"Sunset Boulevard (1950)" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

I. The same Wilder :
He was a genius. The present.
Incredibly versatile director, a talented writer, a kind Gaidai America, mixed it enormously and who can cheer even depressive viewers, he created for all the wonderful, festive atmosphere, without ever slipping into the pipeline flow and keeping the true brand director, director with a capital ...
It turned into an immortal man of his most famous creations - enduring and glorious sitcom "Some like it hot ..." (1959), gave the world the catch phrase in execution brilliant comedians Jack Lemmon and Tony Curtis. Black-and-white comedy that now forty-eight years of entertaining audiences around the world. Oh yes, Wilder knew how to make candy out of nothing. Dog ate this
Despite the fact that he became famous purely entertaining film, Wilder was true to his style, and made films really striking scale -. It is like weaving of colorful pieces of fabric a huge canvas, which was destined to become a prophetic He was the only American director who admired the uncrowned queen of detective - Agatha Christie, and admired not by chance: Wilder filmed her story "Witness for the prosecution", managed starring involve great Marlene Dietrich. The film was a success, and Dame Christie was quite successful screen version, although hated Hollywood for abuse of her novels. Wilder hit the most fastidious writer of the world at that time. Literary critics of the time, among them himself, Robert Barnard, eternal scholar Christi, with the first session, "prosecution witness" to his credit, having filled up with enthusiastic articles in the most respected newspapers, the UK and the US.
It was in 1957, when Sidney Lumet made his film debut - "12 angry men", and while Lumet only ascended to the pedestal of glory, Wilder was already a favorite of the public, which reacted very favorably academics "Oscar", deservedly gave him two statuettes in the Nominal tion "The best writer" and two statuettes in the category "Best Director".
Wilder would not have been if not for his amazing film that struck at the heart of all the world famous directors. This film was the "Sunset Boulevard" who put checkmate around Hollywood in acrimony, implacable malice, greed and ruthlessness of exposing. 1950 - O God, how long
Yes, it was all a long time ... We can not forget the past achievements of the past, sprinkling his ashes, do not dream of the future, do not dream of a non-existent. Do we remember the good things that happened to us? Do we remember at all what it was before? Somehow I do not think so, somehow feeling that every year the importance of acquiring a new, just the latest, if humanity wants to oblivion fall, slapping, hand-stripping the skin to its mirror image, laughing, in which we are displayed happy people ... and have lost the remarkable property to distinguish the apparent from the real, and, in the meantime, in the pool has no water, the machine covered with dust, and a relentless new phenomenon commerce makes our blindness, toying with us how to play the wind with the fallen and yellowed them a piece of this world ...
Billy Wilder lived a long and eventful life: 22 June 1906 - 27 March 2002. As many as 96 years, which were accompanied by roars of applause, applause deserved, and not extended with the help of PR and money. Wilder was not better Lumet, Wyler, Kubrick, Chaplin, Houston, not just Wilder was much wiser, he saw that the others had only seen in his films capture.
It was Billy Wilder. The same Wilder ...
II. Boulevard grotesque Past :
The plot of the film "Sunset Boulevard" like living by himself, lazily inviting the viewer to share the cold, lukewarm dinner, cooked by professional chef and silent ...
immediately noticeable, that in those days the scenario has been given special attention, because right off the bat send tighten began generally not available in all the old movies the viewer, it is now, probably, to stretch fashionable timekeeping prohibitive. And in "Sunset Boulevard" nothing of the kind, here's one of Joe Gillis, man, like all writers, sarcastic, observant and flabby, as used to depend on the decision of Hollywood studio bosses. Gillis has to "Paramount" studio, for which writes all sorts of scenarios. He is currently on the rocks, and he desperately needed money for the production of which he stomps to the most indulgent boss. We Gillis can chop off the car, and what is the American without a car? No, this is not the case - the car to give it the tax authorities. Fortune has turned against our hero, and he had to flee from the tax go to hell. Absolutely in cine it had burst a tire, and he accidentally drives into the famous castle in the old days of silent film actress - Standards Desmond ...
know what to do in those days young people are coming to each other's homes or meeting in a cafe ? The same as me - retold stories most exciting movies. So these films became immortal fathers talked about their children, the children intercepted "quote" from movies and transfer them to your children ... It always has been, in general. Even in Russia there is a tradition - not for nothing that so far we have sported phrases from comedies Gaidai, Danelia, Ryazanov
... So, it's good, if observed in moderation. Norma Desmond, apparently, did not understand this truth, and drove itself into the typical trap locked in a cage their past achievements. Our Joe Gillis knew it not at once, but when he realized it was too late, he, too, fell into the trap ...
Wilder artfully weaves utterly hackneyed cliches, among them the references to the work of our beloved of Edgar Allan Poe (castle Standards Desmond if written off According to the stories); creativity Murnau, the famous director, who created the most classic vampire image (for example, the butler Max I think the character is from Murnau's film, a kind of ominous shadow over the main characters); a typical love triangle is not in favor of the old norms of Desmond; In addition to all this, Wilder subtly ironic about the film, so that the stars of silent film, Joe Gillis of habit called "wax figures" studio "Paramount" worker Gordon Cole calling Norma Desmond just to ask permission from her rented on shooting her old clunker, and press notices murder of a man in a decrepit castle solely due to the fact that there lives a silent film star, otherwise the Hollywood press would simply spit on some there is the murder of some type ... Almost all the irony on himself carriesJoe Gillis, with the help of interior monologue (by the way, this is a good technique screenwriter Wilder) displaying all the conflicts that occur in the film. Although Norma Desmond and Max, and even familiar Gillis - Betty Schaefer with her monologue about the wrong nose, all the characters in "Sunset Boulevard" have a comedic tinge
But this laughter through tears.. Despite all sorts of "studs" in the direction of mania Standards Desmond, who imagines himself a world importance star feels that Wilder truly loves these adorable klutz, these "Wax", whiling away the evening at the tables for a game of bridge ... Nostalgia for the days when silent film could not disappoint the audience, but only to raise his spirits. It's really the skill - to cause in the spectator range of different feelings! One only Charlie Chaplin could impress the audience with his short feature "Babe", which to this day is considered the world's best film about kindness
Sunset Boulevard -. This boulevard grotesque past. And through this grotesque Wilder expressed sorrow for the silent cinema, incredible sadness, regret, sympathy. Wilder responded to a question that has ruined a silent movie. Time.
Silent Movie killed. But his dream come true - it has managed to triumphantly conquer the audience, as they won the Norma Desmond, majestically down by police and photographers which have stood as "wax figures", the stairs, proudly raising his head, playing the latest in their lives the role, in which you believe as ever, is more admired than contemporary roles ...
«Sunset Boulevard," Billy Wilder - allegorical film. It's about how the past is carried away for a future. It's true. There will come a time when the cinema will once again be dumb. From what? Just delight we all sorvom voice, and there will be nobody to talk ...
Can not believe it. You can watch "Sunset Boulevard»
III.. The stars of past years :
in "Sunset Boulevard" played great actors. I think each of us in his own way the game evaluate the cast, giving preference to one or the other actor, and nothing wrong with that subjectivity is not
So, my hierarchy of actors:.
4th - Nancy Olson (Betty Schaefer): very weak game, but forgivable due to age. At that time, the actress was twenty-two years, and not all at this age are able to show a talented game, especially since the heroine Olson slightly stilted way, schematic, I would call it kind of pass-through, so it is inferior to the brightness of the rest of the images. Nancy Olson - only the main movie of the actress, who is alive today - she was born in 1928. It should also be noticed that the role in "Sunset Boulevard" and remained its most prominent role. But she can be proud of its
3rd place - William Holden (Joe Gillis). I find it hard to judge exactly what Wilder sought to show a hero Holden his dullness, weakness of character, or just show the contrast between Gillis and Norma Desmond, as the contrast between white and black. Time to play much slack, sometimes striking. Not exactly the best role of Holden, though he was nominated for "Oscar". During his lifetime (1918 - 1981) Holden was awarded one "Oscar", however, we all remember him perfectly for his roles in "Bridge on the River Kwai"; "Heaving hell"; "Casino Royale"; "Omen - 2". It was the actor good quality
2nd place - Erich von Stroheym (butler Max.): A very strong game, some strokes Stroheym managed to show the inner world of its most mysterious character whose replica in the film were the most important, it is the image of Max played a significant role in "Sunset Boulevard", preventing him to slip in place. Max - this is one of the most tragic images in the film that I have ever seen. Always hard to be the guardian that dies slowly, almost decomposed, and to realize that never again destined to relive those happy moments that have been and will not return ... Stroheym lived a long life - from 1885 to 1957 years. Fifty years of his talent does not fade, affecting more and more new viewers
1st place - Gloria Swanson (Norma Desmond). Inexpressible words game. Just wonderful. Personally, I was absorbed in the whole extravaganza of the senses, which is depicted on the screen Gloria Swanson, and only then did I understand why the old American novels often mention her name. It was real and now remains the star of cinema. 1950 gave the world two actresses, actresses of unforgettable and truly great women: Gloria Swanson and Bette Davis ( "All About Eve"). Both fate sent as an actress, and both have played actresses, whose epoch is irrevocably dying, destroying former happiness and former glory
They clashed in the battle for life and death:. Two legendary film - "Sunset Boulevard," Billy Wilder and " all about Eve "Joseph L. Mankiewicz. Although the "All About Eve" was the best film of 1950, an invisible battle is still going on, and most time to put the question bluntly: Who is better - or Davis Swanson, Judy Holliday giving the award of "Born Yesterday" Hollywood konveyerschika George Cukor
. And only hilarious puzzled look Buster Keaton as a player in the bridge of "Sunset boulevard" seems to say: "Do not quarrel, friends, we are all good in their own way, all of us have time to even his death to celebrate ...".
How to order or would like screenwriter Joe Gillis, the "wax figures" won their PHI ritelnuyu game of bridge. Brilliant bluff, desperately raising rates, they managed to stay in the memory of us, and all that - thanks to the genius of pure simplicity of Billy Wilder ...

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