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In the current business scenario, determination of the customer requirement is more important for the success of service industries. Another key factor that should be effectively determined by the service industries is the quality of the service delivery and effectiveness of the employees (Schuetz & Kolisch, 2012). Foody restaurant is one of the prominent restaurants in the Whitehaven city. However, they have left their glorious days in past and in the present time they are struggling with the maintenance of the service delivery. Due to this reason, they are losing their competitive advantages in the market.

To understand the current situation of the restaurant, an interview process was conducted. This report will discuss about the findings from the interview and will recommend different measures to enhance the productivity of the organization.

Interview findings

From the interview being conducted in the Foody restaurant, various shortcomings in their service delivery are being identified. One of the key shortcomings being identified is the lack of change with the change in the taste and preference pattern of the customers. They have not changed their menu in the last five years. Thus, their food assortment is not being matched with the current market requirement. Another shortcoming is quality of the service delivery. The kitchen is not hygiene and the employees lack proper uniforms such as head covers. Thus, health and hygiene is a key issue for them. Internal ambience is also very unattractive for them along with lack of proper training for the employees.

Implications of the issues

In the current scenario, the taste and preference pattern of the customers are rapidly changing and if is of key requirement for the service organizations to effectively cope up with the change. However, Foody restaurant had not changed their menu in the last 5 years. Thus, they are not meeting the present customer requirement effectively (Haghighi et al., 2012). Service organizations especially the restaurants should maintain the health and hygiene effectively. However, Foody restaurant had not maintained cleanliness in their premises, which further reduced the inflow of customers (Djekic et al., 2014). In addition, in the current business scenario, service industries should concentrate on effective service delivery due to the reason that, nowadays, customers expect properly designed and timely service delivery (Alford & O’flynn, 2012). However, in the case of Foody restaurant, average time taken for food delivery is 20 minutes, which can be further reduced to stay ahead in the competition.

The service design of Foody restaurant is also not as effective as it should be. The employees in Foody restaurant do not have proper uniform and even they do not wear hair covers in delivering the food. Thus, it creates negative impression among the customers along with reducing the service quality. Lack of training and employee benefits is one of the key issues being identified due to the reason that the motivation of the employees in Foody restaurant is not up to the mark (Daley, 2012). Thus, due to the low morale of the employees, the customer service being provided is also not as effective as it should be. Thus, the level of satisfaction for the existing customer is rapidly decreasing.


  • It is being recommended that a survey research should be initiated by Foody restaurant in order to effectively determine the requirement of the customers. This will help them to identify the recent change in the taste and preference pattern of the customers. It will help them in offering their services accordingly. In addition, the change in the food menu should be in accordance to the survey report. Thus, the newly initiated food menu will effectively adhere to the market requirements.
  • Restaurants should maintain health and hygiene environment both for the employees as well as for the customers (Stafford, 2017). Thus, in the case of Foody restaurant, they can opt for competitor analysis to identify the gaps or areas for improvement where they are training in the competition. Accordingly, the internal environment should be improved. It will help them to improve the service quality and the satisfaction level of the customers.
  • Proper design of the service delivery is also necessary for the enhancement of the service delivery of Foody restaurant. Dressing of the employees should be in accordance to the segment of the targeted customers. It should be designed in such a way that it will create positive vibe among the customers.
  • The internal ambience should be enhanced. Changes such as lighting, color and internal environment should be effectively maintained. This is due to the reason that, the change in the internal ambience determines the mood of the customers (Ladha, 2017). Initiation of soft music, ambient lighting and matching wall colors will help to enhance the satisfaction level of the customers along with increasing the customer loyalty.
  • Initiation of effective employee welfare schemes will help to increase the morale and motivation of the employees. It is required due to the reason that, the customers are having dissatisfaction due to the negative attitude of the employees. Thus, initiation of training and development programs for the employees will help to equip the employees to deal with the customers effectively. The more will be the employee motivation and development, the more will be the level of service delivery to the customers.
  • Initiation of technologies in the organization is required to enhance the effectiveness of the service delivery. In addition, initiation of the technologies will help to reduce the time taken in service delivery (Noone & Coulter, 2012). Customers will receive the service more accurately and timely with the help of the technologies. it will also help the organization in cateri9ng to more number of customers effectively.


It can be concluded that, Foody restaurant is trailing in the competition in various aspects. The customer satisfaction and loyalty is rapidly decreasing for them. According to the interview report, recommendations are being provided. It is being expected that with the effective implementation of the stated recommendations, they will gain competitive advantages in the market and it will help to regain the lost market share.


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