Strategies Of Electronic Commerce Essay


1.Analyse the current website and formulate an E-Commerce implementation strategy. ECommerce implementation strategy should take into account all the services and features of the website?

2.If the business wants to broad its business activities and enters to the global market, what areas have to be considered in order to changing from national e-commerce website to an international one?


Introduction to E-commerce

Aim: To get in-depth knowledge of E-commerce functioning and how the business runs. It aims to define the role of using electronic commerce on the business expansion and recognizes the type(s) of business model(s). This will also help to understand the strategies and the process of payments done to improve the system. This will also bright up the methods used by companies to manage better customer relationship.

Introduction: By this report on E-commerce site, we would get in-depth knowledge of the working and functioning of the site. We would also look upon its advantages and drawbacks. The E-commerce business nowadays generates a lot of revenues and offers much of its income to government in form of taxes imposed by it. This business helps the nation to develop itself. This report will try to cover most of the topics and try to give the best feedback.

1. To study the situation well, we would study the processing and functioning of, an Australian E-commerce site well known for its fashion and apparel goods. This site is considered the best in its segment and is worldwide popular too. It has its reaches to Asia, Europe, America and many more places. They have an excellent customer feedback about their services and goods.

OZSALE is Australia’s No. 1 E-commerce site, most customers comes from the Female Sector, no wonders about this, as they offer a variety of quality Women’s fashion apparel at a very easy price. This strategy helped them to gain the reputation they have in the market right now. OZSALE ( is a certified e-commerce site and is not a fraud.

Ozsale, to allure more customers, uses a very basic strategy that they give their registered customers to earn money for themselves by involving them to bring future customers to them. For every customer they make register and a purchase, they earn $20 which can be used for their shopping of over $20, giving them an additional discount of 50% for their purchase. For this purpose they make the users to interface over simple use. The homepage of the site, whether on a computer or a mobile device, is very friendly to use. The system shows you the option of search and tries to figure out your requirement well. From over 5 Cr. Products, it demonstrate you the one which matches best with your search. Ozsale also has a dedicated team to help you out with any problem, whether it is from searching something or to get in touch about your shipment details, all at once form the customer care staff.

Let’s talk about how the system works. Whenever you search for your tag word, the system launches its dedicated search engine around the products that matches with your tag words. From the latest to the most selling, all are being transmitted to your unique IP. The page loaded by you gets all the information redirected from the host server. From over there, you get the data uploaded with it. Whenever you keep a product aside in your cart or wish list, the review system attaches it with your profile, for future references that matches your wish list. The wish list is a special feature for your profile which has been used by most of the e-commerce sites that enables you to search the products you earlier selected. It is one of the strategies used by e-commerce site. The wish list saves the data about your search and tries to find more matching products that you would like to purchase. It’s like an advertisement based upon your recent searches shown up whenever you visits the product again.

The bag is also an important item used to make purchases online. It sends the request to process the order to be initiated to the server and from there the details are being matched to the product so that it could be prepared for dispatch without any mistake. The company sends you promotional messages with the details regarding your order. The business contains very looping process where mistakes can occur and cause great loss to company. The strategy should be spoof proof and effective in the market to sustain the competition. Ozsale uses a great network of buyers to get the products at a very low price and resells it to customers at a hiked price with all sorts of tasks. This makes them to get the profit and to be kept in their money and also to give the taxes imposed on them to government. The Ozsale business is running on a great strategy, of buying a great number of products at a very low price and then reselling them to consumers at a hiked price like every business runs. To attract consumers, Ozsale daily sends mails to all registered customers regarding the sales organized by them. This enables over a million customers to grab the offer and by this as per the achieve orders. The company is doing great in the market since it stepped in the competition due to its loyalty to the customers and the quality which they assure at a very low price.

2. Managing the customer’s .When the question comes to how to manage millions of customers all at once or how to keep a track of orders to be sent and what are being delivered, the solution comes in form of various logistics and SCM (Supply Chain Management). The Ozsale has managed to step its branches out of Australia too. Ozsale has many of its customers from all over the globe. The company uses advance level of logistics to keep a record of all its functioning and terms of use. SCM helps them to update consumers regarding offers, supplies, and new stock to arrive. This gives them the bonus of advertizing as per the purchases they made. SCM helps them to buy products from wholesale retailer at a very low price that could be sold at a hiked price to earn their share of profit. We all are aware of the kind of profit earned by all e-commerce sites. Ozsale depends largely upon advertisement. This has helped to make them an International company rather than being a National company. They advertise the sales 1-3 days prior to the sale to attract as many customers that can be brought to their sale. The sale earns a great profit in first 48 hours as 60% of stock gets finished by that time earning the company more than it had spent.

To avail transaction to consumers the company must have an integrated payment gateway in the site itself. After you proceed to checkout from bag, you get option of how to pay for the purchase. The company uses its very own payment gateway. Every company uses SSL encryption to process this payment gateway as it ensures safety and no fraud guarantee to the customer. The page encrypts the necessary banking inputs and redirects the money to the company and allowing the order to finish for shipment. The SSL system is a very complex logistic based gateway opened from banking site. The banking partner with the e-commerce site ensures the payment to the account of the company. The data of credit or debit cards are never shared or leaked to anyone, thanks to the security provided by SSL. This is a great feature to any e-commerce site as this enables foreign customers from around the globe to equally participate and avail the shopping experience from any site, whether it is from their country or from other. Especially, places where cash on delivery is considered a better option over net banking, SSL payment gateway assure them security and no fraud can be done. When the sale gets over, the executive team negotiates with the brand partners to avail them with quantity of products to various warehouses around the world. This is the place where the company makes a room for their profit and manages to buy the products at the least expenditure and flourish the business well. After the order is finished, the details are sent to the nearest of the warehouses from the location of delivery. The warehouse avails the packaging to the product and the quality check assures that the right product is going for distribution. The warehouses of Ozsale are located in USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, China, Malaysia and Singapore covering almost every part of the globe to assure delivery of order to every customer from the world. The warehouse analyzes the order and sends the product to be delivered. The delivery is another great aspect of any business as the delivery time determines the mood of customer and ensures his/her future purchases. Ozsale generally delivers the order to its customers in a maximum time span of 21 days, but the executive team always looks upon the options to cut this delay time as much as it can be to ensure the earliest deliveries possible. According to reviews on, Ozsale achieve 4 star rating for its quality, functioning, delivery and after sales service. To expand any business worldwide, all this features are must. This grand business in e-commerce site is very challenging but with strategies adopted by Ozsale and its services, one can reach ultimate height of success.


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