Summer essentials for travel Essay

Pack light, travel happier.

Less is More! Go minimalistic with your travel items. You don’t need to carry anymore than you actually need. Roll you clothes when you pack to make space. Limit your accessories. Since, you would be spending most of your day traveling or being out in the sun, the lesser accessories you have on your body, the better. While packing always ask the yourself, ‘Do I really need this?’. And, if you realise that the answer is, ’Not really’, put that stunning gown or party shirt back in the closet!

Comfort is Priority.

Pack light, breathable and super comfy clothes. You can play between light hues and pastel colours while going stylish. Your travel should not be taxing so that when you reach the destination you are not drained out of all your energy. Pack a pair of sandals or slip-ons, goggles and a bottle of sunscreen with the right ph balance to keep your skin protected.

Pack less beauty products.

When you start packing for summer travel this year, just carry these five items from your entire beauty/ grooming cabinet - toothpaste, toothbrush, sunscreen, deodorant and small bottle of perfume or cologne. Trust me, you will realise how light your bags are when you remove all the unnecessary toiletries. You also make space for all the soveniers that you bring back from your trip.

4. Get a GOPro or a water proof phone case.

They best way to beat the summer heat is to find the nearest public beach, lake or a swimming pool at the resort or hotel you are staying at and just dive-in. We highly recommend you capture these moments and you can do so with a little investment in a GoPro with a waterproof covering or buying a reliable phone case, if you want to go the cost-effective route. The photos and videos you capture will be well worth the investment!.

Get a daypack or a crossbody bag.

Leave all the big bags behind in the hotel room. Carry all your essentials in a simple daypack or a small sling-bag. Throw in a bottle of water, a towel, sunscreen, some snacks to munch on and a local travel guide book if you want to go the old school way and not fish out your phone every time you want to get somewhere or know about the place. Avoid using you phone for directions or to know about the local attractions. Talk to the local people, you will definitely have more stories to share and memories to cherish.

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