Summary and reflection Essay


The Martian is novel regarding a spaceman named Mark and a crew that landed at Mars for a research project for NASA. Mark is a professional biologist and is one of the best in the planet who works for NASA. When they landed in Mars unfortunately a massive wind storm formed causing Mark to get separated from his crew. His electronic suit recognized that he wasn’t breathing and it showed that he was dead but he was still alive. As the wind storm was causing the space shuttle to tip so the team was required to take off and abandon Mark alone on Mars. Mark was now stranded and had to look for the space shuttle that him and his crew were before but he was pushed many kilometers in a different direction. He has 365 days worth of food and has to remain for more than double that so he has to find a way to make food. Mark was the only crew member left so he had all their food proportions to last him a while along with all their gear and suits because of the emergency take off. He is going to have to repair and service parts like oxygen tanks or electrical boxes to keep him alive or it could be fatal .After a month and a couple weeks Mark was able to get in contact with NASA and was finally able to tell the world he was alive. Soon Mark became a celebrity and every news station was talking about him. Besides all that, NASA was making a plan to rescue Mark but it was not easy. Mark had to grow potatoes of samples of dirt from earth and his own feces to make ends meet. He makes daily logs and he shows the struggles of living alone on Mars and the process to the end. When a couple of challenges hit Mark like not being able to talk to his crew anymore or when things go wrong. Japan had a meeting with NASA with a plan to get Mark home way faster than they have ever imagined in return of sending a Japanese astronaut to space. Will they follow through with that plan and get Mark home or will they do their own plan and sabotage Mark’s rescue? Will Mark be able to overcome these challenges and come back to earth or will the loneliness and the unknown get to his head?


I personally really liked reading the Martian. It was by far one of my favourite books I have ever read. I love how it is very realistic and it didn’t leave you thinking like that wasn’t right or I think that is fake. What I didn’t like is that they would skip parts of the book and you wouldn’t really know what happened in between the gap. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who likes space or anything to do with science as this book talks alot about science and how to put it to action. I would not share this book to someone that doesn’t like slow books or very sciency type novel. Overall I really liked this novel and would definitely share this to someone to read.

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