"Sunset Boulevard (1950)" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

With detachment befitting the deceased, the main character named Joe Gillis tells us about his death. This is the beginning, "Sunset Boulevard". Next Gillis expresses something very similar to sympathy to his killer, and then either he, or someone on his behalf, showing his already alien to any whatsoever thoughts and feelings of the body, which floats face down in a pool next to the luxury apart. Gillis snidely remarks that during his life he longed to have a pool. That's got. And indulgence in relation to the killer, and sarcasm towards themselves seem it is quite appropriate, since they come from a man who was already dead, but he still has something to feel and see. If we are immortal, it is quite possible, too, to manifest a similar breadth of the soul.
Well, then show us the dead body again, this time from the bottom of the water. We see the empty eyes, big helpless body and a bunch of police officers in black uniforms and caps, leaning over the pool. The frame looks so gloomy impeccable, as if he did Edgar Allan Poe, who, of course, too, somewhere is alive to this day.
Now, depriving us of hope for the happy end, it tells the story from the beginning. We see how the next dead man begins his journey to the next world. Joe Gillis, firmly sitting on the rocks shallow Hollywood screenwriter, is trying to push its fragile schooner on the water. But while bailiffs for debts trying to take away his ultimate value - the car. But Gillis - shoot a sparrow, and he hid the car. Escorted performers, he goes by car to the Paramount studio to try to sell his script, which he considered a failure. GATE natured lady's finger causes a sweet girl-reviewer, who, not knowing that before her author expresses his unflattering opinion about his work. Joe, twice wounded in the heart as her own, and her recall, comes from the studio, getting into the car to go somewhere, but catches the eye of the court. After that, the route changes, and he's just trying to hide from them. For the time being he do it, but then he proparyvaet bus and enters the courtyard of a very rich, but it looks like an abandoned house. It is here that the film, in fact, begins
house belongs to the extinct silent movie star Norma Desmond, who has two other left -. Max the butler and the monkey, who had just died. Once upon a time Norma sat down on one of the most dangerous drugs - the glory that it is now only supplies the correct amount in the Max minimally sufficient to maintain life. He is ready to cut myself to pieces for the sake of the mistress, but that's all he can do.
As with all film "noir" genre, the atmosphere here is more important than whether the plot barely. Nonliving world in this house, or bought from the Great Gatsby, whether inherited from him, looks absolutely spectacular. Here everything from the body, which at times by the wind plays by itself and on itself, and the butler, is more like a ghost than a human being to obsessed with himself and got stuck in the times of his mistress fame, looks somehow otherworldly . Once in this "through the looking glass," Gillis did not find the strength to refuse the offer Standards work on her loony scenario, by which it hopes to conquer Hollywood for the second time, although he understood the futility of its attempts.
Whatever happens next, you just have to watch. No retelling does not give a hundredth part of the charm of this chilling film. You will never be able to answer the question, why at some point you start to sympathize with Norma, aunt pretty nasty, if you look, so really did not notice in this world no one but himself. Gloria Swanson played it absolutely brilliant as a man so inwardly empty and vain, that it in the absence of the audience seems to have doubts about the very fact of its existence, and itself seems to shadow and talk can only be with the same shadows as she was - Max and former silent film star, lose yourself with the arrival of sound. And the fact that it is not the poor, because all the money she earned was long ago, probably by one of its disinterested fans, well invested and now multiply by division, absolutely nothing has changed in its true tragic vision. If this long-broken doll has something genuine, it is her pain. Maybe that's why it is impossible not to sympathize.
However, as Joe Gillis. Who has ever been on the rocks, and there are among us ninety-nine percent, recognizes him as himself. Once accepted to speak about his weak character, but, in fact, he is a strong and highly honorable man, and his drama deserves no less, if not more attention than drama norms. He does not want to take away the girl he loved, the one retsenzentku, his friend, and for this ready to slander themselves. It helps to live Norma until he has for this force. He is struggling to be honest. It does not always work, but many in his position would not have and try.
film in each frame to the beautiful splendor. Scenario interspersed with wise barbs and caustic wisdom is perfect. It does not matter whether you like or not characters - a movie you enjoy anyway. Like any master work it abounds in nuances, which at first view it is impossible to grasp in its entirety and fully assessed. For example, at first it seems not quite clear why the role of Betty invited a pretty girl, and on the role of her friends, which appeared in the screen just by one second and not even mentioned in the credits, write beautiful. And then you realize that, if it were otherwise, it would have smacked of pure cinematic falsehood, where at the same time the most beautiful and the most intelligent. And Gillis love not in face and not in the chest with his legs, and spiritually close person to him who gave the best he had, finally successfully arranged him a script. And in fact killed his last steps Gillis still makes in the direction that leads to freedom, even if they end up in the pool for him. Of course, "Sunset Boulevard" - is a real film noir, with mature noir with all the features inherent in this genre, but it is, if you want (and if you do not want too) bright film noir, even white noir, not bleeding hope, and giving it.
9 out of 10

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