Summary Of The Movie “Tag” Directed By Jeff Tomsic Essay

The movie “Tag” directed by Jeff Tomsic is based on a true story of friends who promised to never stop playing.

The group of friends of Hoagie, Callahan, Sable, Randy, and Jerry loves to play tag since childhood and they thought that no matter what happens they will always be playing with friends even if they grow up. The movie started with Hoagie gathering his friends by going to their companies and houses to tag them and tries to reunite with all of them. While gathering his friends from across the country, he said that Jerry Pierce, their friend that have never been tagged since they were young is planning to retire with a clean record and told them that they should not let that happen. So he figured a way to tag him this year. It was Jerry’s wedding.

So weeks before the wedding, they made a plan to make go to a place where he is cornered but they still failed. While talking at a distance, they made an amendment to never tag Jerry during his wedding or any other ceremony concerning his wedding because it would be unfair for him and it would ruin his the mood of his fiancé, and they all agreed. However they still made a plan to tag him when he is busy with something else. During a sharing where Jerry is involved and does not know that his friends are also there he quickly ran into room and locked himself there. A few hours later his fiancé came telling them that her tummy hurts and might have a miscarriage so Jerry went out of the room to take her to the hospital and when his friends got close to him, he got mad and threatened his friends. His friends felt guilty then later found out that the wedding is cancelled. Then after some time they realized that it was fake and they decided to go to the venue.

The wedding continued and after the couple said their “I do’s” Hoagie ran to the altar to tag Jerry but missed and fell unconscious. He was taken to the hospital and his friends found out that he has a cancer and might not make it ‘til next year. He also admitted that Jerry was not planning to retire, he just said that to reunite them all together. Because of pity, Jerry let Hoagie to tag him and they all played again like what they used to do when they were young.

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