Study Of Liver Transplant Essay


To write Nursing research proposal. You can choose the topic. Currently I am working in the liver transplant ICU.


Research title

A phenomenological study exploring the experience of liver transplant patients in intensive care unit


Experience and viewpoints of patients undergoing interventions in the intensive care unit (ICU) have been the focus of research for a long time. Studies have highlighted that patients undergoing liver transplant experience both positive and negative incidents since the emotional and mental impact of the transplantation are significant. Further, experiences of liver transplant patients might be singular. This implies that the admission of the patient to the ICU is the initial step towards recovery from the health complication after living in a period of illness (Wallia, et al. 2016). The knowledge of nurses about patient experience contributes to a better understanding of healthcare processes. Though a pool of studies has been carried out on liver transplant patients for carrying out an assessment of functional recovery, work rehabilitation, and quality of life, there is a scarcity of studies highlighting the experience of the patients in ICU (Adams et al. 2014).

Purpose of study

Against the context of the gap in existing literature a research is to be carried out that would highlight the viewpoints and feelings of patients undergoing a liver transplant in ICU. The aim of the study would be to have a detailed description of the experience of patients undergoing a liver transplant in the ICU. A qualitative study is to be held that would be suitable for addressing the research question in alignment with the research topic. The study would be praiseworthy since on the basis of the study results nurses can consider bringing changes in the manner in which care is delivered to liver transplant patients in ICU. The aim of such a change in practice would be focused on better satisfaction and health outcomes of patients.

Research question

The proposed research would be carried out with the concerning the research question of “What are the experiences of patients undergoing a liver transplant in ICU?”

Study plan and design

The proposed research would be qualitative in nature since such method provides the best way of exploring the feelings and experiences of study respondents (Nieswiadomy and Bailey 2017). A phenomenological study design would be appropriate since Houser (2016) argued that phenomenological methods permit extraction of in-depth knowledge of the essence of patient experiences and encoding of underlying meanings. 25 patients who have undergone a liver transplant in the past six months in one 250 bedded private hospital in Singapore would be the study participants. Data collection is to be done over a period of 2 months with the help of in-depth, focused interviews. Each candidate is to be invited for taking part in the study, and informed consent is to be taken prior to the research. Patients are to be informed that confidentiality and anonymity would be preserved. The interview would have open, unstructured, nonleading questions that would encourage and motivate the participants to express their feelings and ideas. The interviews would be audiotaped and would be fo one-hour duration approximately. To follow the phenomenological method in a rigorous manner, the researchers would bracket previous knowledge about the phenomena in order to avoid influence on the information provided by the interviewees. Two individuals would act as the interviewers. The whole setting would be at any desired place mentioned by the patients. The recordings are later to be transcribed verbatim. Data analysis would consider thematic data interpretation. Based on the study results suitable inferences are to be drawn (Parahoo 2014).


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