Strategies Of The Digital Marketing Essay


Discuss about the Strategies Of the Digital Marketing.



The digital marketing is also known as the data driven marketing that reflects the different aspects o any product or service and also enhances it through the use of the digital technology. There are different levels of featuring these products or services of a particular company through different ways using the digital medium like the online, display and all sorts of advertising. The organization that has been chosen for this report is a restaurant called Mr. Wong of Sydney, Australia. The restaurant is a renowned Chinese shop that serves delicious Cantonese foods with an extraordinary style. In the report below the target, audience as well as their offerings will be discussed elaborately. A clear analysis of the current offerings and the various strategies of the digital marketing will also be explained.


Mr. Wong of Sydney is considered as a top class modern Cantonese restaurant that serves plenty of French dishes even in an unique style. The stall has received several recognition and awards from all over the world (Lee,Sardeshmukh and Hallak2016). The restaurant is a 240 seater and is one of the best in its class. The ambiance of the restaurant is very good and is layered with colonial furnishings that include the ceilings and the floors of the timber. The restaurant serves for bars as well as for birthdays and different parties (Merivale, 2017). The current website portrays all these portions but lacks in few places that includes the pictures of the restaurant their interior decorations that the people get more attracted to it. The restaurant can easily improves these few strategies in order to influence the people through this concept of the digital marketing (Bruwer and Campusano 2017). The facebook cite has not less than 33,064 people liking this along with approx 32,697 people following this cite. In twitter, the Wong group has 3,353 tweets and has followers up to 10.7k followers. The Wong group has far-reaching demand than any other restaurants in Australia as seen from the social media context. In the instagram cite, Mr. Wong has 1,061 posts along with 42.1k followers. The link of the instagram website is The target audience for the Tetsuya restaurant is mostly for the middle class rich people who have a great taste for food. The exact word that can be used is gourmand and in case of the Mr. Wong mostly the rich aristocrat people can avail it as it is costly. There is no particular target age group for both of this restaurant as people who have a great taste can find themselves in this restaurant. Both these restaurants are family oriented.

Brand performance

There are few steps in order to make a good digital marketing plan. The steps may include that to know how to set the different objectives as well as to learn from the past mistakes. The marketing is also a sort of a promotion that the done by the experts so that the customers can receive the best reviews from their point of view. There is a need that needs to be kept in mind that is the outlook of the approach of the restaurant should be made positive so that the customers can get a good vibe about the organisation (Collins 2017). Ultimately, the aim of the digital marketing process is to make sure that the organization that has been selected reflects a positive notion (Vincent2017). The drawbacks of the digital marketing of the website are that there are all writings and few pictures have been posted about the organisation on the internet (Jiang et al. 2017). The pictures reflect the environment of the restaurant and ultimately encourage the customers to make an entry their store and give them a chance to be treated with care and good food.


There are various competitor of the Mr. Wong group in Sydney that includes the est. That serves delicious French foods and provides lavish dining areas that will encourage the customers to make a view of it (Dunford et al. 2017). The Tetsuya’s Restaurant is another major and a renowned one that serves French Asian delicacies that has an ambiance of electric art. These few restaurants are considered the best competitors in the market of Sydney. A healthy competition is required to be maintained in order to sustain in the market and that applies for the Mr. Wong restaurant and dining (Lee, Sardeshmukhand Hallak2016). There is always a need for a healthy competition and hence keeping in mind the competition few things needs to be kept in mind. There is a wide range of customers that avails for both the restaurants and goes only for the best reviews that is available from the online sites. The Tetsuya restaurant has 158 tweets and has almost 1370 followers as checked from their websites.


From the above analysis, a clear view on the digital marketing has been made that describe thee different strategies even. In this report, a restaurant that is renowned in Sydney has been chosen and the different flaws of their digital marketing have been vividly discussed. These flaws when taken care of can make the organization run in the long way that will be beneficial for the organization itself.


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