"Sunset Boulevard (1950)" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Vanity is in all its manifestations sweet haze enveloped the minds of men. It is not everyone, but those who fall into these ghostly embrace you should always be aware of the distinction between the real world and expectations and created fantasies. After all, life, real life can play havoc and hurt human feelings so much that he literally loses the thread of what is happening and is heading towards an inevitable tragedy personality.
Hollywood, with all its secrets, inviting laurels and shiny tinsel not without reason called the dream factory, where seekers of fame and money sent to the endless stream of intangibles good, and try to embody in their lives, as it seems plausible ideas. How many were there, and how many more will be? Rhetorical question, which is, in fact, does not require an answer, but their fate always find a place in the minds of ordinary people and must serve as edification.
One such small compared to the total number of tragedies and became a Hollywood fairy tale of Joe Gillis. Already rather battered and trampled heavy foot film industry, it is the right way to realize the futility of his stay here and waste of time allotted to it. Circumstances driven him into a blind alley of poverty and full internal self-destruction. But the road always has its twists and crannies, one of which leads him to the apogee of his dreams, but he still does not know about it.
character Holden is not so much expressive as the average statistical. Flabby, indecisive and suspicious, the typical trimmer. That was his job. Be rather than to seem another of the many. Another story that would not have been so memorable, if not for the cruel joke of fate, thanks to which it is in a mousetrap like a little gray mouse. Mysterious, to tremble at the knees dark, huge, abandoned among the pale-bluish hills, the mansion is a haven nobody wants screenwriter. But in addition, and once home to the legendary silent film actress named Norma Desmond in the performance of Gloria Swanson. Her character, surviving a brilliant peak of his career, has become a hostage of the illusory world of self-deception, without which her life would have no meaning.
interesting and impressive collective image embodies his playing Swanson. She is on the one hand serves as a tribute to the creativity of the great actresses of silent films, and on the other is presented as a set of the most recognizable and clichéd features of its predecessors. She's a star, with all the psychological attributes: smug, odious, unwavering and at the same time defenseless and naive, abandoned by all woman. It proudly - an insightful look like X-rays, which binds the mind and senses, but it lies in a deep depression. Actress manages to convey so mannered that elusive spirit of glory and of Command, to which she had grown accustomed to, and the absolute rejection of the idea that while it is gone forever.
grotesque that uses Wilder when creating the image Norms fills literally everything from appearance, thoughts and ending with gold, but dilapidated cell, in which is embedded a heroine. Not least in enhancing the impact of the image of the opposition was the age of the young and full of strength and hope Holden's character this dark and sad woman with the poster of thirty years ago. Interacting in a common, initial professional interests of the characters are the way to the realization of mutually beneficial co-existence, which must have its price.
Not bystander action and another colorful character became the caretaker of the monastery of the former glory of a film star, played by Max von Erich Stroheim. It was he who, if a warning appears before the fate of a writer, having appeared from nowhere and hitting his cold shrill in every movement. Like a shadow, he hangs over a hero like the hunchback Igor in Frankenstein, and every time inspires fear. Game Stroheim - it is something. So deep and so dramatically, he presents the image viewer, creating the brightest movie characters turn of the 40s -. 50
form a triangle so unordinary and unpredictable in their interaction, which sometimes expect a certain spike if about to break out the storm. But no, the action is also monotonically goes on, which contributes to even greater internal alarm. The main character gradually realizes that his advantage is the existence and along with this change and its image. This is not a simpleton, who hunger fame and money, it is well settled under the wing of Madame norms, it all perfectly. But at the same time, a clear understanding of the precariousness of relations and internal reflections are pushing him to take the plunge.
closed world the main character is contrasted with bright and dynamic life of Hollywood. Party and daily efforts of people at the studio - another plane for the main character, which he did, and the closer to the climax is quite unable to return due to their own alienation. After all, every day he sees the reverse side of the coin. The only ray of hope the director has decided to make Betty Sheyfer -. Otsenschitsu modest future scenarios, which, ironically, without even knowing it, by refusing to send the hero on Sunset Boulevard
truly dark and at the same time an attractive and fascinating history of watching over all minutes of the film. Black-and-white hue complements the atmosphere of what is happening and gives an even greater effect, largely due to the high quality camera work and soundtrack. Wilder Bravo, which is so really showed everyone merciless life Hollywood remnants of the past, chew on society and forgotten as unnecessary. Despite the fact that the characters are mostly a dilute touch of irony. But the irony of such a bitter and sometimes pathetic, but appropriate and justified.
Time is running relentlessly. It becomes a witness to the rise and collapse of thousands of human destinies, which are so similar to each other. The same desires, the same mistakes and feelings. That's what this film is. Classic film noir and the world of cinema in excellent supply of Billy Wilder.

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