"Sunset Boulevard (1950)" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Attention attention! Show and tell Central Television. Wanted attacker, known under the pseudonym of Sunset Boulevard. After a series of crimes of varying severity, committed recently: the transformation of the world stars in wax treatment talented director in his servant and a promising writer in the servant - he did not calm down and shot a man. The murder was committed last night with the help of well-known partner in crime - in the case involved none other than cinema. According to our data, Cinematography already seized, and at the moment he is in the police station is subjected to a survey by the law enforcement agencies. All involvement to yesterday's events he denies changes in mood and furiously demands an attorney. About the location of the Boulevard no information. People, be vigilant! Any information given on the telephone number listed in the running line.
director Billy Wilder, imbued in the forties noir atmosphere and gave the world one of the best representatives of the genre "Double Indemnity", with the start of a new decade, decided to return to the subject and became one of those who opened the milestone, which is now referred to as "late noir". In his film face-to-face the most miserable and worthless representatives of the Hollywood of those years, which is absolutely do not want to empathize. The happiest here - the agent, who speaks to the hungry, and just about the eviction of the employer: "You need $ 300? I could give them to you, but you do realize that the best scenario, born in poverty? ". And all the rest of Hollywood has chewed and spat out. Some completely resigned to his fate, but some people are trying to grab hold of the very straw that can open a second wind career. And here, as in sports, all means are good. Lies, betrayal, cynicism, wool-gathering - all this is about our heroes. Those character traits, which in polite society is better to keep silent, there are unevenly distributed, but heavily - both in komiksoidnoy picture, when God wanted to miss a pinch of the Earth, and the bank suddenly opened. Most importantly, such expressions as "I am from the actor's family!" (When the mother - grimorsha, and his father - an electrician), and "I dearly stand, $ 500 a week" (when most in his pocket a crumpled ten) are not added to the history of the comic . All the story - it is sheer drama of the lost souls. There is absolutely no goodies and all the experiences of the audience focused on the story of the detective and okologollivudskih thoughts, adapted to our modern life, for the urgency of the characters in the film more than half a century since its creation have not diminished.
They gave themselves entirely movies but that cinema has given them in return? Glory? Money? Popularity? Maybe, maybe ... But not happiness. None happy person you will not see in the picture. Steeped in lies and false hopes, the heroes of the film are unlikely to be able to stop. They fooled everyone, even themselves. Terrible, but they are happy to be deceived and to live out this life rather than live it. The philosophy is clear, everything is like a classic - "To be or not to be?". And Wilder asks questions not veiled, and quite transparent. Trying to squeeze into the skin of the hero, the audience for repeatedly while viewing stands before a choice of two options, and always misses. This Sunset Boulevard, it's not working simple human logic. And if you want to swim in the pool, not to wallow in squalid basement where once sent his hero Bulgakov, you just have to answer the opposite of what your soul tells. It looks symbolic scene that would have closed the third act, whether this film performance (all have had four acts). Silent film star, left the studio, which arrived for the first time in 20 years, with tears in his eyes. She was glad, because just about her crowded young and devouring eyes. And even for a moment the viewer happy. However, the fact that it will no longer be in the movies, it is terrible scenario, and arrived at the studio did not make sense, just promotes whoop some of youngsters, "Norma Desmond? I thought she was dead ... ". The last nail in the coffin at the same time the glory of the actress and spectator fleeting happiness drives a final stage - the phrase director Cecil DeMille, from which it becomes clear that the more he does not want to see her ever again. But "some" twenty years ago, she was everything to him.
obvious that the director was required to create this film noir atmosphere. Ninety percent of the scenes were shot at night, completely bringing the story of the remnants of light tones. Selected for shooting striking mansion motley organically for extravagant company. Then you and the doors without locks, and home cinema, and a swimming pool, and hung around the old photos, and the body that periodically starts to play without human assistance. A chance for something to go crazy in a house increases significantly. And the fact that the main character has decided to accept an alternative to sleep in galoshes under leaking ceilings wing, having moved in, it may be the worst decision of his life house-castle. The operator, whose task is to catch up with voltage even when the narrative leaves the mansion, also coped brilliantly with the job. Whether in the frame of two, three or thirty - shooting is not satisfactory, feeling their presence does not fall below a certain, high bar. But above all things it helps keep the viewer speechless music. The same organ, the musicians at the birthday of the heroine, as well as deftly inserted sketches Franz Waxman perfectly with the voltage that does not go to zero during the whole action. And, by the way, the composer's efforts were not in vain: the film won the award for "Best Soundtrack" at the Golden Globes and the Oscars in 1951
Filmed in a hurry, without a finished script, the film Billy Wilder has already become a classic.. Some see in it an allusion to Hollywood's fall, some - a drama about ordinary negligent screenwriter, and some people, and not ready to recognize in him blockbusters. It can be partly agree with each of the sayings, but I did not see him the competitors in the nomination "The film, which was the most striking way shows the brutality of the film industry." This is not to say that people far away from the film, the film will not close, because who among us has not thought about how good we are in the fact, that brings us revenue, and how long will it last? Wilder has forced humanity to reflect on its evolution goes, even more entrenched in the rank of master of drama in the right direction. Comedy same triumphs were waiting for him to come.
Dedicated to my friend Artyom.

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