critical film about Hollywood. Indeed, immediately after the tape at that time already a great director would seriously expel from filmmakers community. In the picture is fully displayed is the same the other side of Hollywood, the reverse side of his life, shows its sinister nature. In the 50th year this truth very few people like it, but at that time were not even aware that because nothing will change in the year that way even 2010th. Yes, "Sunset Boulevard" keeps the brand relevant today, and I seriously believe that this will continue in the future.
Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood is shown normal, typical street. Life on this boulevard runs slowly, people live here, move cars. And what's so remarkable about too? Only what is Hollywood Boulevard, where live and work, toil and sweat of world cinema personalities, and are located close to most major film studios world-rival studio.
Hollywood is not all favorable. Someone is bathed in a bath filled with sweet champagne-colored roses, and someone removes a small room in which there is only a bed and nothing more. Some workers in Hollywood are very popular, they are at the zenith of fame. Others can not even reach the rising star rank beginner, no matter how they tried. Others do all the long-forgotten, they now former idols, all of them known only to the name of the person they know no one does not want.
And still lives here with you our hero by the name of Joe Gillis. This guy - pseudo-writer, a writer who barely make ends meet driving. His stories are bad in this business, a feeling that they do, no one is ever going to adapt, all do not see in them. Gillis sort of trying to create something that would interest all moviemaker, producer, director, but all else fails, nothing sensible is not obtained, the stars do not want to play in these narratives. Our Joe now even the rent to pay nothing, not to mention the rest.
By chance, Joe Gillis accidentally falls into the territory of a hefty mansion, abandoned at a glance. But first look is deceptive, a palace silent film star, and now all forgotten actress Standards Desmond. Actress periodically falls into a depression, it is despair, her house is empty, husbands are already dead, it is always only a humble servant butler Max. As it turned out, Joe went on time, t. To. The rate of long-planned return to world cinema, she wrote a mountain scenic material. Gillis hired as a proofreader all this scribbling.
main thing that catches the eye in this tape, it is, of course, acting. I look at the current cinema and with regret I can state the fact that there is no actors with this level of talent. The current generation of stars takes only its popularity, we know them just because they are included in a large number of projects. Same old stars could weigh only a few films, but they are remembered today.
I'll go from his retreat on the current generation, and specifically to the front of the actor's work in this tape. William Holden played very well, though at some point encountered a feeling that he does not play at their full strength, such as his character sometimes "slack" as they say. The only thing I can not understand, enjoy his character is really weak-willed or all of this because of the current situation in life really.
Gloria Swanson. Well, such a strong game, such acting classes I have not seen for a long time. Gloria so sincerely, frankly, without any hypocrisy played the grown old actress, star, it is simply impossible to imagine anyone else in its place. Mostly I sympathized with her, sometimes I felt sorry for her, but at some point I just hated her character.
Erich von Stroheim. The director at that time in "Sunset Boulevard" was played, in my opinion, the most significant and key role in all of the action. Max Butler opened his remarks curtain of mystery, when we (the audience) became quite clear nothing. Without showing any emotion, he opened all the bitterness of its existence
also like to mention the role of the second plan, which have been involved already losing its popularity great stars -. Buster Keaton, Cecil B. DeMille, and Hedda Hopper
Billy. Wilder took a bold, a great movie. That man, of course, everyone will remember their ever-living picture of "Some Like It Hot", but apart from that he was shooting and other strengths of their course of events, by their drama films, one of which is "Sunset Blvd". It is important that people are interested in our time classical tapes, remember them, because the best memory of the departed stars - a view of their pictures.

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