Summary and reflection powerless Essay

Summary :

The novel Powerless by Tera Lynn Childs and Tracy Deebs is about a girl named Kenna Swift who learns that the things aren't as you always see them.

Even though she doesn't have a superpower herself, Kenna has grown up immersed in superhero culture. One night after conducting research and transcribing notes in the Elite Superhero Lab Kenna has a run in with a super hot guy who is clearly a villain. He is soon joined by two other villains who begin to ranting about how the superheros are actually the bad guys. When Kenna firsts hears this thinks she of it as absolute nonsense but as the book continues she witnesses scenes that make kenna’s attitude towards the superhero world starts to unravel as she realizes that the do- gooders that she has always admired are engaging in malicious deeds, the idea of it becomes more and more realistic. Now she must work with the most unlikely of characters (villians!) in order to set things right.

There is no shortage of action as this band of teenagers tries to sneak into several well-guarded hero facilities, but unfortunately other aspects of the novel don't hold together as well. Characters such as Kenna's rebellious best friend Rebel and her boyfriend Rex Malone are not very original or well developed. While it is normal that teens in these types of situations may spend a lot of time arguing about what next step to take, too much of the novel is spent on the characters' arguing. The major theme explored here is the thin line between good and evil, and how people we think are good are really not when we see the whole truth. It is also about how good people can do bad things and vice versa.

Reflection :

I had mixed feelings about this book even though the plot was pretty good the characters seemed pretty basic and the author never really dived deep into the characteristics of the characters. The emotions were always just pretty basic and a lot of the times there wasn’t a lot of complexity to the emotions. Kenna Swift ( The Main Character) falls into a mold of the basic YA novel heroine. She is strong willed, snarky, and dosent like aturity, however sometimes this gets a little bit over the top and when she would be just dealing with a problem normally she argues with everybody about how “ just because i don't have powers doesn't mean i’m powerless. At first it was kind of inspiring but as the book continued it just got repetitive. There was a lot of irrelevant scenes and language that i believe shouldn't have been there. However characters aside the plot was engaging, fast paced and original in my opinion. At one point i couldn't even put the book down because there wasn’t really a good stopping point; it went from one attempted heist to the next. The basic theme is corny (the heroes aren’t all good, the villains aren’t all bad). It was definitely goal-driven. I’m interested in reading the sequel to find out the resolution to the plot even though the characters didn't really leave me wishing for more. I would recommend this book to people who like basic YA novels but with a little twist

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