Summary Of Ridley Scott’s Film “The Martian” Essay

Ridley Scott’s film “The Martian” is about an astronaut who was stranded on another planet. The story revolves around how Mark Watney survived his almost 2 years stay on Mars.

A group of astronauts was assigned to a manned mission to Mars. Unfortunately, they were forced to abort their mission immediately because of an extreme sandstorm that is about to hit the planet. The crew was about to evacuate when suddenly, a piece of debris from their equipment snapped off and hits Mark Watney. They believed him to be dead after the incident and, thus, Commander Lewis decided to leave without Mark.

Mark wakes up the day after and finds himself stranded alone on the planet. After realizing that he is the only one around, he began to create a plan that will help him survive on the planet where has no food and where oxygen doesn’t exist. He organized the distribution of his meals and discovers a way on how he could grow food on Mars. He found several plastics containing whole potatoes and thought of planting them to make it last until NASA could rescue him.

As a botanist, he was able to produce a crop soil that could be used in planting and provide water out of the resources he has. Fortunately, NASA figures out that Mark Watney is still alive and alone on planet Mars. Both sides find a way to communicate using technology. At first, they communicate with the use of Pathfinder but later discovers a way to talk through a better technology. NASA is constantly finding a way to rescue the stranded astronaut. Everything is going on smoothly until an incident happened that destroy his whole crop of potatoes. Because of this, NASA decided to send him enough supplies that could last until someone from them arrives to save him, but NASA failed to pull this through because everything was rushed that caused the explosion of the rocket that is full of supplies for Mark.

Mark almost lose hope until the crew finds out that he’s alive and are all willing to go back and rescue him. The crew together with NASA planned everything to get Mark back.

The plan requires him to get to Ares IV where the Mars Ascent Vehicle is located. When the time comes, Mark launches the MAV and successfully went out of the planet but due to some instances, he is going on to slow to reach the part where the crew could reach him. Commander Lewis and Mark came up with a plan and by this, the crew finally reached him.

In the end, the whole Ares III headed back home, and Mark became an inspiration to all.

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