"Submarine" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

The film 'Das Boot' and 'submarine' (1981) directed by Wolfgang Peterson has a film adaptation of the novel of the same name (1973), writer and artist Lothar-Günther Buchheim, an officer and a reporter of the German armed forces during World War II. At the novel's characters have real prototypes, but it's still a work of art.
With this in mind, I consider it expedient to first say a little about the book, a smooth transition to the film. Though the film is removed and very close to the book narration, summarized the essence of the work, the reader will forgive me for this potential repetition and distraction.
So L.-T. novel Buchheim 'Submarine' is described as a war correspondent notes that participated in the war patrol submarine type VII C during the Battle of the Atlantic in the fall and winter of 1941. The protagonist of the novel is the commander of the submarine captain Kaleun ( 'Old Man'). Intrepid seaman, the absolute authority of the officers and sailors. It is not yet old on universal standards, but in the business is already a veteran, and for the young is almost a legend. Kaleuna distinguished courage, resilience, high morale, self-confidence and strength of character, but he was not evil, not aggressive, and without fanaticism. His entourage: the 1st and 2nd assistant chief engineer and the reporter himself. Even on a submarine about twenty non-commissioned officers and sailors and 'unusual' technician Johann. All together - a combat team able literally to perform tasks of any complexity, though the captain is still not so sure about the young, almost young sailors, always dreaming of 'the French brothels', but believes in them atmosphere in the carriage
creates the captain himself. Kaleun. He's not stupid, judicious, all have their opinions and statements in the mess does not share the Nazi ideology and 'higher fleet management', for which he is constantly rewarded reproachful glance 1st Assistant - quite pedantic 'Aryan', literally permeated the ideology of racial superiority, but also not stupid, and I understand that the ideology is one thing and life is another. In general, without conflict, rather 1st assistant in this close 'collective' is the subject of sebaceous jokes for his excessive chistoplyuystvo. On the submarine he is the only one of its kind.
with songs and music from grammplastinok team Das Boot furrowing the Atlantic, leaving the base of La Rochelle in France, in search of the British convoys, maintains radio contact with other boats and is committed to the fight .. . But not at the 'Third Reich' and because 'it is necessary', because that command. They called the British, and Churchill called 'thick cigar with a drunkard' (only the captain always refrain from verbal attacks against the enemy), but understand that it is not so, and that will not be easy.
Another racy, but have a minor character -. Philip Thompson, too, the commander of a submarine as Kaleun, but older and very unworldly veteran, awarded the iron cross
screen adaptation turned out pretty accurate. The storyline in the book and in the film is in parallel. Note selection and game actors. Jürgen Prochnow great cope with the role, fully revealing his artistic character. When I am reading a book better themselves and could not imagine. The rest of the cast is also very organically performed their role. In this sense, I do not find satisfactory. But in everything else, too, there is criticism. Very good level.
It is a drama and not a militant. Action - it's fun, so to speak, but in fact the real life in the war, despair and anxiety, constant danger, nothing 'tough' in it, it's just difficult and not always rewarding work is not for dudes
film makes you think, think. globally, not to 'friend or foe' level, and that we are all people, and it's actually the same, with its pluses and minuses.
Excellent shot, 'immersive' completely immersed in a closed atmosphere of hotel combat unit . And of course the feeling and duty and death and fear and constant doubt.
In the film, the characters names are not quite match up with the book, but it does not matter.
film is deep, and each time as the review it (prod. Version 200 minutes) always left with the impression that something remains beyond comprehension, so every new view for the first time
immediately see one thing. fascism, like any radicalism, there is no nation. Suffer from the extremes of all
In fact, on the same subject. Erich Maria Remarque 'Time to live, time to die'

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