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Discuss about the Study of the IT Infrastructure Architectures and Network Layers of the PAS Company.



This report is concerned with the study of the IT Infrastructure Architectures and Network Layers of the PAS Company. The IT Infrastructure are very important for the organizations at this present moment of time and the PAS company are no exception to this (Verissimo, Neves & Correia, 2016). The company was founded in the year 1990 and the main area where the company conducts its business is the overnight package delivery of the products. The company performs the local delivery and the pickup of the packages. There has been a huge growth of the business of the company in the past few years. Hence the company is looking to expand its business throughout the country. They have developed their branches at Canberra, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth.

The report provides information on the current Infrastructure Architecture of the company and also on the improvement of the Architecture of the company.

The report contains the information about the uses of information technology at the company and also the hardware requirements of the company for their networking facilities. In addition to this, the different type of application and the types of PAS networks are provided in the report.

Uses of information technology at the company

The company uses the computer services for handling their billing procedures and also they are required for the data processing for the company. The management system of the company is situated at Sydney where the main office of the company is situated. The company is looking to use the IT services due to the increase in the amount of paperwork for the company (Schwalbe, 2015). In addition to this, the company is looking to expand its business and hence they are looking to implement the automated billing services at the company. They are also planning a series of strategic moves for enabling the online transactions of the products of the company. They are also looking to implement the internet services within their network for these procedures to be completed. In addition to this, the company have network system implement within the organization and have different type of setup for their different departments. The department have a PC each for the accounts in each department and they also have small LAN services implemented within their organization for the connection of these systems with the network. In addition, to this they have mail, fax and telephone systems implemented within their network. This allows the small branches of the company to communicate with the main branch of the company efficiently. In addition to the network system the company is also looking to implement a centralized database system for the processing of the data efficiently. The human resource department of the company also have requirements to be connected to the network and wants the services such as instant messaging, online chats and video conferences instantly.

List and functions of the hardware equipment required for each department

Hardware Devices

Function of the devices

Database Server

The Database Server would help the organization to organize their data and accumulate all their data at a single place.

Mail Server

The mail server would enable the different departments of the company to communicate with each other efficiently and also send mails to each other efficiently.

Main Server

The main server would enable the host the connection and help to control the system from a single point within the network.


The routers would be required to spread the connections to different department of the company and would also help in the expansion of the network.

Wireless Router

The wireless router would enable in spreading the network connectivity and would also be helpful in the remote access to the network of the company.

Operating systems and application software specifications for the clients and servers

The organization would require installing the MAC OS for the offices that have the Apple Macintosh PCs installed in their office s and also the Windows systems for the offices that have Intel based systems (Van Gorp & Comuzi, 2014). The organization also wants to implement the connectivity within their network and hence, they are required to use the Microsoft Server 2012. This would help in the manoeuvring of the network according to the requirements of the users. The company would also require installing the firewall application for the protection from the external threats to the network of the company.

Internet model layers

The company would be using the 5 layer TCP/IP mode for their network. The model consists of 5 layers. The 5 layers of the model are the application layer, the transport layer, the internet layer, the data link layer and the physical layer (Al Fuqaha et al., 2015). The application layer focuses on the process to process communications within the networks. The transport layer is concerned with the transfer of the data across the network. The internet layer is responsible for forwarding the packets within the network. The data link layer is responsible for establishing the connection within the network. The physical layer defines the network connection and provides the information about the different attributes of the connection.

Email data message movement between the layers of the Internet model

The Company is required to implement the SMTP, HTT and the FTP protocols in the server within the network. The SMTP would enable the different components of the network to communicate in between them (Liu, 2015). The protocol would allow the components to establish the internet connection in between them. The FTP would be allowing the different components within the network to send and receive data files among themselves.

Types of PAS networks

There would be different type of network within the organization. Each of the branches would have mesh connection in between themselves. This would allow them to communicate efficiently in between themselves (Partanen, Chetty & Rajala, 2014). In addition to this, the branches would be connected to the main office in a star connection. This would allow all the branches to connect directly with the head office without having to communicate among themselves. This would maintain the data integrity for the organization. On a whole the organization would have hybrid network connection for them as because there is different type of network requirements for the company and this cannot be met by a network connection of any single type.

Application architecture proposal for the human resources department

For the human resource department a portal for the company should be looking to implement a portal where all the detailed information would be provided and there should be method of communication systems that are to be installed in the portal so that the messaging and the mail requirements of the department can be met easily (Johnston et al., 2014).


The following recommendations can be provided for the organization for the implementation of the network (Simmons, 2014):

  • Security: The network should be implemented keeping in mind all the security constrains.
  • Data Integrity: The database should maintain the data integrity efficiently, so the no data are lost or stolen.


For conclusion it can be said the PAS Company are looking to implement the It infrastructure for their company and all the detailed analysis for the implementation is provided in the report. The report provides information on the current Infrastructure Architecture of the company and also on the improvement of the Architecture of the company. In addition to this some recommendations have been provided in the report that would aid the implementation of the network efficiently.


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