"Submarine" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

«Submarine" has turned my brain upside down.
looked full length version of the film 351 minutes, I can say with certainty that you will pursue a very strange feeling. If you are back with their first military campaign. Civic duty obliges scribble a few words about this picture. But first things first.
Ribbon Peterson «Das Boot» is the best band in the "anti-war films of all time" in the family category of films about submarines, that's for sure. So it happened that the German director in his films do not bet on entertainment and scale, and to be realistic and atmospheric. It was the Germans possess the skill to shoot the moment, the most truthful film. Anyway, about the second world. For this tip my hat to them.
The so-called German submariners "Happy Time" or in German translation «die gluckliche Zeit» come to an end. From the mid-1941, German «flocks Doenitz» in the Atlantic carried significant losses. And here comes into play our film. Early autumn morning, the German workhorse type VIIC goes on their hunt, the team still does not know how soon it will see the French coast, or will not see at all. Before going to the ship's captain on orders from above, it takes on board Lieutenant Werner, a young journalism, whose task it is to write about the 'heroic deeds' submarine command. The countdown went. Turn off all the gadgets and plunge fully into the movie.
In shooting the film was invited himself Heinrich Lehmann-Willenbrock, the same commander of the submarine the U 96 . Filming was very long and interesting. This can be found many interesting things on the internet. Thanks to the joint work of Petersen and Heinrich Lehmann-Willenbrock, the film was born exactly the way it should be.
On very qualitative level made all aspects of the film. Masterfully done the camera work, the camera is always in the cutting edge of developments. All hazards hike actually experience in the first person. In his role, Klaus Doldinger, wrote the perfect music for the film. Hearing again, fall in love with her at all times. Particular attention is paid to small details of the submarine and all that accompanies it. The sound of grinding metal when immersed to a greater depth, the explosion of the depth charges, shaking the camera when the explosions - the feeling is simply not transmitted. One of the big pluses of the film - is a unique opportunity to feel yourself inside the submarine
Excellent show and a life of submariners who on the ship had not oh how sweet.. The main enemy of the team after the British - lice. Small and not choosy. Also boredom. A dominant part of the film takes a time transition of the submarine to the designated coordinates. It is shown in detail that the submarine - it is almost a "prison". Find a place in the film and ideological disputes and quarrels. Here it becomes clear that the film is not about the Nazis, but about the people performing their duty. The captain and officers - not the best "sons of the Reich." submarine team also does not get bored, letting dirty jokes, singing British and German songs.
few words about acting

Casting -. A guarantee of good film The last completed the task directed and played above all praise. Facial expressions of actors persons in different situations, real and out. In moments of triumph, when the team drowns convoy, they face such that all foiled a major jackpot. And on the other and can not be. What could be more joy from them in the campaign? Or hunting destroyers behind the boat with the consequences for the team, it's depth charges, and an incredible tension. Actors with maximum reliability sharing their pain and fear of death. And yes, even the beard. All of the actors to the end of the film grew beards. During the campaign no haircut, a tradition. This is also not forgotten.
If the movie was not enough and want to continue, you can take up a book to read in this film, either to review the film in the original voice acting with Russian subtitles. At the same time, and you can learn some German. One shot, two birds.
«Das Boot» is not just a film, it's a chance to plunge into the whole body in the most deadly submarine. Aftertaste - a very pleasant and hard at the same time. Outdo this film someone is unlikely to succeed.
P / s A large number of people are fans of this film. There are some forums about the submarine war video games, where fans of this subject, "Submarine" 1981 is not just a movie -. It is a cult
Of the 40,000 German submariners killed about 32 thousand people <. / i>

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