"Submarine" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

The film "Submarine", directed by Wolfgang Petersen, an incredibly original piece, especially for the cinema of the 80s of the last century. Less than 40 years after the end of World War II, Germany was still divided into two parts, and the director of the Federal Republic of Germany dares to make a film based on the book of Sonderfuhrer propaganda company at Kriegsmarine (German Navy of the Third Reich). It is only now we are accustomed to films about the humane German soldiers, and in those days - it was such an incredibly bold and desperate move
But the director knew that his film is far from indicative of bravado times Goebbels, why not worry about the end result.. Taking the script book, which tells the real story of your stay journalist on a submarine with artistic elements, Petersen told about the lives of ordinary submariners, who at that difficult time suffered a crushing loss, and according to statistics, only 15 percent of divers survived until the end of World War II.
Autumn 1941, German submarines cruising in the hope of another English attack a convoy with food and fuel. But the British, who have well-equipped fleet ceased to forgive sudden attack and fought desperately with submarines, sparing no depth charges and destroyers, which at that time was the main fear of German submariners
main characters in the film two:. The captain of the submarine, nicknamed 'Old Man' and the occasional passenger, a journalist from the propaganda company, lieutenant Werner surname debited with the author of the book source. The whole movie viewer contrast of these two characters, hardened sea wolves and the one who wanted to get on the submarine to get a taste of gunpowder.
As planned by the author of the book, and after the film's director, is with Werner simple viewer must identify themselves, being in a protracted battle with the journey of the submarine crew. And it is - one of the main advantages of the film, unexplored, shown through the eyes of selected apprentices. Such an approach, by the way, tried to loggerheads and Domestic kinodela inserting scientist character in the film '72 meters', but Werner could not reach them prescribed in the details.
Except for two or three scenes, the movie is a chamber, pressing on all sides act, where five hours (and that is how much is the original version of the film), the viewer is completely permeated to each crew member. The main emphasis, as it should be, placed on the main characters, but in the original version of the film, we reveal and minor characters, then we understand the severity of the psychological long stay under water. Heroes argue among themselves, trying to escape with all means available, and slowly, almost imperceptibly, go crazy. Each in its own way.
Lothar-Günther Buchheim, author of the book source, criticized the movie for excessive overacting actors and the unreliability of the technical part. The author did not like that in the film inside the boat, there are constant leaks and crashes bolts on the pressure, whereas in the present campaign taking off one bolt puts an end to the performance of all tasks. But at the same time, he noted that the credibility of the interiors, and actors suffer from a lack of sunlight and become overgrown beards during the film-making process, as well as real submarine of those years looked atmospheric and realistic.
addition reproached the author of the director, that he He donated to the anti-war message of the book for the sake of unnecessary pathos Hollywood. However, after the release of the original, five-hour version of the film (roll version was only 2 hours), the author changed his mind about the product removed Petersen admitted that in many respects it conveys the atmosphere prevailing in the submarine.
author, of course, know better ... but the cinema is an art - not a documentary. Actors in this movie really played, not overplaying or even silent, as would the author (on submarines frequently observed silence mode). And taking off from the pressure bolt in the film, despite the expectations of the author, the reason for the return of the boat to the docks is not. Still, the viewer need passions and critical situations on the verge of life / death, and read about the actual fighting is possible, and in the specialized literature.
result. Six-time nominee for the Oscar (and still the only German film with so many nominations), banned from being shown in the Soviet Union and ambiguously passed the press, but the beloved audience film about those about whom it was impossible to make a film in which managed to become a naphthalene 80 -th. Film pioneer that opened the door to a different conception of the German soldiers who previously portrayed as a glossy monsters who kill for fun and the Führer in his head.
powerful and incredibly atmospheric pattern is a heavy anti-war manifesto, despite the author's dissatisfaction with excessive books.
'Submariners without sex, that the infantry without schnapps!'
10 of 10
Happy viewing.

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